plantally podcast

Playfully playing a part without feeling apart. A channel for nature, climatising with consciousness and helping to normalise a natural state of being. Dive in for deep discussions.
season two
Sacred sites once outlined with Pine, tribute to the stars in the way they align. What did the ancients know that many here no longer remember, seeded from the stars, Earth a galactic family member. Or maybe a story so many ignoring, like the Fibonacci sequence guiding nature's exploring.

episode 06
the god of dreams

Dark sub-conscious, wrapped tightly in cocoon, but one flap of Butterfly's wings can start a typhoon. From the heart of the Amazon to the lands that should be free, your horror stories repeating for many to now see. If all around is dark, maybe you're the light, similar words by Rumi, same reflection invite.
Your beak and talons can sure do harm, but feather needle stitches heal wounds like a charm. When you fly the upper path over lower level lessons, conflicts fall away and misery lessens. Sent down from the Sky, with love from Zeus, the Eagle has landed, spiritual message to produce.

episode 04

Might life be the master teacher, teasing our tenacity, as we fall back and surrender to its lifeflow. Managing to re-position perspective, welcome wisdom and lean on differing lens to learn the lesson. Over time, looking back, you will say dear heart look how we've changed. Truly human being.
Slithering snake cuts through hard Earth, from this a canyon with twin waterfalls birth. Then two hands appeared gently pulling apart, shortly after, the contractions would start. Shock waves through body, ready to deliver, love of the mother, the eternal giver. A baby was born, but this experience is traumatic...
Caapi, Chacruna and Ayahuasca as well, inviting your benevolence for malevolence to dispel. Twist, turn, untether and retie strands, innate restoration spiritual self understands. Coiled serpent awakens from its slumber, yes, you're so much more magical than a barcode number.

episode 01
tribal wave

Foreign to so many, impossibly improbable, but in a world where psychedelic seeking and new age movement now encourage obsessive over-taking medicines from rock, plant and animal and trusted custodians turn from wisely wild gathering to cultivating in expansive exportation eagerness, why wouldn’t it be called for?
season one

episode 13

Every ending is a new beginning. Here you have it, a purity of medicine, free from modification, filtered through the benevolent bedrock of spirit, unconstrained by damnation and lockdown lawmakers, sidestepping spiritual shutdowns and naturally open source for those open to source.
Quickly accumulating energies not of own, now needing to release and recharge through time spent alone. Unapproachable, a challenge to make eye contact, limiting others and their harmful impact. Everyone seems so loud and desperate to impress, overstepping to toxic excess.

episode 11
sending a raven

Scarred and sullied, ripped apart in the trenches, no recovery time to sit on the fences. Strengthening light and spiritual sight, wading in whether it's day or night. For those who are ready to reconcile with the light, these wings will open, together we'll take flight. Hold onto these feathers, preparing to rise.
Bringer of brotherhood and council Fire, Spiritual relationship with Earth is Tobacco's desire. But those rarely content with simple things, a hungry appetite this naturally brings. Feasting and binging on whatever they can take, but they'll soon learn this is a big mistake. Gut overwhelmed, instinct gone.
She’s a family protector, wise beyond her years, regulating high temperatures using those big ears. Largest land animal, too mighty to move out the way, commanding of space, not a word she needs to say. Guarding of the innocent, you shall not pass, laying down the boundaries, that’s her masterclass.
Those arms out like wings, ready to swan dive, born again as we come alive. But what of those who belly flop, into the sea of emotion they water drop. Panic attacks, full of worry, unsettled inside, with life they scurry. The mind forever doing its thing, but peace of mind it will seldom bring.
Purified Water reaches heart by blood flowing, moving to extremities for true feeling and knowing. Letting go of old emotions by resurfacing them once more, peeling back the petals to live as we did once before. Sighing and exhaling with every deep release, lightening the load and sense of peace.

episode 06
here comes the sun

Electricity shooting down beneath the feet, willing welcoming discharge into moist Earth it might meet. What when this energy simply can't ground. Triggering shock, system overload, shaking legs in panic mode. Trauma storage, frozen state, locked away for another date.
There's an opioid overdose epidemic encircling earth, offering that moreish bittersweet pain relief for those in grief. Might much of humanity be hurting, living lives far apart from heart, taught to sleepwalk, numb and overcome by what's been done, broken dreams with repeating themes.
Through the birth canal, surfacing from the sacred water of the womb, there are those who struggle to climatise and embrace the gravity of this place. Others become stuck unable to see up, forgetting the ease of floating on the breeze, why we've come and the clean up that needs to be done.
Arrhythmia, whispered Foxglove, as it appeared in my mind’s eye and my heart skipped a beat. Foxglove is no stranger to conspiracy, well-known to witches, capable of healing or hurting. A plant at the very root of pharmaceutical heart medicine and yet a no-go-to now for most herbalists.
How does one venture out into the world of the unknown, celebrate its beauty, brave what it brings, when mistrust of life has shifted inquisitivity into captivity. Life no longer able to effortlessly flow, this gentle life stream becoming a stagnating pool of what might have been.

episode 01

What if we were to gently chisel away at the layers of Western conditioning, successfully cemented in place by a society who proudly prizes the physical over the spiritual. And if the mind has more effect on the body than the body on the mind, what might the spirit be capable of?