the king of the sky

~ golden eye ~
episode 5

"When you're ready, the spirit world will show you things that others don't yet see."
– Unknown 
There you were all golden and spreadeagle, before flying through inner vision, majestically regal. Pound of flesh, you were eager to take, sharp beak against liver, for heaven's sake. The force of Fire, regenerate, restorative nature, true power educate.

Father eagle, paternally feeding his young meat, strengthen those wings to leave ground under feet. Swallow it down, spit out what's no good, spiritual appetite understood. Leaving behind stress with this upwards motion, parachuting jellyfish propelling through the ocean.

Yes, your beak and talons can sure do harm, but feather needle stitches heal wounds like a charm. When you fly the upper path over lower level lessons, conflicts fall away and misery lessens.

Sent down from the Sky, with love from Zeus, the Eagle has landed, spiritual message to produce. Thunderbolts and lightning very very frighting, but the courageous at heart might find them more enlightening. Your calls from the Sky heard by Earth below, awakening creation for new life to grow.

Feminine feel and cosmic womb, but it is the spark of Spirit that ignites new bloom. Masculine in motion, into egg enters, flash of light, thunderbird emerges from the embers. From the Sky, but born again to the Earth, reasons for being here forgotten at birth. The force some come down with will knock you off your feet, kneel down on the Earth for ground to meet.

Anger from the Sky, what do you think you're down there doing, time to take shelter, there's a storm brewing. Soaring over battlefield, warring such a pity, eyes on the prize, flying for the golden city.

Golden ways are easily found in the golden days, but what an adventure to discover during the darkest of displays. Rising up in the Air, flight feather blessed, informing Earth story, vision quest. Bird's eye vision and aerial view, gives a great opportunity for life review. Super Seer of ultraviolet light, activation of 20/5 sight. For so many spiritual stories are out of range, but with help from Eagle that can certainly change.

Now might be the moment for a story to mention, Raven on Eagle back neck pecking for attention. The Eagle opens wings and simply flies higher, making it more difficult for the Raven to respire. Struggling to breathe the Raven falls away, without a word the Eagle need say.

Dear friend, perhaps like the tree of life whose branching mirrors its rooting, it's good to first settle in the Earth before to the Sky shooting. Or for those with branches, already lining to the stars overhead, maybe direct some energy downwards to roots instead. Careful as you go though, for it's easy to become ground bound, wrapped in comfort zone of material world around. Angrily locked in disputes, fearfully guarding your treasures, soon closes you off to wondrous spiritual endeavors.

So to Eagle, pull back forward head posture from Earth depravity, realign neck to spiritually master gravity. Lift away, all that stands in the way and free the path ahead, for the greatest good instead.

From heart to head that’s quite the odyssey, flight training to ascend to higher degree. For freedom is a state of mind, expansive essence, now truly defined.

These are my own insights, but a great beauty of life is that of perspective, so how might others respond to the spirit of Golden Eagle, unbeknownst to this being the spirit they are receiving. How might they perceive it through their six senses. And when stuck in life, feeling sad and all alone, look for the Eagle to guide you home.
* some participant names might have been changed for pen names.
* no participants were informed that it was the spirit of Golden Eagle we were working with until after they had all shared their experience of the Session.


I was given by my parents the name of Constanza. Coming from faraway land called Chile. 10 years ago I left this lands to explore into my own self, my healing process of love and community. I embarked my journey to India, after India I went to AoTearoa as the Maories will call New Zealand, the white long cloud country, then I decided to move to Bali and now I’m in Portugal since 4 years. I’m a psychologist, A traditional Tantra Yoga Teacher, a Dancer, Life lover, I play through life with an open heart and devotion for my inner self and the benefit of all living beings. My mission and what I love the most is touching peoples heart, helping to transcend the suffering and contraction into loving awareness and expansion.

As my second journey with Plantally began, I could feel it on the day it started already in my emotional, energetic and physical body. I only knew we would be working this weeks with a God and an animal. The past month we worked with the Goddess Aphrodite and wagtail bird, this experience was very profound for me as I always had a strong connection with this goddess, specially this last year, where I received an initiation to connect deeper with her and embrace this Aphrodite in me. I related this work with my ability to love my self, the work and journey with my own mother, normalizing that we all carry our emotional wounds from our childhood, specially within the relationship with our parents, and how this wounds would manifest in our daily relationships with our partners, friends, ourselves and the rest of the world.

