weed all about it

~ flower power ~
episode 12

Normality is a paved road; it’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.
– Vincent Van Gogh  
Dripping down ledges, holy shrine, temple of the ancients, secrets of the divine. Underground caverns, waters of antiquity, ageing of time, without wrinkled ubiquity. Stem cell generation, platforms to grow, dive into life, new heights to now know. Pyramid spiral, five elements dancing, mind calibration, spiritually advancing.

The Hoopoe bird, flew me down by your side, bird tribe in spirit, here to help guide. But you can be a trickster, I see it in your leaves serrated, commandeering mind, new voice narrated. Social anxiety, paranoid states, bi-polar tendencies, frequent updates. Telepathic tuning, other broadcasts now receiving, sounds a little strange, but hearing is believing. Get out of my head, driving me insane, losing my mind, no words to explain.

Yes, I've been to high school, I passed the spiritual exam, but I'm back for higher learning, remembering all I here can. So let's set some boundaries, because you've got a lot to share, ritual not habitual, mindless smoking be aware.

Lighting up another, drifting out from life's woes, but jagged aura, holes in energy field expose. Outer glow, no longer intact, unwelcome forces enter, troublesome to extract. So come back here, let's seal your sealing, right relationship with Cannabis can bring this healing.

My dear you think too much, come bathe in my Water, time flows differently, cellular memory taught her. Always so relaxed, no need to stress out, flowing with life, what you worrying about. It's all been a dream, but now I see you're waking, understanding things clearly, no more mistaking. But to meet with me, you're going to need to chill, in a hurry up world that's a bitter pill. So let's cool you down, push that heat out from your being, take a load off, ahh now you're agreeing. Legs ache and muscle pains, hypertension, blood vessels and veins. You see the veins in your legs go against gravity, pushing blood to the heart in the chest cavity. It's all part of your lower hemisphere, connection to Earth body and half the reason you're here.

Swallowing centurions, your legions of Rome, diving to ocean floor, bringing golden treasures back home. But some who seek, will still not find, mysteries of time buried from the blind. You wish to save a civilisation that's already chosen its fate and yet honour free will for the future it can create. You've actively served and it's been recorded, but fall back now to be rewarded. How can you receive when you're always giving, adjusting balance in this art of living. Child of the Sun, born braveheart, preparing this bodily plane to soon depart.

Mosquitos, bursting out through skin, symbolic of Water finally moving within. Stagnant before, parasitic laying, but the tide soon turns, no sense in delaying. The dragon came and through Water it swirled, harmonising spiritual and physical world. Beating its wings, it powered out from the depths, rising in the Air with the most mighty of breaths. Saint George, wait just a moment before you strike with your sword, in eagerness to baptise all those who applaud. True faith is felt and is for the heart to receive, it often takes longer for the mind to believe.

Earth holds Water like the mountain stream, but it's been damned higher up, for another wet dream. So for future timelines to be able to run their course, some are strong will born with more divine force. Yellow tinted amniotic fluid floating, positive change, all is one devoting. There are trials by Fire that's certainly true, but some have great guidance to see them through.

Cannabis, you've informed many who've walked this Earth, an enabler of spiritual knowledge for human's to here birth. But others, corrupted by this power, simply serve themselves, their spirits soon sour. Possessed by their possessions and material impressions, easily weighed down with physical world obsessions. Keeping you in the shallows, spiritual life you soon forget, dumbing down sacred medicines for virtual reality headset. Bionic being, cyborgs rising, the future for so many people, false advertising.

So to Cannabis, let's turn this around and leave it on a true high, a way of being so magical it should be too hard to deny. This base line of living, for some the bar will soon be set higher, all of life in unison readying to conspire. When left and right hand blend as one, sacred union is finally done.

These are my own insights, but a great beauty of life is that of perspective, so how might others respond to the spirit of Cannabis, unbeknownst to this being the spirit they are receiving. How might they perceive it through their six senses. And when fires, floods and earthquakes come to purify the land, a moment for clarity, you'll know where you stand.
* some participant names might have been changed for pen names.


