my octopus (spirit) teacher

~ under pressure ~
episode 02

who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?
–  Hunter S. Thompson
Walking along an estuary, watching the ripples of saltwater pushing in against freshwater. A large octopus, drained of energy, left bare on sand as high tide touched its tentacles. We sat together, I created a channel for water to flow its way, I stared lovingly into its eyes, it gently shifted colours in response.

Familiar yet fascinating, I have played with octopi in the wild before, testing their curiosity as I teased the entrance to their homes with driftwood cane sticks, patiently waiting for tentacles to fully engage and wrap themselves around, before gently pulling them out. After sealing the entrance behind them with a number of stones I would watch as they skillfully moved them aside to return within. Who would have known that these moments might have been life colluding with what was to come to pass, a realisation I came to understand as I stared into this octopus’s eyes on this day.

Mentally moving into its energy I was already mindful of their claustrophilia, finding comfort in small cracks between rocks and even moving into and perfectly filling glass bottles. Suction cups and tentacles that move objects around or away, but also latch onto things and refuse to let go. Their large proportioned head housing big brain with well-known intellect and their incredible ability to shift colour and shape to aid hiding, hunting and escaping.

Upon connecting with its spirit, I was shown many things, but in particular, ocean waves battering a cliff, its rock and hardened soil falling down and a house perched on the edge toppling into the sea below.

But how might this be interpreted?

Strong ocean waves, symbolic of Water and our emotions, driven by powerful winds, symbolic of Air and the mind, whose energy can erode sea cliffs, symbolic of Earth and our body, causing land mass and homes to collapse, symbolic of breaking down boundaries. Homes are of course what we build to protect ourselves from the Elements, our place of security, but as the air pressure changes and storms move in, so too can those overwhelming feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.

Some have learned to weather the storm, safe in the knowledge they soon pass. There are those who are taken by the storm and desperately struggle to stay afloat. Others batten down the hatches, locking themselves away as fear of suffering overtakes trust and surrendering, at times remaining imprisoned long after the storm has passed.

Dear friend, life only seeks to serve, it does not pursue ways to punish, these worrisome waves are merely crashing down to massage our pressure points, patiently awaiting their release.

How does one venture out into the world of the unknown, celebrate its beauty, brave what it brings, when mistrust of life has shifted inquisitivity into captivity. Life no longer able to effortlessly flow, this gentle life stream becoming a stagnating pool of what might have been.

Octopus, oh master teacher and reacher into those tiny spaces, those stowaways of emotions and dark ink clouds, enter those air pockets, equalise, find comfort, release that tight grip, breathe out, breathe in, let go and flow, let go and flow.

These are my own insights, but a great beauty of life is that of perspective, so how might others respond to the spirit of Octopus, unbeknownst to this being the spirit they are receiving. How might they perceive it through their six senses. How might life shift and change before, during and after the Session. And when the storm waves subside what new land glistens on the horizon and what now floats away in the wake.

8 willing participants, stretched out across the globe press play on a playlist as they are connected from afar with the spirit of Octopus. 30 minutes later they tell their tales, 3 days later they share the aftermath. Here are their stories, their perspective shared.
* some participant names have been changed for pen names.
* no participants were informed that it was Octopus we were working with until after they had all shared their experience of the Session.


Before the Session

Already in the days before the session I felt like being in a cocoon or in a soft, loving bubble. Everything was slower and softer somehow, even if there was quite some turmoil of events going on in the outside world. Usually I would be very worried or trying to act or to re-act and do, do, do to put things in order again. But during these days I felt very quiet, mindful and grounded, resting inside myself, with being very relaxed and positive and with the feeling of just “sit and wait”. That gave me very much peace of mind. I also felt a big urge to physically rest and just be and not do much. I also felt somehow supported. As if there was a “handrail” that I could always lean on to remember to rest and relax. And surprisingly I watched the outside turmoil just detangle itself without further action or reaction from my side.