So as this new journey began I started feeling very tired, I was already going through the Dark night of the Soul, allowing myself to die and to let go of a part of my identity, a big part of my self, that it felt sticky and I felt that it didn’t want to go. I was not aware what part was it, but the pain and grief were deep and intense. Lately I’ve been through a lot of emotional pain lately, letting go of my past loving and romantic relationship with my partner, becoming aware of my old conditionings in relationship with men specially, and in general that relationship that was not sacred or balanced with the masculine energy, with my own masculine energy. I didn’t know what God was involved in this process, neither the animal, and working with something that was unknown for me was exciting yet mysterious. For me sometimes it’s not easy to embrace the unknown, but somehow I trusted in the healing and the deep connection that I could sense in Andy and his relationship with nature. Part of me wanted to work with a goddess again, as I’ve been working lately with my feminine energy, but inside of me I guess there was something needed for me to heal within my relationship with the masculine, the God. Maybe was trust, the ability of feeling safe, my father wound? Yes I’m sure it was all of that and more!

So I felt I was going through a very chaotic loop with no exit, where there was only suffering. I was feeling very anxious and emotional, I was releasing tears constantly, connecting this waters of my tears and with a deep anger that was moving through me, tears of frustration, of disappointment, I was feeling a lot the presence of my Ego, my pain body, my victim that wanted to be seen and heard, and for some reason it was so hard to access this part of myself.

On the first week that we were journeying with the medicine and the group of Plantally I first started coughing a lot, I would wake up coughing and releasing phlegm, so I took these as part of cleansing, purging, my lungs were expressing and releasing my emotional pain. I normally don’t dream so much or I don’t remember my dreams, but this weeks were definitely all about my dream world. My first dream was with a very toxic masculine energy, a man pushing his car towards mine, and me inside my car feeling powerless, telling that man to stop as he was damaging my car, he would not stop and kept pushing towards me, I felt so weak and vulnerable, scared, it finished.
Another dream… ocean, waters moving, rising, waves… hmm connecting this maybe to my emotions?

Something was unfolding and I could feel it, there was something deeper inside of me moving for and through me… My dreams will continue to unfold during the next days, very vividly, very intensely, and the best part is that finally I could remember them.

Another dream, I went on a trip with my family, it was my mother, my cousin and my sisters. One of my sisters telling me that I was a bad person for not helping, for not being present with my family, she was showing me pictures of our family, but I was not there, I was feeling separated, judged, I wanted to ask her if doing this to me would help her to feel better, instead I had to leave, making my suitcase in a rush, preparing myself for another trip and journey. Ahhh I didn’t know where I was going, but I was leaving, I felt stressed and anxious as I was going to lose my flight, suddenly the dreamed stopped. I didn’t want to look for any meanings, just embrace and observe the film that was passing through my mind. This connected me to the unconscious guilt that I felt when I left home, 10 years ago, when I left my country, when I decided to step into my own inner journey of the self, so I decided to put my boundaries, same as this dream and started thinking of myself.

Another dream, again so much water, the waters of the river will come into the vast ocean, the ocean of emotions… the waves began to rise and they became bigger and bigger, until it was dangerous to stay there, but I wanted to stay, Oh yesI wanted to stay! I enjoyed staying, because I knew I was safe… Suddenly the water coming out into the streets and houses and it was too much so we had to get in and close the windows, and this is what I was exactly feeling that week… My emotions were so intense so I had to seclude myself and went into my own rabbit hole of not wanted to feel, it was too much I said, I can’t handle this pain anymore, I have to take care of myself and I am not feeling safe in this moment. Am I going mental? I asked… Too much chaos, I’m losing control and I don’t like this. Feelings of self-blaming, that inner critic was starting to get so loud I didn’t want to hear it anymore, my judgements, I was again becoming mental…. Oh yes too mental, my mind had to explode… I was in the centre of that big explosion of self-transformation, finally the steps to really embrace my ego, my ego death… I allow my fears and tears to guide me into my own healing. I trust this process, I don’t enjoy the process but I trust it somehow.

More dreams with that masculine energy, now mafia chasing after me… what do they want from me? And why me?

Finally I could let go, and once more enjoy the ride, the journey, I felt like that butterfly in metamorphosis, almost ready to fly, after all the pain and chaos inside that cocoon, I was ready to open my wings and fly… My beloved arrived, from that deep pain and separation, we transformed into deep love, the most magical and pure love was experienced between us that week. Celebration of life, of that rebirth, of existence and us.

