watch those curse words

~ swear ring ~

"And if every way is closed before you. The secret one will show a secret path no other eyes have seen."
– Rumi
Heart racing, palms upward facing, folds and lines your fingers gently tracing. Rubbing and burning away karmic fates, to draw a new line, truer destiny awaits. At the mercy of life and its outer play, inner world theatre acting out all day. But carpe diem, it's time for change, this life in your hands to now rearrange.

Power reclaimed, not given away, summoning energy, no shades of grey. Genitals warm, with blood they fill, boundaries restored, right use of will. No powerlessness in situations of force, mastering Fire like riding a horse.

Your red flag blows in the wind, permeating Air, entering the thin skinned. But I know who I am, so I choose what to let in, banishing those who force enter, off they tailspin. Those spiraling eyes that hypnotically twirl, more challenges on the path they try to hurl. Black and white, circling round and round, break free from this trance for a new chapter bound.

There's something in existence that doesn't want to let you go, caught in the story, a character to its show. It will take all of your might and concentrated mind, but allegiance with heart it must stand behind.

Depression, anxiety and low self-esteem, but no impostor syndrome will hold you back from your dream. It's easy to feel like a fraud, in a world filled with fraudulence, but best fasten your seatbelt, we're flying into some turbulence. No need for fear, relax those hands gripped to your seat, the warmth of life, gently heating your feet. Yes, the underworld might have tried its best, closing off this path well, but friends in higher places can relinquish this spell.

The curse of Artemisia, written on papyrus, petitioning the gods, Apis and Osiris. Her man just wouldn't pay for a child's proper burial, preparing the departed, is an important ceremonial. Never come between a lady and her off-spring, or feminine fury she's sure to bring. Poisoning was too easy, she wanted to watch him suffer, this ancient ancestral curse, making tough lives tougher.

But this type of action, creates a reciprocal reaction, some might call this the law of attraction. All that goes around, must come around, unless a transcendent wizard you've synchronously found. Receiving omniscience of sacred divine codes, forming new frequencies, a brighter future downloads.

To oh so many, this might seem make believe, but there's another layer to life, so many are unable to perceive. Artemisia Vulgaris, or by mugwort you're known, you and I together, many lives we've flown. But now my men have become women, and my women men, confusion of the inner genders, a need for balance again. Skewed way of being, pains on different sides, unable to identify, where truth truly resides. Erosion of the archetypes, dis-empowering spirit, the language of the psyche, so I've invited in grey Parrot.

It's time to clear the Air, from all bad thoughts, and wishes, projections from the mind, direct hits and near misses. Spiritual mischief, influencing Earth experience, punishing those who dare, challenge in disobedience. But pulling inline, centred state of being, knowing right from wrong, before merging with all seeing.

Realignment, often requires old patterns to be deconstructed, Fire spots on your skin, releasing pathways obstructed. Gently fanning the flames, red tail feathers, uniting all elements, now blessed in all weathers. Yes, you passed through a period of disillusionment and hate, but this was all just an initiation for higher dream state.

So to the spirit of Mugwort and African Grey Parrot too, standing side by side, you know what to do. Left wing and right wing belong to the same bird, but for all too many out there, the boundaries have become blurred. No longer centered, balanced way of being, greater polarisation we're increasingly seeing. But you're now asked in your truth to stand, emanating equal energy from left and right hand. Prepare yourself though, for hate they will throw, all that is not true, you will now show.

These are my own insights, but a great beauty of life is that of perspective, so how might others respond to the spirit of Mugwort and Grey Parrot. How might they perceive it through their six senses. And when everything seems like it's breaking and falling apart, take a deep breath and sit down in your heart.
* some participant names might have been changed for pen names.
* no participants were informed that it was the spirit of Mugwort and African Grey Parrot we were working with until after they had all shared their experience of the Session.


Hello beloveds. I’m cathy. I am a mystic, an artist/painter/illustrator, partner, mother, animal lover. I live on the dark side of a gentle mountain in the forests of vermont in the US. Since I work as an artist I’m visually oriented. I perceive thru pictures and shapes and orientations/places in my mind. Seeing is my strongest sense. I’ve done 3 sessions with Plantally so far.

My feelings…
I love us.
As harsh as humans can be, I have hope.
The arc of my connection to Her, this planet and its creatures has been bumpy.

I used to think the empathy feeding my broken heart was my connection, seeing pain, feeling the sadness. I used to think I had to be broken in the broken world. If I wasn’t bereft, that must mean I don’t care. This mode made me blind to the world’s beauty.

My timeless self, my inner self/colorful self knew better. All along, I also exist in another place where there is empathy, knowing, communication, beauty, joy and enough love to go around.