During the Session

The session itself started for me with a floating feeling in the air, like in free fall but without gravity. And I enjoyed it a lot. I do enjoy traveling in these spaces and the biggest thing happening for me was the feeling that my body was really dissolving into particles. And then I felt an enormous heart opening. My chest opened into a soft and very delicate bubble that kept growing and growing and at one point I was getting scared that it will burst. But then I remembered that Andy said trust and surrender so I totally relaxed into this experience and then it turned into a gigantic hollow space or bubble shape of light and vibration. It’s hard to describe the sensation. It was beautiful beyond words. Mind blowing, indescribably beautiful. I also saw us as our circle creating and holding this moment together. I saw the other people that were in the session with me, and that filled me with even more joy. Then I could feel a direct heart connection like a highway to a dear friend who is in Amazonia right now. It was so intense and beautiful it made me cry. And then my mind wanted to play and explore this more, to try to connect in this way to other people too, but the spirit makes me stay and really feel into THIS moment and stay present instead of already running to the next.

Another remarkable point in this journey was that the bubble of my chest suddenly turned inwards, into the earth and fire and it got shielded or steel-plated. There came a big insight to me that this open-hearted space is our natural state and we don’t need to fear or worry about being vulnerable because this enormous light frequency is also “bulletproof”. It’s not so easy to put this in words, but seeing and experiencing whatever happens in these journeys helps me enormously to navigate the “real” life in these crazy times we are living in right now and I always draw a lot of trust and strengths from this experience into my daily life and actions.

So Octopus taught me a lot about this field we create with our heart space and how we as humans create with it, consciously or unconsciously. Then there was a lot of other stuff happening and at some point I got this “travel bug” again and asked the spirit if we could go and see other places or experiences – but again it was about staying exactly in this moment and really feeling deeply into this huge opening. When the session ended, I could still feel it in my body. It was such a wonderful and relevant experience and I made the wish that I could stay there or that I could go back to this state later.

After the Session

Now, some days after the session I still can feel it. Octopus was a very gentle, kind, wise and nourishing spirit for me. A very deep and wonderful experience. In the days after I still feel very balanced, not in a rush anymore as I do usually, but perfectly happy where I am. I’m super grateful and blessed for being in the here and now. I realise more how and where I try to control things that are beyond my control and how this is adding stress to my life that it totally unnecessary. So that was really a big take-away for me from Octopus. And I can also really see that this new inner state also transforms my outside experiences. In the last days I had beautiful and very deep encounters and conversations with friends and I felt like Octopus spirit made me be more present and mindful about each single moment and all the gifts that surround us. Octopus made me realize also a pattern of wow, what is this with the rush and running from one event to the next? And why am I not fully enjoying what I’m experiencing in the moment? So now that I’m aware of that, it is a good step into the direction of changing it. So in the last days I enjoyed deeply to be in the present moment and to stress less. To be more like an Octopus maybe… I’m so very grateful for this work and after every session I see shifts happening. And also apart from all these benefits, it’s always a one of a kind experience and great great fun to meet the spirits and dive into these worlds in this special and safe space that Andy provides. I really enjoyed and I’m absolutely grateful for this opportunity. It’s always an incredible invitation to work on myself in a very pleasant, fun and unconventional way. I think that describes it quite well. Thank you.


Before the Session

I was energised in anticipation of the session having had a few relaxed days away. I felt relaxed and calm in what was a busy time, preparing for a birthday with family. This session I was, feeling really grounded, felt a bit different as I made sure that I took myself into the room I use for sessions in plenty of time to open mental space for what was to come.

During the Session

Before the session began I saw a lion. The back of my head felt warm and like it was being caressed and held. This feeling was repeated several times throughout. In the first music phase everything felt heightened - taste, breathing, feeling , strengthening of feeling in hands, back, legs and through the body. Saw quite a lot of green and feeling drawn away. There was then a huge green serpent like creature wanting me to go into its mouth. I committed to trust and surrender and did so. Of course I went down a long dark tunnel and there was a lot of squirming and writhing and a sense of going up and down. Stayed focused on trust and surrender and did come out - underground. Fairy like creatures opened the way, almost like opening up a stage and bringing in colour and light. I came up through the ground and into the open. There were some fires around like there might be near a volcano.