During the next weeks, I started feeling an interesting pain on the right side of my middle back, so I decided to take care of myself and I went for a massage and nothing, it didn’t want to let me go. So then I started tapping more into this pain, into this part of my body, and I started having feelings of vulnerability… the sense again of taking care of myself, my body asking and speaking to me to be more gentle and soft. And I’m thinking this doesn’t feel like a muscle pain, it must be an organ and it feels really deep underneath the muscle and tissues. I let it be, I honoured, and gave attention, I love you I told my pain…It was the liver, something was happening inside of me, but I just honoured and said this kind words to my liver: I love you.

Suddenly another dream, the was a snake underneath my bed, a beautiful and playful snake jumping from one corner to the next one, she went out of the house underneath the main door… I suddenly lift the mattress of the bed beside me and voilà! 3 baby snakes were there, the eggshells broken and fresh, water everywhere, liquids, nectars of life, and some snake skin on the floor from their mama… 3 baby snakes. I was always very interested with symbols and omens, and I’m still, for me the snake means transformation, I have a beautiful tattoo of a big snake that goes all the way from the top to the bottom of my right arm and this has connected me with that deep sense of transformation, that process of changing my skin, and allow it, the change to happen. I found it so interesting how since we started or since I started with this Plantally journey, things started to manifest and unfold magically, I could sense at the same time a deep healing in the level of my soul. Everything was unfolding and very accurate to everything that I was living and going through this weeks, everything connected, the very very little links were creating this big web of consciousness.

So another night I woke up 3:30 to 4:45am, I’m very sensitive wanted touch and connection. Dreamed with beautiful bunch of male musicians, Estas Tonne, Sam Garrett and more musicians coming out from a van, we were all in a parking lot I was also with a campervan. It was the most beautiful healing energy with this masculine energy, that were all so in touch with their feminine energy. We were sharing in love and I could feel their sensitivity, was so nice to be with them, I could feel safe surrounded by beautiful men in this beautiful dream that I didn’t wanted to stop.

During the weekend I went to a beautiful gathering with musicians, this happening in my real life, not in a dream… I touched the shoulder of a friend and she felt that Archangel Michael was touching her, without even looking at me, I came from behind and I just touched her and she felt this presence of golden light was everywhere while she kept her eyes closed, bathing in that healing energy as I kept my hand on her shoulder, she opened her eyes and thank me… She completely felt that energy and this connection with this Archangel Michael… 3 days after, I take an oracle card after teaching a yoga practice, Archangel Michael was the card, what are the changes… I allow his energy to be with me, beautiful light masculine all around me. I’m starting to trust, I’m starting to heal more and more.

The final day of the healing process came, I was feeling tired, sensitive and very light headed… I was not feeling my feet, so I lay down… put my facemask on and pressed play on the music playlist ready to dive in my journey with Plantally…

I close my eyes … my body was feeling very warm, I was feeling light headed again and a bit dizzy, but now after the second song started I went like into a trance, everything was spinning and spinning so fast, and kept spinning that suddenly fear started arising, my breath was getting shorter and shorter, I could feel the anxiety there, I felt I was losing control and it was my chance to let go, but I had to opened a bit my eyes a bit and allow the light to come in without looking into any specific thing, just allowing that little tiny amount of light would get in my eyes. I was ok and safe, and I knew it, but the fear was still there, and I allowed myself to say it’s o! I don’t have to be that strong and go towards that and face that fear with my eyes closed, it’s ok to bring a little bit of light and be gentle with myself. So I allowed that to happen. I was ok and safe and I knew it. Again I closed my eyes… suddenly images… hmm… the image of Jesus came, I saw Jesus and then Jesus with Mary Magdalene, then Krishna with his flute and Radha his consort, so much love, Jesus holding space with love and kindness telling me to trust that everything was ok.
I went into the space, everything was black and I kept on spinning for a while and then I felt like I was suddenly on a leaf lying down and floating… I was in space, in the void, the cosmos, now I was surrendering into the vast unknown, into my deepest fear… But I could let go, and felt that immense serenity after the big chaos, my chest was tender, my cat was next to me and she put her arm on my right arm, also like reassuring me that everything was ok, she was also there making sure I could surrender and trust… so I went like this for a few minutes… in the calmness of the space… and then the music finished. And I’m just feeling blessed, alive and tired at the same time, like I went for days without sleeping, my body is quite hot and I’m feeling still light headed, but grateful and happy, what a journey…

Fear is something present normally in my healing processes, specially the fear of the unknown, as that spinning sensation into the void, and I know is part of my own unique journey, to let it go, but in this session fear was one and the greatest masters.

