episode 4

"Somewhere between the play of everything and nothing, comes something, dancing to its own tune in this cosmic orchestra of life. "
– plantally
Maybe you are someone who has worked with sacred medicines and been told the same thing over and over again, I’ve already told you that. words finally resonating through body/mind/spirit signalling its time to do the self-work. Uncovering the deeper layers of subtlety and sensitivity not on retreat, not escaping the pressures of external triggers, but in your day to day, wherever you might find yourself. As husband, wife, mother, father, son, daughter, partner or simply with yourself, in the blinding citylight or under serene starlight.

Or perhaps you are someone who steers clear of sacred medicines, a deep sensitivity that might be shocked or shattered by their staggering force. You long for another way, more compatible with your constitution.

Might life be the master teacher, teasing our tenacity, as we fall back and surrender to its lifeflow. Managing to re-position perspective and lean on differing lens to learn the lesson. As much as you might feel alone here at times, you are never alone. A wonderous world invisible surrounds, waiting for its wisdom to be welcomed.

So how does this work work?

The full answer to this is perhaps destined to be a mystery here. But normally something from Nature, be it plant, animal or rock makes itself physically known to me. Someone might signal from spirit. or life simply shows in synchronous ways. And things then move into motion. I commence with connecting, feeling, writing and transmitting its remarkable radiation. Those destined to attend begin feeling, energy changing, dreamtime calling and then joining.

You might be anywhere in the world, but you will be brought together with others via an app like Telegram to begin reading and sharing as other participants begin to describe how life is changing or challenging and what is taking shape as another voice might softly whisper in mind, suggesting another way to respond. Switching energetic stance to stand ground, flow on, confront or simply fly far beyond, whilst releasing old obstacles, pains and strains. Shifting shadows into sunlight, clouded eyes now shining bright as it medicinally micro-doses, deliberately dietas, homeopathically harmonises, attentively acupunctures and somatically soothes typically over a period of two weeks before the session itself takes place.

When the time of the session comes, accompanied by playlist or simply in silence, you will tune in to attune, as I more actively, consciously and ably connect you more deeply with this spirit. 30 minutes later everyone shares their experience. And it is only then that I share who we have worked with and what they wished to whisper through me.

This is not for everyone. Some of you will run. Your mind might tell you that this is too much, or this is too little. Trust me it will say, I have this all under control. Others will pick themselves up, dust themselves off and put themselves forward for the next session. Over time, looking back, they will say dear heart look how we've changed. Truly human being.

When these words resonate and if clearly called, I invite you to join the wait list at

With love