the lily of the lake

~ true standing ~

"Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along."
– Rumi
Your heart shaped leaves floating gently on the surface, deeply revealing of a truer life purpose. Rooting in the mud, drawing down connection, calming demand for unmet sexual affection. But the phallus of your flower from the Water it soon bursts, reaching into the Air, tantric union it now thirsts.

Gathering Sunlight, your lily pads expand, pumping Air from the surface to roots on demand. Oxygenating Water whilst filtering it clean, removing toxins, all that swims clearly now seen.

Like the lady of the lake, the passing of the guard, true power bestowed to the knights of this courtyard. Tales of chivalry, circle round the table, defending her honour, all here, present and able. Aura's matched by sparkling sacred armour, respecting the feminine, not a one night charmer. Full sense of feeling, with wisdom and intellect, voicing the sacred in such ancient dialect. But this forgotten language, might be difficult for others to follow, choking on own words, their tongue not sword they swallow.

The enchantress within, whose always out and about, luring you in, until you're unable to tap out. She'll put a spell on you, unless you know what to do, sealed up in the Earth, no magical words to breakthrough.

Circling the Water, fearfully patrolling her domain, but better to reach out, else her possession will remain. Ripples in the wake, from a spiral it rises, a gift for the masculine, it loves or despises. Grabbing and pulling, reclaiming her power, or handing over Excalibur, by opening her flower.

Gallantly greeting the hand of the beloved, reaching depths, the unconscious uncovered. Oh to be truly true, the one you once fully knew, obscured by the morsels you so frequently threw. Passing through passions, the trials of life indeed, the chosen path decided by the wolf which you feed.

But this power to you that is handed, it should never be abused, many tried to pull the sword from the stone, all but one were refused. To rightfully rule a kingdom takes a special kind of king, only with the purest of intentions should you your sword swing. That deceptive voice, that can easily enter the mind, trying to tempt you off the path, spirit lovingly assigned.

Her pure Water directed higher up into the mind, revitalising head space for healthier thoughts to find. Like a new born baby, now taking its first breath, a warm re-welcome into the world afresh. Stretch marks her body, exhausted from this birth, from the womb of the world, to honouring this sacred Earth.

Yes, the wild roses they all bloomed, dazzling tapestry, so many hues, but Waterlily and Lotus called, who am I to choose. After swimming in their Waters, the truth finally became clear, a message from the Goddess, whose gentle hand helps steer. The White Egyptian Lotus is a Waterlily after all, its flower rises above the Water, 20cm tall. Basking in her presence, sweet fragrance blossoming so white, opening her petals to the dark, guiding the purest knight.

Come back to yourself, not lost in doubt, certain within, not persuaded without. The Tinkerbell effect might have everyone else clapping, but all that's trending can keep people napping. Misread by the family, never followed the herd, but you've always seen life differently, through your open eye third.

So to the spirit of Waterlily, let them lay down on your lap, holding and loving as your lily pads wrap. And when the warmth of the Sun begins to fade, it's your turn to shine, for this life you were made.

These are my own insights, but a great beauty of life is that of perspective, so how might others respond to the spirit of White Egyptian Lotus, unbeknownst to this being the spirit they are receiving. How might they perceive it through their six senses. And as the primeval Waters re-awaken in your being, surrender to their magical flow, for the unseen now seeing.
* some participant names might have been changed for pen names.
* no participants were informed that it was the spirit of Waterlily we were working with until after they had all shared their experience of the Session.

Arwawiku U'man

Mi nombre es Arwawiku U'man, Arhuaco de la sierra nevada corazón del mundo, Guardián de la madre tierra, nacido en mamankana la parte alta de la sierra nevada. Hijo y nieto del MAMO y ATÍ (madre). Los Arhuacos (ikū) somos los Guardianes del universo en espiritual y física; la misión es cumplir nuestros deberes de ser guardián: proteger,cuidar, conservar la naturaleza. Mi abuelo es un mamo líder supremo en espiritual y visto por los demás arhuaco como orientador,guiador, porque él cumple su papel como liderazgo, y yo soy vocero del MAMO. Para ser un mamo ya vienen destinado cuando nacen el mamo mayor lo toman para enseñarlo a conectar el mundo espiritual con el mundo físico y en ese proceso los niños deben aprender a escuchar, preguntar,entender,conocer,hacer, hablar, para esto debe de ser disciplinado y no comer de lo que comen los demás. Ahora en momento vivo en ciudad santa marta en la línea negra(es una línea que pasa conectado los sitios sagrados alrededor de la sierra nevada corazón del mundo). Estoy acá para dar voz a los mamos así defendiendo los sitios sagrados que están en el territorio ancestral de los cuatros pueblos indígenas de la sierra nevada corazón del mundo, Guardianes de la madre tierra , para que la humanidad entiendan la importancia que es en esos espacios sagrados, porque el universo lo necesita tanto física e espiritual.

Crecí juntos con los demás niños aprendiendo,conociéndono el ser interior y exterior de uno mismo en la oscuridad y aún me toca hacer cómo una meditación en un espacio sagrado ( kadukwan). Se aprende en la oscuridad para ir al origen de la creación, así organizar bien el trabajo que nos asignan al venir al mundo.