The sense of increased taste in the mouth has continued throughout and is present now. The next phase was about being grounded, body held in a supportive way, being at one with the earth. Then water and air also involved and it felt like I was the stream flowing forwards. I felt the strength of the earth, fire air and water all coming together very powerfully.

In the third phase I was taken along feeling my body being pulled, all in a supportive way; I was feeling the benefits and strength from the trust. Was on a strong journey with different visualisations and a strong sense of the feminine. Felt I was evolving and supported and enabled and was emerging with some sort of crown. There was this sense in the third phase too at the end of which I saw a god like figure and was humbled before him and clear in surrender. It was hugely powerful.

I felt feathers emerging through my skin and large wings grew and I quickly went into flight, travelling to where I was being drawn. I felt a sense of arrival as I was received and welcomed by feminine hands.

After the Session

This was a very powerful and enriching experience and as before it was also strengthening to hear of the experiences of others in the circle from different parts of the world and the shared trust in sharing. I felt grounded yet exhilarated after the session, like no other and knew that I had drawn on the message of trust and surrender to follow when previously I would have been cautious and maybe fearful and that spiritually rich and enlightening experiences had then followed. I slept soundly and heavily that night and stayed feeling relaxed with a sense of fulfillment and grounding over the following days. At night I could sense the movements of the octopus in and around me and input from it. I thank the octopus together with Andy for these experiences which I continue to integrate and assimilate.


Before the Session

In the days before the session I was having a lot of energy but was tired in the same time. I started to have disturbed nights and repeating dreams. After analysing the dreams I realised that they were telling me I can take my knowledge, capabilities and skills more serious. People around me are also trusting them more then I thought. This I also noticed in the awake life. With the people around me I started to be more direct towards other people about my feeling, intentions or wishes. The fear of being neglected or pushed away was hardly there. It changed place with trust in my own and the power of taking care of myself. Also it was much easier to take care of the daily tasks and responsibilities. A lot of comfort I felt in this.

On the day of the session I kind of collapsed. I was so tired that I fell asleep during the day a few times. This is something I never can unless I’m really sick or something. After all the sleep I expected to be very present for the session, though even during the session I was also still very very tired.

During the Session

Body is warm and relaxed. Left foot tingling, heel and just under the ball. Body becomes heavy, suddenly feel like being lifted by tingling bubbles on my middle. From just under my hips/pelvic up to bit above my bellybutton. Like a wide tissue that’s wrapped around me to lift me. I see the stars and feel them too. It’s like tingling bubbles. It makes me smile.

For a moment I’m under water. Warm water with pink colours. Then I see a man with a beard and a “cappuchon “ / cape I ask him who he is. His eyes are very strong looking at me. His answer is an invitation to walk up into/on his beard. Then there he will show me. It grows and spreads itself like a wide arms or royal stairs . Quickly I’m reminded by the tricksters and say I just want him to tell me. I don’t want to go and then being confronted with something I don’t want to see/feel. I say no and stay where I am. He moves backwards until he becomes smaller and smaller. I have the thought that I could have gone if I said that I’m not making an agreement/have no obligations. But he’s gone now...

Then another moment of bubbling stars lifting my corps. Gives me a good feeling, happy and grateful for this Then my body becomes super heavy and light in the same time. I’m huge and I float up to the clouds. I’m walking on top of the clouds. Lots of pink and golden light. I walk in my old world. I see nobody else but I know you should be here too. But I hear or see nobody, I just walk further; following the light and walking into it. I feel so much love and desire. I’m feeling full of it. It’s like being sooo welcome home again. I feel being hold. I see Andy, we hug and hold each other, I feel save. Then I pass out/fall asleep.

A little before the end of the music I wake up again and see the light to follow again. But now it’s a bright blue dot. Showing a way in front of me and inviting me with it’s presence. It’s over; I feel heavy and just want to stay like this: relaxed body with my eyes closed. But I take the phone and type my experience; now I feel much energy and strong. Though still tired and super warm inside.

After the Session

The next morning after the session I woke up again from clear dreams. But also I felt very down, almost depressed, feelings and thoughts. It’s been a very long time ago that I had this and even though the Sun was shining I really wished that I could stay in bed all day without any responsibilities and tasks to do.

