lady of the holy cobra

~ constrict her ~
episode 9

"No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell."
– Carl Jung 
Your darkened form tormenting, windpipe choking, gasping for Air, exposed to your provoking. Third eye forced open, clear you couldn’t be beaten, wrapped so tightly around, swallowed whole and eaten. Spitting of venom, neurotoxic alarm, inner teaching root of self-harm.

Infinity turned around and eight years later, learning polarities, a lover whose a hater. As shadows shift to light a new quotient arises, sitting in truth, so there’s no nasty surprises. Sacred Mother Isis, wings of the brightest feathers, softly wrapped, sent off on spiritual endeavors.

Golden and lapis blue, like Egypt so ancient, coiled up inside, your waiting so patient. Mouth opening to your bright white light outer body slender, tongue twisting and tying uniting with black inner splendor. For when polarities are aligned and light and dark become one, perhaps one's time on Earth might finally be done. Slithering through in different skins, one chapter ends another one begins. Eating own tail for infinity, ouroboros, but dying for divinity, transforming into Horus. I've tasted hell, but it's really not my flavour, it's your sweeteness I long for, something to truly savor.

Royalty your majesty, golden guide this dynasty. Your fiery eye of the goddess protects, blue crown showing all-knowing respects. Coiled round and rooted secure, the sun disk you've grown to adore. But under Tyrannical rule, strike you will, for there's a strict vision you're here to fulfill. Swift to take a stand, decisiveness discerning, evil beware, spitting fire so burning. Uraeus so curious, but mindful where you tread, crowned in glory celebrating godhead.

Snakebite down, teeth piercing skin, toxic saliva now moving within. Immobilising effect, body too soft or hard, disrupting nerve impulses, caught offguard. Do as you will, I will no longer fight back, as you're towering over without fear of attack. No resistance, easily enslaving those bitten, their life after, now yours to be written

Snake charmers once healers and magicians, honouring the sacred deity and traditions. But power has been abused, cobra venom and fangs removed, dark arts fooling people so easily proved. Veil of illusion and slight of hand, but as darkness withdraws so with it your command.

Dear friend, there's a suffocating effect that life here on Earth can reflect. A disempowering of true strength, innate ability kept at arms length. Frustration and impatience can be quick to build, a will to be free that's intensity filled. Without a place to unwind stress soon rises, initiating self-destructive exercises.

With moveable ribs, fingers lovingly wrapping lungs, Air fills her hood with the hissing of tongues. A warning flare to others who dare threaten her space, best back down or she'll spit in your face.

For those really ready to tame their inner beast, one false move and it might make you its feast. Once the snake is let out of the bag, it's rare that it rises waving a white flag. Behind that dark defense and powerful ways to protect are deep fears, insecurities and feelings of neglect.

So to Cobra and Isis and all those you protect, offer this golden opportunity, a moment to reflect. Truth builds trust that can rule forevermore, without fearing the appearing of what's come before.

These are my own insights, but a great beauty of life is that of perspective, so how might others respond to the spirit of Cobra, unbeknownst to this being the spirit they are receiving. How might they perceive it through their six senses. And to bring it full circle without continuously reliving, it's a love story in unison, with two sides for giving.
* some participant names have been changed for pen names.
* no participants were informed that it was the spirit of the Cobra we were working with until after they had all shared their experience of the Session.


When our brother touched my head, it was a very strong spirit that manifested in all of us. I felt the spirit of Water, of Fire and of Earth. And I had the vision of the Water and all of us being blue. And I felt the Fire and the balance and the dance of Fire. And also the Wind, all of us balancing and dancing with the purity of the wind.


I see a round shape, like a sun, but more abstract. And with stars. Beautiful inspiration for painting. Body movements. My body grows very very long and thin, like a cylinder. I want to move close to the earth and elliptic shapes grow out on the side of my neck – Cobra! I feel and see a big majestic cobra. Then I am in the jungle, I am chased, I run away. Cobra says: Stop running. Come home. Come home to the temple. Then I am in Egypt and the Cobra leads me to a throne. Cobra is showing me Power. Power that is leading purely from the heart. Power with wisdom, how beautiful it is to use power in this way and what we are able to create if we use it and don’t abuse it. The potential in every human heart. Then a short episode in Asia (I actually had a real physical encounter with a Cobra infront of my little house in the north of Thailand 4 years ago). Then I see our circle. I see us laying in this beautiful landscape and the spirit/essence of everybody slightly levitating on top, meeting in the spirit realm, connected in the spirit realm and forming a circle there too. Then I see another participant in the spirit realm and we hug each other for a long time. Physical circle and distant circle connected. Then I see the spirit of a friend’s dog I was listening to just before the session. I feel infinite love. He shows me that behind him are many many many more animal spirits and that something very beautiful is about to come and to start. I see another round shape above my head – this time I’m in the water and there is a school of fish circling on top of me. I’m enjoying the beauty of doing this work in physical presence. What an amazing experience to be in the circle with all these beautiful souls. I am absolutely sinking into the beauty of this moment. Then quietness and my mind kicks in and starts to doubt the cobra. Then I suddenly feel venom or the poisonous aspect again, like in the dogbane session. My body wants to get rid of it. My mouth starts to open, trying to unhinge my mandibular. My tongue wants to come out and hiss. I am shy to fully give in into that in the circle. I yawn a lot. Body movements. It calms down. No sense or awareness of time at all. The session seemed as long as a whole day. When the music stops and I open my eyes to the sunset under these beautiful trees my heart is so full, it wants to burst. We are creating heaven on earth already.