As a life long seeker, I’d sampled the mainstream ways. Religions, yoga, meditation, prayer. But I am an undercover mystic, watcher, knower. I have many allies in that place. Over time I found a handful of trusted ones who experience the world in the vivid way I do. Now I have a beloved and loving community across the globe.

This other world, it’s where ideas as whispy as smoke come and land in me. I breathe them in, hoping I can grab on long enough to understand, piece things together. But how to put into words what came before words, before religion, before books and rules and capitalism. Being with others in my imaginal realm, the morphic realm is my joy.

I always want to know, how did we get here? How did we swerve so far off the road of cooperation, community, caring for each other? Stories and myths tell me there is a reason for everything, but still mostly nothing makes sense.

I strive to unite the two worlds I live in, or that live in me. One world, empire, clocks, bills, numbers, and money. The other, Her, the goddess, ancestors, the dead, no time all time deep time all time is now. I come from the stars, but how to explain that to the woman at the bank, and do I even want to?

In the wrong company I steer clear of these magical topics that got me burned, drowned and tortured in other lifetimes. This keeps me a bit separated from humans, so I shift as much of my life as possible to spend time with those who are like me.

In this Plantally community I feel deeply connected to people I’ve never seen, plants I may or may not be familiar with, elements that calm and rage.

I found Andy’s work through a series of astonishing coincidences. if you could see me, I’d put coincidence into air quotes to add emphasis. Back in late December I received a message for a friend. I was told to tell her, do it, do this thing, it matters. I didn’t have any idea what that meant. I did pass it on though. About 2 weeks later she contacted me with a big thank you. She needed just that encouragement, from spirit, thru me, to create her sharing, just like mine here, for a Plantally session last year.

Next I heard a message from the trees I live with here in Vermont US for the same friend. I sent it to her on WhatsApp. My message turned out to be the mirror of a message Andy sent to her earlier that day from his connection to the indigenous people of Colombia. Vermont to Ireland to wherever Andy is to Colombia and back. Sounds unlikely, certainly. It’s all documented. one of the beautiful things about technology.

After all that. I had to join and right now I never want to stop.

The mystery of what Andy is working with builds sometimes even before the actual session begins. He might be working with anything, so if it might be a bird, I want to stay connected to all birds. It could be plant medicine, so I’m paying attention to plants. Just wondering what could it be, a mineral, an Egyptian god…and voila, now I am present, listening, welcoming any and all communication, sensitive to the swirling energies of all that’s alive, and isn’t everything alive?

Sometimes odd things happen like feeling fire ants, scorpion, relating to my hot, painful neck muscles. I live in Vermont where so far there is zero chance of either of those creatures, but Plantally brings them to me. They need my attention for some reason.

I’ve done 3 sessions so far. Each completely different from the other. Each a world within itself and at the same time part of the world as a whole. The medicine Andy releases is powerful, sometimes uncomfortable but my revelations are profound, life-changing and permanent.

I receive messages any time day or night every single day we’re in session. The first session tapped my decades-long strong feelings about destructive mining. In the session I kept showing up at the base of a hollow mountain, void of life on the inside. How did Andy know I experienced the machines that mangle and effortlessly destroy the far flung mountains of Alaska? I jumped in the Plantally waters at the perfect time for me. Here’s the wonder…I never properly grieved for this violent destruction but during the session that’s the work I did. I transformed it inside my body, my spirit. And now I’m not carrying that anger. It is a holy wound that has healed.

In my second session I was feeling the power of the breath, air, life, and filtration. I was Lily leaf cleaning water so the creatures below can breathe. Being one Egyptian lotus leaf connected me to every single thing because really, aren’t we all connected?, the creatures, the muck from which my roots emerge, the sunshine giving me life, the humans polluting the air, the pollen from other plants I need to reproduce, all explicitly connected in our survival.

Why am I sharing now? I’m still figuring this out. The balancing of the masculine and feminine, releasing polarities, judgement and labels has been a priority of mine for years. Labeling things or events keeps me in a sort of straight-jacket. I’d rather look with eyes of curiosity, what I call my gypsy eyes. Can you see that being IN these sessions, Inside the medicine is wondrous and constant?

This session, my third features medicine of the gray parrot with his flashy red swath of feathers. I don’t know parrot but the sense of the parrot grabbed me. I felt leaves quickly passing me by, I was in the air, on the wind.

The day before the end of the session I stopped near a plant I don’t know and haven’t seen before. I even asked my husband and neither of us knew. I found her, in the podcast, dear Artemisia. This is the dance, she came to my land to greet me, so I may know her. Hello! And, why are you here?