My name is Ruby Deevoy, I’m a cannabis and psychedelics journalist and activist. But an unlikely one. From the moment I became aware of cannabis, around age 12, I hated it. I was introduced to it by my abuser and I blamed it for his cruelty towards me. Later, my first love was consumed by grief and addiction, and loved to get stoned - something I found to be abhorrent and I tried to ban him from doing. Right up to the age of 23, like so many others, I only knew cannabis as a substance of abuse - something I’ve since learned is all that is taught about cannabis in medical schools, despite this plant having undisputed and quite frankly magical medicinal benefit.

I was 23 when I experienced the therapeutic properties of cannabis first-hand. I was grieving and unable to sleep. I had been taking a homeopathic remedy that had been recommended to me at a local chemist and it was the first thing that had helped. Wondering what had finally given me the rest I needed, I checked the ingredients - cannabis sativa. A homoeopathic dose, but the energy of the plant nonetheless.

With this revelation, I decided to give the real thing a go. I got hold of some flower, smoked it and experienced incredible relief and a wonderful sleep.

It wasn’t long before I tried cannabis when I was ill and nauseous, something everyone should try to appreciate how miraculous this plant's effects can be. I used it after my surgical wisdom tooth extraction and needed none of the opioid-based painkillers I’d be given at the hospital. The list goes on.

Even though I was now a lover of cannabis (and also falling into the perhaps not-so-great habit of using it every night), it wasn’t until my son was born that my passion and desire to advocate for its freedom really crystallised.

My son was born with a chronic health condition. He cried all day and all night for the first two years of his life. He had to be held upright 24 hours a day. We didn’t know what was wrong or why he wasn’t getting better. It was traumatic. All night as I sat up holding him, I would research natural remedies that might help manage his symptoms. Eventually, I landed on a paediatric study about CBD (one of the most abundant molecules in cannabis) which sparked my interest. Not long after that, when I still really knew nothing about cannabis or CBD, I was commissioned by a CBD marketplace to write 40 articles on the subject. Having ADHD, I go all in with my research on subjects that interest me, so I went right down the cannabis rabbit hole. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. The fact that we have an endocannabinoid system, which can be uniquely activated by cannabis, which controls every single bodily process. Yet I’d never heard of it, and neither have most doctors. There are over 40,000 studies into the endocannabinoid system and cannabis (that’s more than ANY other physiological system or medication) proving its safety and efficacy in the treatment of an enormous number of ailments. The fact that growing cannabis and utilising it for fuel, plastics, building materials, clothing, paper, batteries and more could save the planet. The truth behind the prohibition of cannabis, and the very deliberate smear campaign against it orchestrated by people who do not care about your wellbeing or that of our Earth. Then came the conversations with patients, and parents of patients, doctors and scientists. I learned of the unspeakable suffering people were being subjected to because they had no way of accessing cannabis as a medicine. I spoke to desperate mothers whose child was at risk of dying from any one of their hundreds of seizures a week that cannabis oil could completely stop. As a mother myself with a child in pain, I could imagine all too well what it would feel like to know there was an effective treatment, and in some cases a cure, for my child’s illness but to be prevented from accessing it, unless they have thousands of pounds a month to fork out to private industry for the privilege.

My eyes were wide open, and I didn’t want to write about anything else.

The world needed to know the truth.

When Andy contacted me about taking part in the Plantally podcast, he did so telling me that the spirit he would be working with was cannabis. He invited me to join the group and observe, but I knew instantly that I wanted to take part. A year before, I had lost my steam a bit. Working relentlessly on the cannabis issue in the U.K. is demoralising and exhausting. Hearing of the constant suffering takes its toll, and knowing that in reality there’s nothing you can do to help is tough. I reached a point where I’d been covering cannabis non-stop for nearly 5 years, and my drive had run dry. I’d also developed an inexplicable intolerance to cannabis - even one puff had me feeling like I’d had way too much, terrible head pressure and anxiety. Almost like I was tripping. I couldn’t use it any more. Interestingly, since taking part in the meditation, I can use cannabis again - I can only imagine it’s because I’ve realigned with her.