I had some appointments, so I drag myself out of bed and forced myself to just go with today's flow. I noticed that in my conversations and meetings with other people I was again less direct and not really standing up for myself. Just following the flow of the other person. I was not focused at all and I felt like I was in a cloud all day. All things went clumsy, in different orders then I could handle, I was forgetting things, .. and so on. This kept on going for a few days, together with being very tired and trouble to sleep. I’m looking for distraction and in the same time just sitting, doing nothing. Being annoyed over things that I have to do but nothing is really moving. Very busy in my head. I’m trying to do the things that need to be done, but I feel deep sadness when I finally start. Like it’s all in vain. So I stop and finish nothing. This feelings of not being happy with myself and my state of being, is what usually takes a few days and then I feel it starts to balance out again. And that some of the new insights might anchor or settle. This session I was feeling good beforehand and afterwards feeling down. Other sessions it can also be the other way around.


Before the Session

In the days leading up to the session I remember having long moments of an unknown clarity almost like being awake in a dream. I was feeling deeply what connects me timelessly with the people around me that I care about deeply. I remember acting on this higher perspective and expressing it verbally with friends. Especially one day with a very close friend of mine who was with me and our kids together. We just spent a beautiful very basic day, just going about our business, daily chores, cooking and just being together, but it had this incredible depth and meaningfulness to it that was amazing and very gratifying and very beautiful. We had moments of hugging each other and looking into each other’s eyes, seeing each other reflected on the soul level, really acknowledging the bond that we have and verbally expressing it. It was so timeless and beautiful, amazing. I remember being overcome with this huge sense of gratitude and beauty. I think that was what defined the days before mostly, this feeling. One physical thing I had was a sudden loud ringing in my ears at night, so loud it woke me up. It stayed for a while, 10 to 30 minutes and then was just gone again.

During the Session

When the first song of the session playlist started I remember having a sudden sensation of cool entering my being, especially in my head and face, around my mouth. The overall sense was like being outside under the stars in super fresh air with this mounting clarity again that I had experienced in the days before.

I remember a moment where I was super aware of my heartbeat and my heart started beating faster. The space I was in felt like the space of in between lifetimes, and for a moment I had the feeling I would be able to them all from there. But instead of going there the functions of my body seemed to gradually slow down to a minimum with very shallow breath and me not being aware of my body anymore. Not like I left it really, more like it was just gone, irrelevant at that point. Everything seemed timeless. I simply was. It was a state of pure being, no action, not even witnessing really. I just was in this clarity, it was almost as if I was the clarity. I wasn’t witnessing it, I just was. Without boundaries, without barriers, without anything separate in sight. It’s difficult to explain. It was very special.

With the last song I gradually came back, surfacing and becoming more aware of my body. I tried to breathe deeply but realized I still couldn’t, I was still only able to breathe in this shallow way. It wasn’t claustrophobic, it was just the way it was, it was just like everything had slowed down and was in hibernation mode or something like that. It was a beautiful and very unique state that I hadn’t ever experienced in that way before.

I also remember that at some point I was aware of all of us as a group in a circle but I couldn’t really focus on it or anything really, like it was not meant to be. I tried for a moment to hold on to the scene, to concentrate on it but very quickly drifted back into this state of pure being. That happened two or three times, where my consciousness was thinking: hey, maybe we could go over here and check this out and I was always very quickly and very gently drawn back, like no no, there’s nothing to do here, you just are.

After the Session

In the days after I again had this sudden loud ringing in my ear, during the day this time, and also this feeling of being both in this world and in spirit. Like this feeling was expanding into my daily life and grounding or being integrated to become a part of my life really. It’s like being in my body while being aware of the higher perspective, my life on the soul level. I’m reminded of the words „Be in this world but not of it“. I feel like the worlds are merging more and more, it’s a blissful feeling. I had a deep and very meaningful conversation on the phone with my dad at night on a walk in nature under the stars. There again it felt like I was awake in a very vivid dream and that we were sharing what is essential with each other. The way you might do at a loved one’s deathbed or knowing your time is limited, but without that being necessary. It just felt like a most natural flow to want to connect and share in this way with him. All of this continued the day after with a reunion and a first walk on the beach with a close friend, after a particularly difficult time during the last five years, it felt like this chapter was coming full circle. Our relationship feels completely healed. I can see and feel her for who she is again.

