cone but not forgotten

~ poll innate ~
episode 7

"Intuition is the whisper of the soul."
–  Jiddu Krishnamurti
The green man hidden beyond your evergreen tree, but moving upstream, it's Osiris I could See. Green skin, fertile soil resurrection, pinecone staff, twin spiral cobra connection.

Masts for ships celebrate your straight form, keeping them on course through many a storm. Turbulent waves, those ups and downs, regulate emotions, so no-body drowns.

Doves nesting in your stone pine, reconciliation and peacemaker sign. For it's easy to embrace what you know you must face, unfolding of life as you flow with its pace. Mental clarity, a breath of fresh Air, high up in the mountains, clear vision stare. Yes, the wind might howl and your tree it might sway, but it can puff all it likes, you won't be blown away. Feet fully feeling, rooted in the ground, observing life, without being thrown around.

Leeches, bad spirits and energy Vampires too, let go now as Pine's expelling you. Sonic boom, shock wave quivered, faster than speed of sound delivered. Spiritually cleansing, purified white light, breathe easy for the future is bright.

Messages in your bark, your language lost to the ages, family tree of life, ancestry that could fill pages. Afterlife guardians cheering on from the otherside, always there for you, to lovingly help guide. So pay your respects, loving leave flowers, express gratitude for these inherited powers.

Needles fall down as the branch it grows, criss-crossing the sky with enlightening shows. Better get the job done, loops in mind, spiritual endurance, long live humans-kind. But my friends, your eye of Horus has been closed for far too long, peel open pinecone to See what's wrong.

Osiris, father, chopped into pieces, scattered far, so chance of regenerating decreases. But Isis, mother, returned all but one of these, breathing life back in like a magical breeze. Golden phallus, real royal bloodline, let your star seed on Earth through son now shine.

So keep putting one foot in front of the other, to walk the path paved by father and mother. Informed by the Sky, but standing secure on Earth, creates true foundation for intuitive rebirth. Not all those who wander are lost, selectively scattered, Earth also criss crossed.

Sacred sites once outlined with Pine, tribute to the stars in the way they align. What did the ancients know that many here no longer remember, seeded from the stars, Earth a galactic family member. Or maybe it's all fantasy, a story so many ignoring, like the Fibonacci sequence guiding nature's exploring.

It was Osiris who many years ago first came to me, revealing himself as part of the three. His energetic power, beyond anything I've here seen, true hidden potential in the human gene.

So to Pine, release your fragrant essence for purification of bioluminescence. Restore the peace and calm that comes after the storm and let the wind pollinate inner guidance for spiritual life to perform.

These are my own insights, but a great beauty of life is that of perspective, so how might others respond to the spirit of Pine, unbeknownst to this being the spirit they are receiving. How might they perceive it through their six senses. And just as immaculate conception might require higher perception, how might proximity to divinity influence fertility. Golden ratio, masterpiece manifest, intuitive knowing, sacredly expressed.
* some participant names might have been changed for pen names.
* no participants were informed that it was the spirit of Pine we were working with until after they had all shared their experience of the Session.


First of all, thank you for having me here Andy. I feel blessed to share this personal journey, even though I am a bit nervous too to be honest. To share some deep, intimate thoughts and experiences about me to the world it’s something I’ve never done and it makes me feel very vulnerable because I won’t be showing you the beautiful white swan on the lake, that I normally try to be.

My name is Vivian, I‘m in the last years of my 20s and my goal was to move to the ocean before turning 30. I know it‘s just a number, but sometimes I need a deadline to get myself moving. So a few months ago, I moved to Portugal, to live at the ocean and it‘s the first time I have a feeling of being home in a place. It’s a wonderful feeling to slowly arrive here in this place and to myself. The call of the ocean is strong for me as, I love to be in this element of nature. I love to surf and to be in the water. It connects me with myself. It shows me so many things and it makes me feel alive. Water for me is life and I need life. I feel at home in the ocean.