When my brother Andy touched my head, I felt the strong presence of the Eagle, the Waters and also of the Sun, the sacred Fire. I want to give thanks for this work that teaches us and shows us how to connect with spirit. And may this work continue to teach us how to connect with our proper being.


An ever expanding golden sphere. skeleton melting. density transforming into light. releasing of the fear of being seen. hissing. medusa. lightness of being. wild. wolves. an ancient living memory. highway to heaven. heat in joints. skin feels as if on fire. feeling strong support from whole animal kingdom. hands on solar plexus. glued there. power in hands. body spasms. feeling as if laying on a slope tilting to the left. feeling the need to dislocate my jaw and put it back in where it belongs. lots of opening of mouth, muffled clicking sound of jaw joint on right side. sadness. Cleopatra. ancient temples. Egyptian crown being put on my head, me trying to escape it. takes a lot of energy. surrendering to it. letting it be put where it belongs. taking up my spot. heart opening. getting handed a golden key. the key to my heart. it is on me to turn it. feeling presence of circle in physical and remote. levitating. a step towards closing the gap between physical and spiritual world. coming closer together. merging. snake curling up in forehead, with immense force shooting out. eyes rolling a lot. big white light emanating from forehead. the earth shaking through my body. re-adjustment of physical body. the fight is over. off to a new. the wind singing its song along.


When our brother Andy touched my head I felt a very strong connection to the Earth, the Earth moved inside of me back and forth, it felt as well like the Waters. I felt very good, I hope to continue this connection and work. I felt the healing in my body and in my spirit. The balance of Water.


Music began… I could feel my mind all over the place, distracted, excited, messy… Andy placed his hands on my head and everything was again in peace and ease… tears were running through my eyes, feeling sadness and grief manifesting and expressing through them… I didn’t have any reason for it and I allow the tears and the sadness to be felt. It felt quite harmonious and a nice relief. Feeling the right side of my body moving like adjusting, specially the area underneath my rib cage. Wind was blowing, felt it was cleansing, helping and supporting our process, and making space for the new. Left side of my body, stared to adjust, subtle movements and sensations, I trust and allow it to move and to come into the balance that it needed. Womb started to move, I could feel energy in my womb, the aliveness of it. I received the message that we are nature, everything is a manifestation of us and we are manifestation of it, of the whole, nature. I’ve been too much focusing my attention in the modern medicine and have forgotten about my roots, about my connection with the great spirit, naturaleza, my essence. I received the message to come back into my centre, into my nature, to trust my wisdom and to find my gifts in the connection with nature. My body kept moving, started to shake gently, vibrating. Feeling like snake passing and moving underneath my body. Suddenly my body started feeling lighter and lighter, like I was flying, levitating… I was in the sky, and I saw her… Isis the Egyptian goddess, I saw her wings and then I look at my body and I could feel my wings big and opened. I have to trust in my power and release the fear of stepping into it with love. I return to the earth, my body was heavy as a big rock, I couldn’t move my body for much that I wanted to do so. I felt that interconnection with the earth, the soil and with the circle. The wind came again, blowing with a powerful yet gentle touch on my skin. First time that I could feel the spirit of the wind so vividly, and with so much love and gratitude for it, as I normally avoid the wind… our relationship shifted… I liked it and recognised the power of it. I feel my wisdom, my loving powers and the connection among us all.


In this meditation I felt the presence of great spirit and the medicine plants of ayahuasca.