During our walk I can see everything from these two perspectives at the same time, again. I’m looking out of my physical eyes and personality yet at the same time it feels like I watch us walking on the beach from a bird’s eye perspective. The crazy thing is, and it’s probably not crazy but just the way life is, magical… I definitely saw this moment in a vision a few years ago when our relationship had become so difficult that we parted ways. I saw every detail of this day back then, the same beach, the same rocks, the same weather and the two of us walking and reflecting on what was and what was now and being together again in the exact same way with the same feeling towards each other.

On the third day I had the same deeply connected feeling while spending the day with another close friend and her kids. Everything, even the most ordinary things seemed deeply meaningful and this connection was there and this wish and love for deep connection and meaningfulness pervaded the whole day. I was extremely grateful and it was like deep down I always knew that life could feel this way. And that it would at some point.


Before the Session

This is the first time I have ever worked with Andy or his medicine so I walked into this session completely 'blind', with no preconceived ideas or expectations around what I would receive. I had just been through a dramatic shift across all areas of my life and found myself in a type of 'void' or nothingness, where I had no idea what lay ahead of me. Andy knew this and kindly offered me the opportunity to participate in his session. Once I had made the commitment to attend, I could feel a shift in energy. Where there had been stagnation, there was now movement. It is difficult to define fully but I will do my best. I could feel a quickening within my system, almost like a sense of anticipation, which was alerting me to the fact that change was coming. I also felt an activation within my third eye, almost as if a portal had opened within it in readiness for the session.

During the Session

Once I had settled into the session, I became very relaxed and entered into a meditative state. This was when my third eye opened and I began receiving many visuals from the plant and animal kingdom. The energy felt very earthy and shamanic in nature, like being highly attuned to the frequency of Pachamama. It felt like I was diving into the energy of spirit itself where there is no separation. I was immediately taken back to a prior experience I have had on Ayahuasca in a jungle where I could feel spirit completely encapsulating me and being present with me. I saw a large black cat, like a puma that took me on a journey with it through a dark tunnel or vortex of some kind. I was also paid a visit by a dragonfly which I know represents transformation and after that a snake, which turned into a serpent. This was then joined by a second serpent and they began rising together like kundalini energy rising from and through my body. I also saw an image of the members of the group being connected through their heart chakra, with their spirit energy coming from their hearts and joining together. I also felt a lot of energy in my crown chakra during the experience.

After the Session

The three days after the session I felt a renewed determination to simply let go and accept circumstances in my life as they arise. Much like learning to go with the flow rather than trying to hang on to the past. I have also been feeling like I'm more able to step into the true essence of who I am, and step away from fear and into love and trust. I feel a lot calmer and connected to the universe, which is allowing me to follow the call of my heart and soul rather than any prescribed format for living. Experiencing Andy's medicine has opened me up more the 'all that is' with a greater sense of peace and harmony. I know I'm being guided in a particular direction that is aligned to my greatest highest good and this session has enabled me to fully trust in this process. Interestingly the black female puma visited me in my dreams last night, once again, providing me with primal strength, energy and power for the next stage of my journey. I'm now excited to see where this new path in my life takes me.


Before the Session

A couple of days before the group session, even before Andy had told us to be aware of anything different, I felt a strange spiralling energy flowing up and down both my legs. This sensation was present throughout the day, and into the evening, with my 3rd eye pulsing magnetically. I also felt this leading up to the session and throughout it, so I am positive this is linked. Another strange thing I had suddenly was a pain in my left mid to lower back that I've never felt before.