I grew up in Switzerland and it’s thanks to my parents that I got into this beautiful spiritual journey at a young age. They taught me some spiritual wisdom, that there is more on this earth than what we can perceive through our five senses. Angels and energies, the ability to direct energy by intent. They showed me that through their being, through their living. With my knowledge and my experience now, it was the basics that I learned from them. To heal and go deep inside from there was and still is missing. Today i would say that I have a good relationship with my parents, something that wasn’t always the case.

During my yoga teacher and energy healing training I made many beautiful experiences with myself and others that brought me deeper into the world that is perceived through our six senses. One of them being the experience that you can support healing in others without any physical human touch. For me this is one of the greatest things I felt and saw. Breathwork being one strong example for me, that just by influencing the breath you can access emotions that are stored in the body and bring them out to be released. Or in energetic work by directing things in a certain way emotions that are hidden start to rise up. There is so much more than we can imagine and this ,,more“ for me it’s life.

I am a very sensitive person and feel a lot within me and around me. So with that knowledge a beautiful friend asked me some months ago if I would like to join a session with Andy. And without knowing anything about this work I felt a yes. Sometimes I have a strong feeling that calls me to go for it, and then I trust and go. So here I am after two sessions with plantally. Both sessions were quite similar and yet very different. Similar as in the setup of the sessions, different as the feelings that showed up, the intensity and the journey. But in the end they led back together bringing me closer to myself, working on my body and on my energy field.

A session for me starts way before the day of the main session and ends long time after. A journey that stretches out over several weeks with the main session in between. When I decide to join, my unconscious already knows and different dynamics start to show that i often cannot understand at that moment in time.

Strong emotions rising to the surface. With this session I was crying a lot but also felt a lot of joy. I was strongly triggered in my relationships, especially with my partner who is obviously my powerful mirror in life. Some feelings showed up that I haven’t had in the 8 years of our relationship before. I was scared that he will leave me and I will be left alone. Also my body had different needs in preparation for the session. I needed more food and I noticed having less ground, stumbling while walking. My energy level was swaying between super low and super high. The duality of life was showing itself really extreme.

The session itself for me is a travel to myself together with others. During this journey everything is a little bit more intense than usual, but it‘s a good intense. Showing dynamics that maybe I couldn’t see before, so it‘s worth it for me to go through these intensities.. Everyone is in their own world but thanks to a messaging app you can talk with others whenever you feel it. I feel safe in this space and that helps me in the process. How does that work, what is Andy doing? For my mind it‘s really simple to understand. He connects with what is shown to him to be worked with, animal spirits, plant spirits or higher spirits. The energy from this spirits goes through my whole energy system and ,,make the work‘‘. Et voilà.

I like that during the session we are in a group but still i can be by myself in my safe space at home. I can lay down and surrender to the work that is about to take place. When being by myself I feel the most safe to let all the emotions come out. And it feels nice to allow my emotions to come out, and i know it might be even more powerful sharing this depth with others in physical space journeying together, but I am not there yet at this point, even if I would like to. And that’s maybe also a reason why I share this here with you now.

In the last session I felt a lot of fear about loss. When the session starts, I went through darkness, I was so scared, I felt alone, it was like a black hole, nobody was there. I cried and screamed in my mind to my mom. She answered, I am here always. But it was not my biological mother, it was the divine mother. The left side of my body was very heavy and hot. It started to become lighter with the arrival of the divine mother. I saw myself dying and being born again. It was a white angel who came out of my dead body. I saw a golden light over the whole world. And then really slowly the heavy weight from my left side started to shift to the right side. Like in one body balanced. During the session my dog was in the same room, I was so happy that he was there. While I was going through the darkness I could feel him being scared, shaking, making noises and somehow this comforted me. It felt like he is taking care of me what allowed me to completely trust in the process. It was a wonderful moment in this journey.