As soon as we started I was aware of my breathing. Very fast and with my mouth open. I told myself to relax more in the breath but it was out of my control. Also there was a huge bright and burning sun. The light was super intense but beautiful gold and yellowish. Then I felt my body sinking in to the earth; left side started en it felt like I was rolling myself in the sand to cover and cool. Then my body starts feeling more heavy and my arms stretch and become extra long. I can’t move them but it feels like they are moving like a snake that crosses the road. Then when Andy touches my head , I feel on the sides of my neck /jaws something growing. Like gills. They are very wide open and it’s very hard to breath. I feel like grabbed at them to open them wide and at my feet, am I upside down or are just my feet lifted? The breathing is feeling hot / burning and with struggle. I have spasms in my body. I want to spit something out from the back of my mouth/deeper throat; air sounds blows out and I have to stick out my tongue. Shaking from hip and right leg and arm. My throat gets cut with a very big knife/manchetti. It gets darker around me and I see the people of our circle sitting around me. Trying to support me with the feeling that this is the best to do. I feel them breathing and holding hands. From here I’m a bit lost in the order of what I experience. Like time and space melt together and I can’t get grip on it. I feel something crawling on top of me. It weights quite a lot and my breath is even more tough. It’s almost like being hugged too strong and tight. My lungs can’t fill themselves completely like normal. I see a head of a fox, very stylish. I get stung in my right bump/side. It stings deep and the pain spreads into my legs and corpus. I feel panick and want to escape, but I can’t run away. I need to stay calm. I’m laying on a raft, there are other energies/souls with me, we float and the water calms. Then I feel like if floating in the air. I feel Miri around there too. We can’t touch but are connected. Towards the end I see a huge angel creature with beautiful white big wings coming towards me. I can see every feather so detailed and kind of feel their touch. I’m impressed by her beauty and feel deep trust and pride. Then the angel gets horse legs and it’s like Pegasus approaching me. Gracefully and tender. Clapping his wings. Wind hose coming and I feel it among my face. A sudden wind also in our physical circle. This closes for me the session and I need to start moving and open my eyes. Eventough the sunlight is already gold and soft, it’s painful to open my eyes and the light hurts me. Slowly getting back to this dimension.


Fire sensation in heart. Tight. Hand on heart for most of the session. Cooling waters. Dispersive. Fluid. Snakelike. Release surrender. Deep relax. Jewels glittering. Many many eyes. Sexual energy. Healing my lungs. Bright piercing my 3rd eye almost painful. Dark leafy tunnels. Womblike. Safe. Ancestral sacred ceremony. Healing Gratitude hand on heart. Tender heart. Sadness. Vast. Birds flying high. Tight spiral n forehead. Pulsing between Tight- Release Reptilean- ready to move Opportunity to lose my mind. But didn’t let it. Deep inner voice careful. Ripples . I part of something big. Hope. Love. Ascension. Bright Lights. Strong need to rub chest and heart strongly. Arms stretched out. Delicious tastes and sensations. Dancing forward. United. Gratitude


A feeling of home coming and shared strength. As the session began a lot of swaying movements, blending between animal, snake, and plants. Then morphing into faces - that of Cleopatra and then she was joined by other Egyptian Pharaohs, a line of them, shared strength. Soft warm energy through my body, sense of togetherness, harmony. Then floating and flying, bees, a bringing together. Sense of bringing together the strength of what has gone before and what is with us in nature to synchronise, as if the purest, the essence - hard to explain, a bringing together of all of this to help begin to make a way for the future


Pressure in right eye to begin with. Falcon came and went throughout. Women dressed in white and gold. Some sort of initiation and or rite of passage. Also felt a romance in here too. Energy up my spine. Ra came in to third eye with a message, but couldn't quite catch it. Felt like I was there in the physical session a couple of times. Karmic feel, wanting to release old debt and pain, mostly relating to murder. A giant eagle came in and sat on my left side by my upper arm. Whooshing timeline through Egypt showing lives I've lived. Heart on fire... self sabotage


The sky is awash with the tears I have not cried. The cavern stirs up the hidden What I have braced against Unseen, unwanted, unacknowledged But you are all of these things to me -Seen, wanted, acknowledged- Beloved being, Be. The jaw juts about, a wild dance, Dislocating what has lodged into place What has fought so hard against grace It has not been a tireless fight, My body is frail with the effort Of a mask which absconds Slither out, slide about What lurks, what hides magnificent quirks Telltale longings of a place you forgot how to know Bioluminescent strands spark And you slip away Into the dark But oh dear voyager, What did you find? What raised mountains and unleashed rivers in kind? Thank you, from a note on high Thank you, from a note borne on the lowest of low The harmony a rising tide Gratitude, its melody.


In the point where you touched my head, I immediately felt or saw and felt this wholeness that I normally feel like with medicine work where I go very deep.