Here’s the weaving of magic…So I started plantally emotionally against gold.
Gold, the masculine, the Sun, our star. A backstory fact, I have been getting solar flare headaches for over 20 years. I can tell you when the flares happen and what class. So in sequence I did the plantally work about gold, mining, the sun, the masculine. Then the world experienced the total solar eclipse, and where I live I received this precious gift with my own eyes. And think about the eclipse, what is it but the joining of the sun and the moon. Remember that for later. About a month later the sun released so much energy the aurora was seen all over the northern hemisphere. Talk about processing the divine masculine, the energy of the sun in the most beautiful of ways. The masculine as rainbow, the masculine appears in the dark of night. The energy of the sun literally dances above us, with the moon. And I quietly reluctantly say that I haven’t had a headache since the eclipse.

First gold, the sun, and last session about Artemesia. I believe Artemesia closes a circle at least for me. She is the feminine, the dark, silvery light of MoonPower. Now Artemisia the moon approaches the yellow fire medicine of gold, the sun, from my first session. Neither exists without the other. We join hands, stand next to rather than one above, we cooperate, collaborate, we heal.

How do these happenings coalesce with so much grace?
My experience in the main session with Mugwort saw me.

"Moving quickly thru leaves, crackling footsteps, peering into a dark hole. Crouched low to the ground, hands touch the earth. I am a flying creature, nourished by the salt on a man's neck. Dapped light dancing. Shed snake skin is not me, REmember to be the snake, not the skin blown by the wind. Sensuous in the body, any body fire water human insect, sensuous when fully inhabiting.The crunching sound of an exoskeleton with all on the inside dried away. The burning off of layers no longer needed. The old skin suit went up in flames. I don't fit, body and joints squished. the fire grows I am an ember I ride, small, carried into the night sky, floating and held up by our atmosphere. Floating down I rest on the surface of water. Egypt, a gong. My lungs fill with smoke, it burns. A thin legged deer/antelope drinks nearby. The world, she cries, the mothers cry, rattling of pans. Why do people invade the bear in a smoke-filled cave? We huddle around the fire. Fire never meant to be a tool for empire. I smell and know my surroundings thru two lines down the side of my body. I sense all that happens under ground, upon the earth and above. Elbows on the ground, I pray, she prays, we all pray for survival. The keening pulls us together. No peace is found in chards. All hearts beat together, each breath is taken by all. We fall, tired and covered in soot to the ground. All the timelines are one. No thing to do or become, I just am. No judgement, no opinion, absolute neutrality.“

As I reflect now, I don’t have to understand everything. The point for me is the connection. I want to be able to live my life knowing the stories that explain the whys and hows. love is found under every rock and in the breath between words.

I firmly believe the world is a symphony. Every aspect has its own note, its certain vibration. If one note is missing, the music falls flat. Creation rises to meet me, us, everyone. But we have to be paying attention. I know my plants, the wild ones, so when a new one emerges I notice. Being outdoors, watching, listening, gives me a sense of what it might feel like to be a bird a frog a rock a storm. I feel the pain, the emptiness of a mountain that’s been put thru a grinding machine focused on pieces of gold. I also feel the joy of floating on top of the water, under the sun, watery sounds, frogs my friends.

It’s a bit about balancing the world I can see and touch with the other world I can see and touch, but is in me. I am not separate from the land where I live. We inter-are.

There is nothing fair in this world but there is love, kindness, and forgiveness. The forgiving is a constant verb. This human body sometimes has a cruel mind and the mind is also a garden filled with the most luscious flowers. As I tend my garden, what shall I water, what shall I weed? Are there weeds? Ah, another label for a plant, surviving. How shall my garden grow?

Sometimes I visit the underworld to hang on my hook near Inanna. We breathe in the pain together, patiently waiting for it to turn for it always does. Her pain my pain, the pain of separation and of connection. Aren’t they the same? The work here is profound but not as a stubborn boulder in a river. Profound like whisps of smoke that catch in my throat.

Metaphor is the only way I know to express the impossibly ancient and true. Story time around the fire of life. I give. I receive. We all lean in lean on and collaborate to create our existence. For that’s what this is, creation coming thru me. I can give any meaning to a circumstance. I might as well dip into the magic and make it sparkle. The only way to be sovereign is within the shining broken collective in all its forms.

My heart swells with gratitude for this work. I have to do this, be in this, in this world, with these precious humans who care, who tell stories, who are willing to share, to listen. The joy the pain the satisfaction the sorrows as I walk this planet…my life, my connection. This practice becomes a way of being, or cements the connection with all of divinity. The world is alive, everything is talking if we listen.