When I agreed to take part I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as an oversharer, I was quite happy to dive in! I began writing in the group everything I was feeling, emotionally and physically, and to my surprise, other people started sharing very similar experiences. Throughout the journey, I experienced incredible trauma release. As was shared by many others in the group, feminine rage was very present. I felt memories of abuse and lost boundaries rising up, and releasing in tears and one time in a tremendous gush of blood during my period. I felt called to sing to the earth, to the Fire and Water and cannabis, in a way I’ve never done before. I felt a deep connection with my throat and my root. I felt a grounding in my feminine, but also pain from the suppression of that energy. These were all themes that were shared.

I became aware of a deep sadness and a strong, nurturing mother energy, which I recognised as being cannabis’ pain and spirit, but also embodied myself. I felt my relationship with her deepen and rekindle. For the first time, I really appreciated her as more than a plant, but as a being - and a remarkable one at that.

Cannabis is a mother, a lover, a healer and a protector. Playful and joyful, nurturing and nourishing, sensual and sensorial. She encompasses the feminine so completely and so beautifully.

But the abuse she has sustained, and as a result the abuse we have also been subjected to, is unbearable.

The fire with which we burn cannabis, in our words, in our actions, our shame and our disgust is no different to the fire used to burn women at the stake. Healers, mothers, midwives. ‘Witches’. The fear of what is so powerful, how it might change us and what we think we know. This fire is felt by cannabis as a burning rage. How dare we belittle her magnificence and beauty? How dare we farm her? Imprisoned and poisoned like battery hens. Taking her loving, nurturing, nourishing nature and twisting it, manipulating her message and gift. What we’ve been led to believe cannabis is, what she can do for us and what she represents is the bare bones of the violence of the lie that steadily consumes us all. In our sharing, we felt this rage, this injustice and suppression of the sacred feminine that mother cannabis embodies and that is born within all of us. We’ve been trained to see cannabis as our enemy when she is so much a part of our story and evolution in mind, body and spirit that we have developed a physiological system - the endocannabinoid system - over millennia, which allows her spirit to merge with our own. This deep relationship is what allows her to heal. To stop seizures, shrink tumours, prevent pain and suffering. But it’s also where the danger lies. If this power is not respected and handled with great care and knowing. Through cannabis, the door is opened to expansive insight. Ancestral wisdom. Our intrinsic connection with the elements. With Earth. But to have this brought into our being without awareness of what we are doing, of how or why this is happening, can be extremely overwhelming to the human psyche.

Psychosis, anxiety, paranoia all manifested as a response to something we have been so shut off from, quite deliberately, that we can’t comprehend or process it. Within her comforting embrace also hides the potential for abuse. She gives and we take too much. Breathing in everything she has to give and more, drowning our sorrows, hiding in a haze and soon finding that the cold light of day is too much to bear without her. But this is not her abuse of us. She is not the harmful one. We are. This was felt profoundly by the group. Memories of sexual abuse surfacing, dreams of being raped by men in power. A calling to finally be free of this trauma, a reclamation of boundaries - the mastery of which allows one to live from the heart, allowing our grief to bleed. To let go and be reinstated into our true, feminine nature - creators, fierce in our fragility, strong enough to hold space for ourselves as well as others. Grounded in our root.

I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in a 1:1 meditation with cannabis as well as with the group, and in this, I felt her enter into my body and gift me healing. She reminded me of who I really am and settled my nervous system. She told me “You have done something for me, now I would like to do something for you”.

My love and appreciation for cannabis is now deeper than ever and I am resolute in my mission to share her beauty and wisdom. She is a part of us, of our evolution, and we owe her so much. I implore anyone listening to this to dig deeper, respect her power in the way you use her and find out who she really is. Do not believe the lies you’ve been told.