When I was six years old my parents got divorced and for my younger self it was a trauma and still is. So I have the feeling this was part of the session. At this point I would like to say that to speak about my parents it’s not easy for me. I bring something that is very private to the outside and out of the family system. I did that a lot before, but not in this way. And on a mental level I know that every parent is trying the best to raise their children, they do what they can and are able to do and that’s okay. My dad had an affair and my mom figured it out after some years. So they decided together to split up. After that my siblings and I lived mainly with our mother. The feeling to be alone, that everyone will leave was very intense during this session. When i was little my parents left when they had to organise their new life again. Also the feeling of being heard was very present in the session. I wasn’t heard by my parents as a child and as young woman. When you are loud or crying or screaming you are making a drama. And with this sharing, I feel like I am doing this for my parents and grandparents and maybe my other ancestors. But it is important for me and the world that our emotional stuff gets seen and heard and by this can leave my system. I wanna be heard and in this session I got heard and this experience is so beautiful and pure healing.

I have the feeling something else also was healing at this process but until now I don‘t know what. I developed a stye on my left eye when I started to prepare this sharing. sometimes I cannot explain. And then I trust and know it will heal and go when the time is coming.

During this time of the session I felt very connected to nature. It was beautiful and scary. I stood in the nature and I had the feeling I am the wind, I am the tree, I am nature. Knowing that I am everything. Yet it was scary as I was afraid to lose myself, to lose the connection to myself.

I went through darkness and then saw light again. It‘s something that I can‘t describe with words. This experience I made with, first the darkness, then the light and then everything is balanced again. That‘s amazing. Mind blowing.

With the sessions, I can feel the ones closest to me (my dog, my partner and my family members) changing and shifting too. Our dog is very dependent and has a lot of fear to be left alone. So similar to the theme that I have been dealing with. In some talks with my partner he could tell to me that with him also something is going on kind of similar body symptoms and emotional rollercoaster like I had. He also had a strong connection to pine during this time. And when I was talking with my brother I could feel something changed. I cannot say what yet but sometimes I just have a feeling and I know that I can trust it. That for me is the confirmation that when I heal myself I also heal others.

There is still not every word spelled out about this session because so many things happen at the same time inside and outside, but I think for now it’s good. For me it‘s a wonderful way to come back to my soul and by that heal myself and others. It makes me lighter.

We live our life forward but we understand it backwards. And that‘s what I can feel more intense after this beautiful sessions. So thank you for this work Andy. It was a pleasure.


Almost immediately my body reacted and changed form. I've experienced this two times before, but there's an older woman inside my body. She has another voice and doesn't mean well with me. Trying to keep me away from the places where I'd like to reach. This time I was able to talk to her, not like the other two times where she ruled my body and I had no control anymore. My hands change, my voice, my head, I make sounds I don't make normally. I'm not afraid anymore, instead welcomed her on which she replied "are you back? What the f*ck are you doing here again. Don't want you here and you're not going to get it." Asked for her name, something like Lauren, loula, something with la .. she started laughing. Got flashbacks to me as a child where I saw an older woman my bedroom and I always started to scream. She was there often.. went away for a bit and saw her again around my 20s, so I said "that's you!!" For how long have you been with me? "Longer than you know. Haha, and I'm not going away."

This was all before the session. I started talking to my grandma, mom and other support that I felt was there. That they had to hell me get through, I want my body back.

I felt my mom on the left and my grandma on the left, saying that they're proud of me.

The whole rest of the session I was burping. Sometimes very painful, like knives in the area between my breasts and than a little lower - the area from the "blockage".

I wanted to throw up, get it moving and out. A few times it was almost there, but didn't happen. I feel a bit disappointed now, that I didn't manage to get it completely outside my body. I can feel it sitting there. I'm sure a lot moved. I'm exhausted. Physically it was extremely heavy.

At some point I was lying in my mom's arms and heard/felt something as "if my mom is not able to keep me safe, who is?!".