Heart heavy, strong metal dark bars restricting flow. Gut, spasm, Tears. nausea. Strong sense of Freedom. Owl. Big eyes. Tight jaw. Release. Dove. Many birds flying fast. Dog high on mountain top looking far out to a point. Yellow yellow yellow- whirlwind of yellows! Direction. Lost. Angry. Sad. Duality/spectrum of emotions. Need to feel Joy for the sake of others. What is my voice? My true expression? I am one legged bandaged up warrior returning on a long track. Left side feels dead right on fire. Then in a massive white dress & headdress of Fire. Where am I? Hiding. Being pushed to the front…


Bladder and womb very present throughout the journey. Started and I connected with the warmth of the pyramids again for a short time, I was in Egypt. From there I went to a different place, a dragon face showed up, fire coming from his mouth, lovely nose, like a horse nose, extended his wings. I’m flying on top of his back. Whole journey my legs and feet tingling… Jungle… big green leaves, my head spinning getting lightheaded, connecting to the medicine of Hapé, mapacho sacred tobacco, masculine energy. Healing, purifying, grounding. Saw my feminine self standing in front of me, from my masculine side eyes, I kissed her, we merged… spiraling up we merged with fire flying. masculine asking for forgiveness for not respecting the feminine and not seeing the feminine side of me, not validating the feminine. We love each other and we are whole in a sacred union. There was sadness, there was anger in between the journey… I was impatient, music was bothering me. Feeling relaxed, calm… balanced


The first part I felt so much energy moving inside my body. I was dancing around the fire and everything was very beautiful, grounding. The second part I was a soldier in the Second World War. My body was very cold and in pain. Third part I was watching the end of the world. Everyone was floating death underwater. Was very sad. I was just watching. Last part there was a question in my mind asking “what now, after watching all that, and knowing humanity will die?” And I felt so much love, people being there for each other, hugging. I could feel that we need to be there for everyone, karma yoga, action for humanity, love.


Pain In my heart on the left side. Warm legs. Arms follow. Full legs like they are floating. Heartbeat in my throat. Feels a bit like hanging upside down/steep. Fluffy clouds, almost like “beaten egg whites” The tooth that has taken out last year, starts to hurt again. I see sadness, deep sadness, but I don’t feel it. Memories of when we were with the family together, missing the peace of childhood, with feelings of love for the first time. Left knee stings. Left side stings. Hard to breath; like something pressing my chest, but inside. Heart pain on the right side. Hippo looking at me. I’m in the middle of nowhere. I feel “nothing”. Waking up falling “asleep” on and off. Feel a bit feverish I want to roll myself on my left side. Longing for sweet and sour. Timeless. Swan on the lake again; I’m on her back whilst she gracefully swims around. I’m incredibly tired.


There was a lot of gentle swaying of body. Spitting out some stuff. Lots of release from backside of heart, shoulders and neck. Healing of a deep dark wound. It is like I see myself from the outside and from there can place my own hands on the wound to heal. Sense of hearing very heightened. Feeling the vibration that every footstep of one of the animal creates. Listening to the response of earth. Becoming one with the herd. A huge vortex of energy. A Portal to a different world. A harmonious peaceful loving together of all living beings. A trusted relationship. A feeling of deep comfort in my own skin. A quiet, fierce, peaceful journey, that went way beyond what I can express in words in this moment


Much stomach gurgling and warm spongy pushing on feet. I found myself being eaten by a dinosaur. Could then feel Andy’s warm hands on my head. Was then a small (rather unusual looking baby) being shown how to walk. Stomach gurgling continuing there was a pulling upwards of right index finger which went through stages of metamorphosis to become butterfly like wings which then flew me upwards. Not sure I can remember all and order of experiences within session and with music, so will just share recollections as they come. Lots of movement energy and animals, intermingling through grasses, jumping and frolicking, became like watching a movie, woven stories unfolding. More head holding, warm. Fire then water. Females, black robes, ritual dancing, shared stength, pulling. Black cliff like structures, surface almost like coal, coming together, solid, a tall black male figure coming forwards, regal, powerful, a chariot. Think earlier came like a fairground ride where the seat I was in kept rotating, round and round. Lot of energy in and around mouth, tingling in head, change in taste. “being at one with the herd” where animals were intermingling.


In the beginning I was sucked into sleep. Dreamed of Africa and lions and asked myself why lions normally don‘t eat human flesh. Woke up, tingling all over, strong energies in my genitals. Floating in space, seeing everything connected. Strong muscular work in my face, specially eyes and mouth. For one sequence I felt like having an outer skeleton like an insect, felt huge. Still tingling, vision more clear than before, guts still working


Initially I felt a lot of pressure in my head and a pain in my hand. I felt much sadness, like I was connecting to the sadness in everyone’s hearts. I saw myself diving into a great pool of water and felt like it was washing away old emotions. Saw dragonflies. At one point it felt like my heat opened letting out a rainbow of light which was lifting the vibration of the water to help heal some of the destruction that humanity has caused in the oceans. Feeling very tired now and very blessed to be part of this.