It starts with chest getting very dense and heavy. Like lead or a block of metal. I almost stop breathing. Then I see like in microcosm a worm or stem of a plant with tiny hairs, I’m traveling down on it. Something glittery, I’m a figure skater dancing on this glittery ice? Then the sensation that I’m dying. I am firm on the floor, I hug people but I’m hollow, I’m not inside. I understand this version of me needs to die. I’m in peace with that. Then body sensation moves from chest to abdomen, I feel nauseous. The feeling of being loved, wrapped in love, dissolving in love. A butterfly or a hummingbird comes to visit my flower. It’s a huge flower, like a trumpet or cactus flower, very beautiful. Then I’m in a forest, there is a family of mushrooms on a tree, moving, blinking, waving. I understand it’s a portal. I want to enter and for that I have to reverse birth, so very weird, trying to squeeze myself back into a vagina and womb. Then the feeling of being a man and feeling the pressure on man in this strange world of today. The inner conflicts, the feeling of being torn apart inside and not knowing what to do or how to do things right in this world with a million voices shouting at us all the time. I ask the spirit what can we do about this? And I see male and female together like earth and sky. Then I got lost in my head or fell asleep even, I’m shocked when the music stops it seemed very short. It’s hard to remember this journey, it was very very different for me than the other ones before and didn’t have the usual vivid visuals, more body sensations or I don’t know. Still feel like vomiting and a bit lost, want to sleep more.


Deep blues and greens. Tiger on her belly navigating through massive tall thick grasses. Some Men in my life I see them dissolving arrogance. being seen for who they really are - a revealing. Enough is enough. Sorting through 10000’s of seeds, rack after rack. Chaos. Hands on my heart. Painful, pressure, tight almost suffocated feeling. Several times this week felt claustrophobic. Massive release in my neck - a softening - neck has been so tight and painful - Now expansive - velvet soft. In the last weeks I had moments of this Softness. Whole sinus opening and tingling expanding, sneezing! Feels like something stimulating and getting into all the nooks and crannies. All over my face and head, breaking down accumulations. Old stuff. My ears almost painful. Expansive. Rocky pool with beautiful waterfall. I feel the Freedom. Peace. I am allowed this. Very itchy throat. I see the Frog for a moment, I want to follow but something stops me. Nausea. Feels dark and gloomy - see my mother down to my sister. I am shouting. They/I can’t hear. Like a vacuum and I am moving far far away. Feel cleansed. Sad. Weary. Peace. Deep soothe in my tum and heart. The Dynamic has to Change. Immense Death Rebirth. Just is.


Funny feeling at the beginning, like my energy in wave form was looping back on itself. I'm back in the black widow session, running through the same jungle.... up until the point of the land split. Black Widow is with me this time. She moves down the side of the cliff face, I follow. I know we are headed into the darkness. I have the duality back that I have been experiencing through the medicine. The fear and the peace. We move into a dark tunnel, and it is getting smaller and smaller to the point I am on my belly and crawling through very tight crevices. Black widow is urging me on. I continue to push through. At some point ( I feel this was an initiation, I pass, as then the cave turns into a spiral slide of earth and I know they are taking me way back to the beginning of my separation journey. I am shown the fall of Atlantis and then the very next life. I see myself as a child (girl) and then the vine that has appeared during the week wraps diagonally around my torso as a sort of identity marker. Signalled out. Then I'm shown a dark cottage/hut in a dark wood. This child is now a little girl (8) and had been kidnapped by a dark witch. This was a very important point in time, as the witch commandeered and hijacked this family line that was a force for good for the future of the world. I have been taken back here to change it. I moved into the cottage as this bright white light and as I descended, over the little girl, such was the power of the light that all not of the light disintegrated. I could feel the ripples of the timelines changing and battles throughout history that were lost to the light, now were winning, and the dark was being defeated across time. Then a White Elephant came in and ushered me to follow. I could feel the vibrations of the earth in my feet. I was following behind the elephant in her footsteps. At one point, she reached out with her trunk and pulled a white flower off a vine and gave it to me to eat. After eating it, I too turned white. And I could see below these white ley lines of the earth. Which we seemed now to be activating. And then I could see this whole new energy system in the ground of the earth, connecting to each other all around the world. But there is a disconnect between this system and the surface of the earth. Which is why we are walking the path and connecting top to bottom. I am then taken to the Southern Alps of the South Island of NZ and to begin to activate the energy system here. I am drawn in to the centre and then see a Merkabah type shape in the earth. As I move towards this I realise it is a chamber. I enter. Then I am given smaller geometrical shapes to put into this chamber to activate. 10 in all. There are 2 left over, and while the first 10 are white, the last 2 are red. It takes me a while to figure out what I am to do with the last two. I place them horizontally opposite each other and they then create another smaller Merkabah chamber that surrounds me. I am being asked to activate this and this will in turn activate the larger Merkabah which will switch on the energy system. As I do this, I can see the white lines light up and connect to Antarctica and then up to Alaska, hitting the pacific islands on the way up. Left to Australia and right to South America. This was an incredible experience!! I'm still in awe of it all...


