queen of the pride x king of the jungle

~ full fill ~
episode 9

"God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers"
– Rudyard Kipling 
Feeling content, self-satisfied and secure, energised by life, its challenges you endure. That Mother force that nurtures her cubs to powerfully run, your golden mane radiating rays of the Sun. But you know a Fire type needs time to recharge, stomach filled with meat from mouthfuls so large.

Temperature of the gonads, regulating testosterone, those Vitamin D levels, links to those anger prone. Yes, you might sleep in the midday heat, but you're waiting for half-light to rise to your feet. In all the hustle this could be labelled as laziness, like headless chickens they run, in modern age craziness. Caught in active state, no catnaps so comfortably curled, such a strong need to keep moving in this mad world. Burnout all too frequent, drained, detached and defeated, procrastination, takes so long to get things completed.

The Felines certainly know how to rest, their sleeping skills have always humans impressed. Sleep comes easy when you’re not anxious or afraid, close your eyes, no fear of sacred space invade. Such a close knit community, grouped together in pride, perimeters guarded by lions, raised by lionesses inside. The best of both worlds, king and queen united, through the secret door of the great sphinx, you're now warmly invited. King of the Jungle to king of the Sky, the Eagle's always been present, so maybe now you know why.

Oh Bastet, once celebrated as Lioness, now seen more as Cat, born to be wild or domestic life's where it's at. The law of the jungle written in its book, balance found between two extremes, like the path Mowgli took. Man cub, who found himself not belonging to jungle or village, trapped in-between or freedom in the middle is the key message. Wild at heart, a mind that's been tamed, soulful explorer that's also house trained.

When fending for yourself, feral but born free, the approaching of humans so quickly you flee. But oh feline from your feminine line, came a domesticated form with mankind to align. House cat, food and drink in the corner parked, rubbing against legs, your scent, now marked. Do you own a cat or does a cat really own you, sweet purring for attention, it knows what to do.

But your domestication, calls for greater investigation, sacred agreements with other, lost in translation. Yes, many have become corrupted whilst holding the red flower, using its burning torch, to force others to cower. Removing your claws so you don’t scratch what you should not, caged up in the house, freedom outside you forgot. Social anxiety, a need for familiarity, never leaving home base, same day similarity. Adjusting behaviour to mirror human cues, so be mindful of emotions you choose to use. Spreading negativity or preferring to be positive, switching the mood in the room, for all those sensitive.

Depressed state of being, excessive yowling, a far cry from that once wild growling. But when stuck in a rut and feeling the need to break free, the mint family offers a refreshing remedy. Bursting from its pot, its roots running wild, new stems emerge, fresh breath smiled. A friend of many felines and a real household treat, catnip triggers response like a cat on heat. Soon returning that soft and pleasant purring, such healing frequency, waves of relaxation transferring.

Like so many things in life it can work by polarity, passionately firing up energy or calming tranquility. Regulating inner temperature, like their coat of fur, optimising heat to the level they prefer.

But obsessive compulsive over-grooming, is a stress response to get happy hormones resuming. Their stomach can soon fill with hair, tiny claws on tongue, drags it down there. Cough-gag-retch as it's commonly known, hairballs up from the inside thrown.

Untangling balls of yarn, licking wounds from others who harm. For wrapped or rolled up hair is used by some for darker means, so there might be some other work happening, but behind the scenes. The black panther, mentor and dear friend, its loving paw, always willing to extend. Yes paw you, for your journey might have seen some treachery, but it's the loving pathway back home through this great mystery.

Don't be afraid, but there's a burning issue we need to touch on, the independent or the codependent one. The King and Queen both reside inside, so do you focus here or let those outside decide. Too easily influenced by another's energy, often heightens levels of lethargy. But with territory marking and boundaries strongly defined, all within guarded, can be captured and confined. Oh to discover the balance between these two states, is the call of the wild and our soul mates.

These are my own insights, but a great beauty of life is that of perspective, so how might others respond to the spirit of Cat, unbeknownst to this being the spirit they are receiving. How might they perceive it through their six senses. And this meeting of lovers, truly destined to be united, the flame within now reignited.
* some participant names might have been changed for pen names.
* no participants were informed that it was the spirit of Cat we were working with until after they had all shared their experience of the Session.


“The portal to every next level is through the parts of yourself that you avoid.” source unknown

My name is Maya, human being, singer, seeker, transformer, healer of hearts through my voice and my hands.