Spirit is within me and all around me, and I could feel it. Thank you Andy and Plantally for this amazing and profound experience. I’ve been in the healing world for so many years, and being a psychologist itself was also pulling me always to heal, to work with myself, to know myself, but with this work with Plantally something deep within me shifted, my relationship with the divine masculine is now, especially in this session, I felt is in peace. I trust and I feel it deep within me. It’s a deep feeling of gratitude and wholeness what I can share within my words for the work done, but mostly, there are no words to express everything that unfold within these magical weeks. Thanks you again for listening my experience, and thank you nature for providing us with this beautiful vast and magickal reality. Thank you.


Straight away I‘m a clownfish, happily swimming through my landscapes of anemones. I feel my grandpa who passed away today 20 years ago. Everything is playful. Then I’m suddenly infront of a gigantic god who sits down on a throne. I‘m small like a grain of sand compared to him and feel intimidated. We get sucked into a time hole, racing back in time and feeling that nothing really matters. Then a strong masculine presence. I want to be close but something in me is not trusting. I want to surrender but don’t know how. Dramatic. Then again nothingness. I don’t feel anything. First disappointed, then I’m bursting out laughing - thank you spirit for showing me this addiction to big emotions and the need for always feeling deep and vast. So now I feel how it feels to not feel. And suddenly I’m afraid of these big emotions and it dawns on me - do I feel like a man?? Then I’m different men – a warrior, terrified and afraid before a battle, I feel what it is like to be all kind of men and then suddenly a breeze of air on my face and the presence of something in my house. I’m instantly from feeling „nothing" to ready to fight. Then walls break down - big emotions again, I’m back to female and finally I trust and I open and completely surrender into the masculine. It’s like two rivers uniting into a mighty stream. I feel my grandpa again and my dad and the love I feel for my family absolutely overwhelms me into tears. Grateful to feel that. Very weird journey, it had many different layers. Already in the weeks before, and this time I especially enjoyed the immense gift that we receive in the time before this journey. Full of love and gratitude. Eagle made it easy to balance the big feelings, and to get things done. I had an eagle visiting many times on my land in the last weeks. And I want to add that when I think of my grandpa I see an eagle, too..


As soon as the session started, I felt my arms changing. I experienced full arms, with a very strong and active energy. They were growing, big and fat. Into strong and powerful “tools”. Then I notice that I feel like I'm lying with my head down. More and more pressure is coming into it. I even put an extra pillow underneath my head to put up my head, but it stays the same. Then I see a large scale with beautiful golden yellow light. It’s so bright and shiny, it attracts/calls me. I can’t take my eyes off it. Then I see a big strong man holding the bowl of light, worn with wide arms on the chest. It’s like the source of the light comes from his heart. I behold the beauty and power and then I am the one who carries the scale. Next I see a brown Bird, his appearance is a bit similar to an owl, especially his beak looks like the ones from a bird of prey, but much larger and bigger. Then he turns into a man with huge wings. He flies very high, from east to west over me. He lands on one branch/tree and turns into a vulture. He sits there and looks around to overview the situation. I hear a voice telling me a vulture does not kill. He does not have to kill to live. Love, it reminds me of love. I’m a bit confused; what does it have to do with each other. Then my headache is getting stronger, I feel it increase. I am getting a little nauseous. Sudden I feel an iron ring with a chain on my chest, like Iron Hans. It hurts when I breathe. The chain is not clung onto anything, but the ring is too tight. Also in/on my back I feel pain. Then the ring opens on the front, but the pain and hard time to breath stays longer. I see suddenly a Lion, it has such a brave appearance with his head and huge mains. I love it’s power and beauty. Then his picture is shown in Jugendstil style. I hear again a voice that tells me that everything repeats. Also part of my visions repeats. In the same order. Towards the end I get twice very cold shivers. Really cold over and through me. I shiver. I feel it in my bones. Then from my ankles and legs I feel lifted higher and higher until I hang upside down. A lot of pressure on my head, I can hardly bear it. I feel I need to stop and leave. At that moment the session is over and I am happy that I can go to sleep after a short and quick sharing from my side. It was a very intense one, but brought amazing insights again.


First words tonight Sweet Surrender. My lips feel full and tongue tingle. I am navigating loads of people. Then going down deep into the ocean. Many eyes. Shark’s teeth in the dark. I am waking from a deep sleep. Then flying high and shedding layers and layers of emotions. I see many people dancing, colours, creating a mandala. Beautiful. Huge amount of people almost too much for me. Strong smells nauseating. Huge heart expansion. In a jungle. A huge throne made of snakes. Depth of exploration. Finding solutions. At times I feel very cold, on a long journey. Looking forward to rest and sleep. A bird nesting n my right ear. Gentle song. Deep mental cleansing. Many legs possibly spider legs. Crocodiles and other ancient animals. Powerful energy. Controlled action. Expansion. Trust. Massive wingspan flying high. Purity. Told not to get distracted. No getting tied up in thoughts. Action. Strength. Gentle compassion. Claim my space. .