I'm a bit scared. Opened a whole new portal and can feel the presence of this woman. Why is she here and why can I not reach there? Many unresolved questions. Confused, exhausted, want to go to bed and ask for more guidance and clarity. What a journey...


Before starting I felt a lot of pressure in my head and energy in my solar plexus and heart. I felt this through the whole session. When it started I saw all of us in a place like Avatar. Flying in the air that was almost dense as a jelly. It was beautiful. Then Andy said to go through the heart and follow him so he brought us to look at the earth from the distance. The earth was completely black. We spent a lot of time watching it with compassion. Then nothing for a while.. darkness. deep deep looking inside towards emptiness. Until I felt many energies starting to take parts of me away.. I felt lighter and lighter and thinner.. less dense until I was nothing again. The end of the world and the beginning.. I saw the Big Bang. There was nothing after that. No one. Anything. Empty space.


Massive white beautiful glittering Wings. Expanding. Light being. Body is so light. Flying high. Calm. Peaceful. I'm sitting on a ledge looking out in amongst the clouds. Spirals. Kaleidoscope. Tingly toes, need to stretch/ toes are moving flicking! Legs then stretch out for miles. Release fast. Pain in knees. Itchy neck, so strong. Realise this has been the main itchy area/crawling sensation all along. Curling up on a huge beautiful leaf. Resting. Held. Safe. Throat unlocking. Tiny internal massage going on in my throat, shoulder blades, chest. Silk Healing. Massive Fish eye. Third eye. Sight. Vision. Pyramids. Diamonds. Slightly overwhelming. Getting very close to another then need to retreat be alone. Push and pull. Intense but lasted short time. Really hungry!! Sore throat. Spaciousness. Bubble floating high. Celebration. We are doing it. Hope. Trust in your pace. I ask Spirit anything you want say to me - fast an image: marbled ear. Ask me to get down low and listen. This will clear my deafness!! I am deaf in right ear not even been thinking about it!! Finally a Lion roars in the distance.


Incredibly powerful experience. Eyes immediately feeling pulled up, huge energy in the 3rd eye as session started. Repeated vision of a man surrounded by dazzling light. Went to a distant place, very high energy not quite sure how to define what just happened!


This time I felt very rooted in the unfolding process, straight from the beginning. My mind was sometimes wondering if we are meeting a tree maybe – my body felt like a trunk and as if I had a bark or some kind of protection layer around me for the subtle and tender material inside. I also felt very much anchored and that invited acceptance, trust and the possibility of more expansion, exploration and “branching out” as Andy has put it beautifully. Presence. Dancing in the wind but not getting knocked over or flying away.

I could also feel the spirit working in a so far unknown structure to me – as if it went into spaces between spaces. It reminded me somehow of wood. I also had an ongoing sense of smelling fire or wood burning. And the awareness of cycles and circles – circles closing and new circles opening.

In the evening of the journey, I suddenly felt the urge to walk the land here and look at the many beloved pine trees that surround me … When the session started, I saw myself walking through a ring of purple flames towards a huge yellow circle. I had a headache in the afternoon and now it started again. Massive pressure on my head, neck and teeth hurting, sinuses hurting. I tried to calm the mind and surrender and my body started to expand. It was growing roots into the earth, but also on a horizontal plane. I felt information being exchanged, like in a root network or mycelium. This journey was painful and uncomfortable, but I couldn’t move, I was rooted to the floor. Then I saw colorful strings, we traveled into the air and body dissolving into colorful smoke or dust. Mind and headache still crazy, then I’m in something deep blue, I’m floating in the blue, the pressure gets a bit less, I’m sneezing and the headache dissolves. Then I’m deep down in the ocean. I suddenly can’t breathe anymore, it’s getting very difficult. Sweating, trying to breathe. I hear the spirit saying: I have to challenge you physically today. I’m back to the floor, vibrations in my cells. Feeling extremely sensitive, nausea and the sensation of I have to vomit. There was something overall about circles and all the elements AND everything happening in a horizontal level. Horizontal expansion. What a night.