I grew up in a family of musicians, classical music was the mother-milk which organized my molecular and cellular structure. I always sang and always in that classical music frame, never like a little kid would do. I grew up with songs of Schubert and Mozart, but the typical children’s songs I can’t remember. My childhood was either singing, playing the violin and piano or strolling in the woods, on my own from early age on, talking to the beings of the trees, feeling-seeing them, bringing flowers to where they lived, listening, laughing.

Singing to me means perceiving colours through the sound I produce within my own body, generating and incarnating frequency and perceiving their transforming qualities on every level. It’s one of my tools to go deep within my lifes’ purpose which I perceive as finding healing through recognising the deep pain, the feeling of separation and despair caused by the veil of cosmic illusion, Maya.

Singing, frequency and sound are my tools of connection to everything. Being vibration even only by imagining singing, getting loud and huge in silence.

One year ago I resigned from my classical opera-singing career after over 40 years of devoted burning and followed the inner call to let my voice seek for free healing frequencies, giving sound baths together with my old Tibetan singing bowls and sharing the healing touch of my hands through cranio sacral therapy.

A friend of mine talked to me about the plantally journeys she has been doing for a long time now. I was fascinated and resonating profoundly, but I thought “oh, that’s something for very special human beings only, but not for me.” Despite the fact I just completed a one year journey with the Lakota medicine-wheel, my head was in between me and my perception of animal or plant frequency. At that time I could only get in touch by literally touching them with my hands.

February of this year I took part on my first journey with Plantally and I can say now, some months later, it was a kick–off into exploring my deepest wounds, that wanted to be perceived, seen, understood and it started a deep healing process from within. A work that needs complete surrender and brings unredeemed inner aspects to light. Highly intense, brutally honest, sometimes painfully blissful (blissful and painful at the same time), overwhelming and letting my whole being resting in deepest awe. Awe of creation, awe of getting a sense of how connection feels like.

Since I started the journeys with the spirits it feels like every single spirit just came to me to help me get through a profound healing process, going deeper with every journey. Already my first journey with the spirit of Ostrich feather was of very strong intensity. To be honest, I felt quite overwhelmed and thought the medicine was too strong for me and was just a once in a lifetime experience. But when Andy announced the next spirit was ready to do its work with us, my whole body just felt I had to go on. And it was right! It felt like digging out a treasure and on every single journey every spirit delivered its magic essence, all tools to find and open the treasure box.

Travelling with spirit of Cat was my fourth journey and very intense. With sensations in my physical body like pain all over, a deepened need to rest during day, wide awake at night to triggered emotional states like depression, no way out, no sense in life, waiting for others to decide.

This journey was a very long one, more than three weeks of living through being in touch with the so far unknown spirit. During this period it was especially helpful and supportive to read about the thoughts, feelings, body sensations and life themes shared by the other participants.

When my friend initially told me about the possibility of sharing during the process, I couldn’t imagine doing it, since I’m used to live my processes on my own. Now, on my fourth time of traveling I really appreciate sharing and receiving. It intensifies the deepening of the process and supports me into accepting every aspect shown.

The final session was - what a surprise- very intense too. A profound tingling sensation took my whole body and grew into feeling flooded by a vibration of purification close to the point the body started shaking. A feeling like an inner earthquake. I was dragged away by those vibrating frequencies and surfed the theta brainwave. No memories, deep relaxation on cellular structure. Two hours after the ending of the session my body started cleansing itself through a huge cold and fever. I completely surrendered to the cleansing and integrated the healing by writing down Andy’s beautiful podcast word by word, reading it several times a day from my own hand writing.

This process of integration led - with Andy’s helpful reflexions – to a deeper level of perceiving and processing my life as an opera-singer and why I had the call to end my career after such a long time of devotional burning.

What normally can and to a certain degree should not be seen by the audience is the large impact this kind of singing has on the singers body and life. Singing a main part for three hours needs enormous physical and mental stamina, it’s like performing professional sports. All aspects of my life, sleeping habits, eating habits, drinking habits, relationships were fully tuned to be in perfect shape for the one moment to bring all my energy, all my light to the point of exploding in the most powerful and at the same time vulnerable way, giving myself totally with absolute devotion. Doing this and knowing at the same time, this enormous outburst is seen, heard and judged by an audience, was a thrill and burden at the same time and led to constant pressure of a perfection which in the end does not really exist.