I felt very much earth presence, I felt very much physically. I felt with all senses like I was lying in a cornfield under a gigantic huge starry sky, I tasted earth, fire, water, air. I had permanent goose bumps. I felt the sun, its glowing heat, energies burned, it was very pleasant, like a great intense cleaning. I was flying with the birds in a flock in the sky. After that I saw me in the middle of a fragrant flower field (pink flowers). I felt my soul come fully into my body, she spoke to me and told me about my greatest longing and calling from this incarnation. I saw something like my "future self": with long flowing hair in a long red dress, I was spinning in a meadow of flowers and in a cornfield. I changed places, saw myself consuming green food and green liquid in a kind of jungle. everything in me became green. my aura was flooded with green light. I saw and felt violet light, then rainbow colors, again and again everywhere. maybe I traveled through the colors. at last I felt and saw myself only dancing.... I was in a place where women were honored. it felt like a kind of tribe. the place was in the middle of a green nature, very simple but with an incredible energy. I felt that here women are honored and deeply respected. me and all the other women, we were suddenly wearing colorful flower wreaths, we were dancing and the energy was PURE balance between man and woman. they deeply respected each other. I have never felt anything like this. but I think this is what peace feels like. and what we all long for. it is the liberation of repressed femininity. Feminine and masculine energy in harmony. Heal. Flowing. Nourishing each other. … there was something more in this journey that i can't physically grasp. thank you thank you thank you!!!!


Immediately my Mouth starts to water. And I am Catapulted, spinning out into the ether…I see a golden network of us connected into a grid across the planet as we journey together in spirit. Sunlight pouring down. God light. I am lifted up by others I pilgrimage up the mountain. An indigenous elder takes my hand and guides me up. They have kind eyes. Suddenly I am in a tunnel of light shooting down Butterflies I hear a voice: Be still and know that I am god I am in ALL Then I am in another tunnel and I am birthed. I come from this warm loving environment out into this cold sterile place. I am shown how births used to take place in caves - dark, warm. I have the realization that it is the same tunnel. Life. Death. One way in. One way out. A moment of sensual bliss. Killing fields, the pain the suffering, the scorpion - I am shown that god is in ALL. To be truly embodied we must honour it all.


It started with a lot of pressure in my head , heart palpitations, pressure in nasal cavity, tired, going inward. Feeling like a bird but then losing awareness, falling asleep? When I come back I know, I’m a tree. Tall, strong, feeling especially the trunk and its protective layers. More peace here. Feeling grateful to be me. Consciousness Fades again. Feeling a bit drained now.


I am with a lot of awareness in my eyes, flashes of pictures, faces are passing rapidly, like a film on high speed. Strong heat around my solar plexus, being pulled inwards. I was flying like a falcon over the mountains and forests, landing in an open space within a forest of big trees (no dgungle, more European forests) I jumped on my falcon legs into this free space, encountering a reunion of all the wild animals of these forests... They were discussing the behavior and tragedy of human kind... Suddenly I was able to become all different kinds of animals - especially I could look and perceive the world through their eyes. Being all these eyes a wonderful golden light appeared and was sort of absorbed by the eyes together with a sense of floating and lightness. Somehow without boundaries and shape. All of a sudden I wouldn't look through eyes any more but through the heart. Deep peace.


I feel really warm, calm and relaxed after that journey. Since today's morning, I had the feeling the energies are pushing me down.. I felt like being overload... Pressure in my head and my heart was running so fast... now its lighter. While journeying, I was connected to many bird's flying around and the trees were holding me. I felt fully connected. There was even voices speaking to me. Physical/ body movement while journeying... In the beginning I felt my right nose hole burning. It disappeared... At the end of the journey I had to sneeze ;) nice experience.
Thank you Constanza or Cony for your wondrous words, fearlessly and openly shared. Thank you for your deep trust in this work and in this process. For trust really is the key word that unlocks this spiritual door.

I might say as man incarnate here that the divine masculine is far removed from toxic patriarchy and its power plays. And if the poison can be the remedy, then let this enlightened masculine energetic shine in the corner of its shadows.

To Golden Eagle well known to the Scottish highlands, a bloodline that feeds into my own, its been an honour and privilege. To Zeus, god of the sky, thank you for accentuating and blessing this session through your divinity.

To the group, as always, thank you for your commitment to self-work and for your trust in me to open, invite, hold and care for this sacred space. .