Los arhuacos vemos el mundo como un ser que nosotro somos parte del mundo no como objeto, si no, que siente , que también tienen trabajo que cumplir. Pero la humanidad creen que la naturaleza es un objeto, y algunos quieren gobernar en el mundo, pero no cumplen su propia misión y ni dejan que otros cumplan sus misiones. Y hoy la madre tierra está destruida, contaminada, ella siente la tristeza,el dolor, porque la humanidad lo estan afectando en espiritual y en física. Hoy la humanidad deber ser consciente de que la madre tierra y los seres vivientes necesitan cumplir sus misiones, conozcamos nuestra misión que nos asignaron al venir a este mundo y cumplir. Algunos no saben ni porqué están aquí, no estan en el camino de la verdad y es una lastima.

Estando en mi espacio sagrado cumpliendo mi deber conocí un compañero su nombre es Andy de plantally, aquel ser era un hombre lleno energía positiva para conocer la verdad y seguir en la verdad, y fué invitado por el mamo a un lugar sagrado donde no había llegado ningún otra persona de civil, lo invitaron porque era una persona maravilloso y fué llamado para que haga entender la humanidad la importancia que es la sierra nevada corazón del Mundo.

Después de habernos encontrado, él me invitó a participar en la sesiones plantally, no tuve duda, porque yo sé quien soy y sé quien es él. Y en mí primer experimento el espíritu de oro meditación plantar fué increíble, me fascinó y sentí que era una herramienta para estar,compartir la verdad del ser existir, con los compañeros de nuestra trayectoria,y no se puede comparar con mi saber porque es otro herramienta que se necesita ayudarse con otros, no es sorprendente , si no, genial y puede ser un método para conectarse con la naturaleza para aquellas personas que no saben como caminar en su propio camino y vean la importancia de cuidar, proteger, respetar, la naturaleza, y a demás de todo conozcan su ser interior y exterior. Hoy en día necesita ayudarnos, respetarnos, y cumplamos nuestra misión.


Fast flowing energy throughout this session. First phase of music involved acrobatic like spiral movements up. Energy coming in through feet. Dark figures around. So much going on don’t know if it’s possible to remember it all. Not necessarily in order: underwater world, animal/humans combined, lots of generational elders. Lot of activity in head: teeth on edge, mouth dry, ears ringing then being pulled, lot of movement inside them, tickling and pulling on back of neck. Water flowing through and over body then a sense of being cleansed. Feather in the wind. Feminine presence.


Golden glow deep in my heart and radiating out. Thousands of words, different languages, different shapes. Moving fast. Spacious. In my and all around. Vast. I am washing under massive waterfall. Strength and Power. Stepping into a new world. Courage and huge smiles. My body feels totally different. Peace. Settled. Hips feel amazing and then a sharp stranglehold down my left leg like fire. New stride. Thousands of flowers and animals-Joyful, fun, peace, safe. Meadows and forest. So fast and so much movement. Which way? Third eye heat radiating indigo. Huge seas. Vast waves. Surrender. Itchy all over. Doesn’t matter. Flying very high. Beautiful light. The Sun -warmth. Night deep. First time see many people and massive fires. A new way.


Heavy body, a lot of heat everywhere. Let go of everything ~ just lying and be held by the water ~ I was completely gone ~ somewhere ~ and then I came back and I had the feeling my heart will explode ~ expand so much to all the world ~ a lot of heat inside of the heart. When I came back I had to breathe really loud ~ like my first breath again ~ feel the throat now ~ thirsty for life.


Floating, body sensation as getting lighter. Sore throat, energy moving in my chest, heart opening… belly bloated alive, like life inside my belly, moving. Started with a bit of resistance, not being able to get in the experience. After the second song, connected more with visions, golden Egypt was present, blue colour lotus flower on a pond, purple and white lotus, then moving into a waterfall… more water, mud … sea shore, ocean foam… white pearl, shell, wings. Throat alive… ego present, I wish I get to feel well this medicine, like energy of competition, related to the father and mother lineage, always wanting to get it right to feel validated and love, realising and making it conscious and then being able to let it go… Feminine energy… deities, dancing but I was not able to see them, I knew they were there….


I immediately felt the presence of the medicine moving into me. It turned me into a tree, and then rose into the clouds. I have been trying to find a word for the feeling I felt... being connected to the Earth and Sky simultaneously, but it still even now escapes me. Vines of green, with leaves surround my body and also are my body. Of me and outside of me. I am taken to a field. The medicine is digging into the ground, and showing me the roots that it has exposed during the medicine. I feel.this sense of air and wind and freedom of being. Open my heart and let go. Do not worry, the truth is within, the illusion is without. Let go Donna. I am on a property where I was on holiday for a few days during the medicine. I see a beanstalk begin to grow on this property and up to the clouds. Again, this feeling of connection to both the Earth and the Sky. Gold moves in, and then turns my physical heart into gold. How have I been "treating" gold? Have I been giving the gold the love it deserves? Gold showing me, my heart and me are the Gold, and am I treating this precious resource with the love and care it deserves? And to shift into this perspective and to take better care of my heart and the essence of me. I now feel like there is a layer of stuff just outside my skin. The medicine has come in to takes this off me. Especially on thr backs of my hands. I see the medicine putting my hands into the earth and leaving them there. I think I'll go to the beach and do that in the physical. As I begin to walk down the beach, my arms are so weighed down by my hands, they are dragging along on the sand. It's my work. Weighing me down. And again to let go. Freedom of being. I start to dissolve into the sand, and then become the wind.