One of my signature qualities on stage was my ability to not simply play a role but really incarnating it. Which means I had to leave myself to a certain extent to dive deeply into someone else. Diving deeply into someone else’s drama – and opera stories mostly consist out of deepest human drama – during a rehearsal period of six weeks for up to eight hours a day had a huge impact on my cellular structure and left me often exhausted like coming home late at night, sitting on the kitchen floor, not being able to move, staring at the fridge door, feeling sad and empty.

The alchemistic process of singing on stage, feeling connected with everything, flooded by the vibrations of music, my voice, all my body, every cell resonating, singing over an orchestra of 60 musicians to an audience of 3000 people, without any support of a microphone, needed complete surrender and opening on every level. Gratefully bowing deeply and taking in the ovations, going to my hotel room alone, still buzzing with transparency whilst being confronted with all my deep inner sorrow and pain. Too late at night to call somebody, just falling back into my dark inner landscape, which in the end was the driving force behind my singing: being heard, being seen, letting pain out through singing, which is the tamed and cultivated form of screaming.

One year now, without stage, without the “avoiding move” to plunge into anothers drama, my whole system gets to the point to make the so far unperceived seen, to feel my own pain and its reasons, to go down to the roots, finding inner peace in the midst of my deepest wounds, by feeling them and surrendering to them. It feels like collapsing – I can tell you, fun feels differently!- but I know in my bones I’m exactly where I’m meant to be in this moment. Discovering my intrinsic center, my midline to finally find balance between highs and lows.

Wow, what a journey!

I feel blessed and deeply grateful to having found the portal to the next level by being part of those powerful, intense and sublime journeys. No avoiding, no hiding, just looking into a waterclear mirror. Not always funny, as you can imagine, but allowing deep healing on every level, bringing more transparency to the veil of Maya.

Thank you Andy to provide yourself as a vessel and channel to all the spirits who want to give their healing power, thank you for the many, many hours of deep work you invest into those journeys!

And thank you spirit of CAT for your strong and unavoidable lesson!

Gratitude and love, Maya


So so powerful. In relaxation stage pre session I saw Egyptian goddess, possibly Isis. Lotus flower was coming out of my third eye. Lot of stomach gurgling and wind throughout. Distinct phases with each piece of music; not sure can remember all or order. Fast energy, body wanting to climb - and gallop, sometimes at the same time. Warmth coming up through body, circling, comforting in lower back where often I feel the cold - big contrast to challenges to body regulation pre session. Saw lion. Felt pressure on left thumb joint, both pressing and pulling movements, strong, then energy moving up through left arm into throat and neck where strong energy is then released from body like a fountain/firework/flower. See wizard and a dragon. Told you need to let go and move on, being pulled. Strong feeling of needing to pass water. Climbing up, some of the time on a rope. I have become a witch. I have a broomstick and do fly away. Sure there are parts have missed out which may come back to me. A very strong energetic, powerful. Also saw another animal wasn’t sure what it was ? armadillo. Near end lot of awareness in nose. Feeling highly stimulated after long phase of low energy, senses very alert


Red cosy cloak. Sharp in Heart. Expansive Light. Burning gullet. Nausea. Flying high. Forest. Eyes. Hairy face. Fire. I really connected to receiving the medicine. Teary. Love. United. Heat. Deep rest. Deep peace. Falling into deep sleep. Gratitude


Moments from past lifes ~ they moved like a movie in my mind really fast ~ just saw how I forgive to men and then next situation ~ forgivness to them all so easy so light ~ just went through ~ and then arriving with some visions in the life now, love and light ~ flying and carrying in the air like a godess… ~ and then in the end I sink down deep in the ocean, breathing strong, some quick fear moments but with so much trust ~ saw myself sinking down to the deepest point in the ocean and then just let go ~ seeing in to the eyes to wales ~ the sound around me from them ~ they held me ~ and slowly rising up with some presents from the ocean ~ magical human beings in there who just told me it‘s okey to go back ~ to rise and shine ~ waking up and the moon is next to me with her beauty and stillness.


So beautiful. Felt surrounded with energy, shivers up and down, magnetism and energy flowing from palms. Meditated in a ball of yellow, never felt closer to the source or more at peace. When I came to 30mins had passed. Felt so close to nothingness, was wonderful.