plantally podcast

episode 01: introduction

How might I begin to speak of another world, overlaying the one within which we appear to live that both informs and influences much that seems to matter.

What if we were to gently chisel away at the layers of Western conditioning, successfully cemented in place by a society who proudly prizes the physical over the spiritual. And if the mind has more effect on the body than the body on the mind, what might the spirit be capable of? Our crowning presence, which patiently awaits first contact, before it can deliver its presents.

This podcast pulls in the spirit of nature and warmly introduces it to willing participants both old and new. Reconciling and reminding forgotten states of being and restoring balanced outlook by revising inlook.

Nothing consumed, nothing taken from nature, connecting through our interconnection with the world of spirit.

If it sounds bizarre maybe it’s because we have drifted too far.

Tune in to attune.