I can still observe the ongoing ripple effects of the session. A few days later, I had the feeling as if I was about to die. As if the crown of my head would open, my soul ready to leave. My heartbeat getting very slow. I had a second of panic thinking wow – really? Now?? Then I relaxed into the experience. It made space for peace and deep joy, rooting me even deeper into the beauty of being alive and being present in the moment. The impermanence of everything and the appreciation of all that is. Once more so many precious insights and endless gratitude for this work and way of growing in life.


green. tree people. leaf people. a gentle shake through body like leaves being shaken by the wind. a forest. a clearing. deers playing. forest spirits. a river flowing. Pink dolphins. lightness. joy. nature dancing in perfect harmony. a horse calling me to jump on its back. freedom. horse growing wings turning into dragon. flying up high. a soul woven golden castle. back in body. psychic surgery on left kidney area. floating on perfectly temperature water. the sky opens up. golden light pouring out of heart turning into a massive golden sphere radiating out into the world. bathing in this light. a wound in heart being bathed in this light. for split second being shown suffering in the world. what can i do? keep your heart open. love. shining light. beacon. a tree with a shaped in cradle. a baby lying in there. i pick it up. crystal clear water. mirror. turning into gold. washing clean all versions of me. being dipped in gold a temple. one other in there. bowing heads. deep respect for each other. familiar. a sacred dance. turning on the wheel of time. creation. the other blowing on my head. bliss. an opening of sacred space. earth guardians. a drop of golden light flowing out of my heart unfolding into a path in front of my feet. destiny. a golden lake high up in the mountains with two swans swimming on. incredibly beautiful journey.


Beyond words with this spirit, so much going on physically A lot of psychic surgery head and extraction some kind of plug neck . Lightness joy felling like dancing, ecstatic energy . Heart full. Deeply grateful.


Starting with expelling a lot of heat, followed by a opening of all senses, on a cellular level. Feeling my left side expanding, energised, tingling... Then being pulled back into past life as a witch, bruxa and shaman - spirit knows me, has accompanied me in many lifes... Reunion, shivers of gratitude and acknowledgement. Spirit on my side as a midwife, walking through landscapes of forests, lakes, abundant nature of herbs, flowers trees and elementary beings - feeling at home. Also pictures of being burned as witch, silence, spirit on my side. Being comforted, feeling safe, protected, the nervous system easing down, relaxing, a lot of yawning... Peaceful mind, connection to soul and heart. All is one and I am part of it.
Thank you Vivian for this opening up your life and to life, mind blowing indeed. Many participants struggled in the run up to and aftermath of this session. Powerful medicine capable of unearthing inner-child growing pains to be fearlessly faced in order to fulfill destiny, a story wondrously written in and by the stars.

To Osiris and Pine, heartfelt appreciation for your deep wisdom and secrets shared, some of which is weaved into this podcast. As one learns from this sacred source they see the magical mirror in the natural world, but a notable numbness elsewhere. The blind leading the blind some might say, but to the all-seeing eye things are not as they seem.

The spirit of Pine is certainly proficient in what we here might term acupuncture, perhaps its needles inspired their needles. Reflective too of how knowledge from Spirit can be conceived on the material Earth plane. Those great minds, far more than egos…

It was the late Eliot Cowan who taught me Chinese five elements, meridians, the associations with organs and the connection between the world of acupuncture and plant spirits. But it was Horus who led me off, on my true path of destiny. For some walks you must take alone.

It’s been said that “when the student is ready, the teacher appears; and when the student is truly ready, the teacher disappears.”

So to the group, as always I thank you for your trust and commitment to self-work.

To Dom from Ketsa Music, gratitude for your musical masterpieces that radiate and resonate with these spoken words.

To end with words from Rumi, "Work in the invisible world at least as hard as you do in the visible".