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Here on earth you are nature, you are the elements, you are everything. How can you feel trapped when you are the wind that passes freely over the mountaintops. How can you feel alone when you are the campfire around which people meet to talk, laugh and dance. How can you feel unloved when you are the soil beneath your feet that feeds and nurtures your every step. How can you feel lost when you are water flowing in the stream of life.
Deep healing and journeying guided by nature. an exploration of the psyche, of the inner worlds, of the elements.
who looks outside dreams;
who looks inside awakes.
–  C. G. Jung
Participants generally feel energy entering their body, movements, sensations, releasing of tensions, toxins and suppressed emotions, often whilst inner journeying within the dreamscape of imagination.

super natural

Somewhere between the play of everything and nothing, comes something, dancing to its own tune in this cosmic orchestra of life.

stories from sessions

A medicine from spirit, perceived and embraced in so many different ways, celebrating the vibrancy and variety that surrounds us here on Earth. May these six stories shared from sessions lovingly inspire.


Incredible, amazing, visuals, feelings, sensations, all of these different connections are happening and then the plant is shared.


It's a very joyful way of learning. This connection to the plants to the animals to the spirits. It's like being an adult but going to the playground again.


I can feel now how this work works on me and how much it changes me in many ways in my life and how much more stable I get on my feet and how much more trust I have in life. 


If you do try and intellectualise these things too much it can look crazy. For me, Andy is this soul who can bring me into a space and he does it beautifully and does it with complete confidence.


It was not so physically overwhelming, but I could always feel this deep work going on. I could feel all this emotional stuff bubbling up that was previously hidden.


These sessions, they gave me back my self-love, my self-confidence and the joy of life. It's making me grow and feel very very happy.

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