Went through different elements. Light, got lifted, swimming with dolphins and wales, tumbling around, like spinning around in the water, but then in the air, all interconnected, there was no beginning or end, everything went into each other. Sometimes my mind tried to follow, but was impossible. Like I was in multiple paces in once, up/down/left/right/above/below.. drifting and floating. In a forest under a tree I found a little 'thing' crawled up, like a cat. I held her tight to my body, my heart, like how you would hold a new born baby. She was a little energy ball. It merged with me and my body started moving. Transforming, my wings started to come back. Energy I'd forgotten about came back. I started to fly, just flying, seeing things but not actual things. My eyes could not differentiate what they were seeing. Blurry, too light, have to get used to it, flashing with my eyes. Others came to surround me. We were with many. It's now. We knew where to go, being led, following the heart...


Opposites at play...first light and airy then a feeling of heaviness like something lying on top of me...geometric tunnels become pure light. At some point being held. Waves of tingling and pulsing especially in legs. Feeling psychedelic at the moment!


In the first phase there was a lot of walking, through pathways in woods, on foot and looking down from a horse, focus on the earth and a journey. Next phase was swimming in very dark waters. Awareness in throat and ears, opening of chest. Third phase saw a face wailing, no sound. Some change of taste in mouth, body feeling much colder. Last was a sense of running away, escaping, by many people, saw indigenous people, sadness. An eagle came and sat near me. Then watched it sitting at the top of a high ravine. Then it lifted me up and carried me away, protective, powerful, purposeful.


Entering into a feeling of timelessness. wrapped up in a beautiful gentle motherly energy. flashes of thousands of images. journeying through different landscapes. forest very present. flying with the dragons. a sacred marriage. being the music. golden energy swirling around spine. life force. sexual energy. where normally i have words to describe there are not many words today. long moments of floating in nothingness. lots of tingling in body. from the bottom up. psychedelic feeling. a weight being lifted. a strong pulse. Again and again a voice: come, come with me.


White heart image. Cold body. Feel the need to protect my lower belly. Placed my hands there until it was warm again. Pressure on lower body. Mainly the left leg. All very calm I start flying/floating in a lot of white light. It feels goddess, I am goddess. Pressure on heart area. Legs dissolving. A big feather dissolving in little sparkles, butterflies . Swirling up in a beautiful stream. Whole Peace. Then sudden shakes of my hips, lower corp Image of a deer, wolf, eagle. More shaking, but I feel protected. Letting go. Deep breath necessary with a loud sound of release. Coming from deep. I’m in my bubble Getting cold again, my blanket feels so thin.. Want to curl up Sore throat. It felt smooth during the session, but now I feel drained suddenly. But with a veil of optimism.
Thank you dear Ruby for your openness to share, bravery to speak out and strong will to write.

During this two week session, after writing this podcast, another paragraph came to me,

you want to abuse me, well I can abuse you too, if it’s freedom you seek, then I’ll imprison you. but if you treat me with care and lovingly devote, then I’ll ground you in the Earth to set sail with spirit boat.

To Cannabis, teacher of the sacred and of feminine might, its been an honour to sit in your space, learn from your spiritual source and to help others right wrong relationship.