During the Session

The session itself was powerful and for me as usual, more physical than visual. As soon as we started I always feel the presence of other, warm tingling and magnetism throughout my body, the sensations of being hugged and patted. I felt emotional.This part felt grounded, Earthly, like meeting an old friend in a familiar place. After a while here my attention was brought to being gently lifted upwards. This part of the journey I felt the presence of a circle of people, floating through space or through water. The spiraling, pulling energy was very apparent and I blissfully drifted along in a very unaware state. There were bright colours seen, and a dancing type feeling. I've never fallen asleep during a session and yet my mind was at total peace, at times thoughtless and just content being consciousness. Being brought back after this blissful peace I felt extreme contentment. The physical feelings of magnetism, pulsing and tingling definitely change and move with each stage. Andy informed us about the Octopus spirit that was involved in the session. The thoughts of the spiraling energy, exactly as I would picture an Octopus tentacle wrapped around an object, like my legs. I found this fascinating.

After the Session

My dreams that night were affected and vividly colourful, involving a series of square linked rooms attempting to find a way back to the central source. The feeling of presence has also remained with me for the last few days, like I'm not alone, in a comforting way. I've also felt not quite fully here, mingling with other people out and about, I somehow feel separate and apart from 'reality.' That feeling has been quite marked.


Before the Session

The days before the session I felt slightly unfocused; starting things and leaving the room, starting other things and forget about what I did in the first place until I came back to that spot. I could have done with some more tentacles to finish the jobs. Also I felt calm and kind of dreamy, slow.

During the Session

Wow, this was a strong session! It started with big bubbles, oily colors and purple outlines. Universe.. I felt safe and held by the other participants and i could see our connection through spirit. After 5 minutes both my legs became extremely heavy. The heavy legs took definitely 20 minutes.

Then I visited my old room I rented once, very small but a cosy place. I felt I was unhappy there standing in the centre of the room, which was in conflict with how I always felt about that place. I have happy and good memories so that made me wonder..I could feel the warmth and the cups of tea. I was there and I felt warm and cosy .

Then I felt a huge greatness upon me, bright white light. I got showered in stars. It was my greatness I felt (or the greatness of humanity) but I could not express it, it felt like there were hands that pushed on my chest that made it hard for me to breathe. I had to calm myself down not to start hyperventilating... then I got pushed under water like those hands on my chest trying to drown me. It was a bit panicky .. but I knew I was safe. This nervous feeling stayed a while and I decided to change it into butterflies of excitement. Creation.

Then I felt cold. Water cold, I kept having this shortness in breath and had to do some ‘ujjayi’ breathing to calm down and get the oxygen I needed.. than my head became super light.. I felt sensations in my throat chakra, the third eye and womb area. I saw eyes close by of white animals, a rabbit, a horse, a chicken and a bird of paradise.

After the Session

Directly after the session I felt nauseous and ‘burpy’ Very lightheaded and my body felt overall relaxed, not tired, my head was sleepy but alert and I felt so grateful for this medicine .. it worked a lot through me this time. That night and the days after I had a lot of bowel movement. I had warm and interesting talks with ‘strangers’ about how beautiful life is and was very grateful what life has giving me so far.


Before the Session

Three days before the session with Andy, without being aware of the spirit we would be working with, I mentioned to a friend about the Octopus and how drawn I feel towards it - already since some years. Without a central nervous system, every arm "thinks" as well as "senses" – that, both metaphorically but also physically, felt so familiar to me. In the days which followed, I had an intense wish of ordering and re-structuring of both my hard drives, virtual documents and clearing out my belongings. I have never really made the effort to clear my roughly 8 Hard-drives (they are essential element for my work since roughly a decade). Of course I'm not done with all yet. It brought me a strong feeling of calmness and that I am doing the right thing..

During the Session

The session started with me sinking deeply into the mattress, my body became throughout the session pleasantly warm and heavy. Several things were taking place at the same time – At the very beginning I saw in my chest something like a water scale, calmly balancing water. Then I saw dolphins hovering energetically and swift through the water. Small points in my body lightened up and formed a trajectory of tiny stars - a path that I could visually see with my inner eyes. It felt like a light code throughout my body that was connected to the Dolphins’ movement. There were several of these light trajectories / light maps (connected dots) flashing up across several parts of my body, and some were also connected to something like a sun or a star to my right, far above. I also felt pain behind my heart in the back.

I saw hummingbirds several times in beautiful turquoise white, violet and yellow. Some seagulls and perhaps a pelican. A huge falcon or eagle came and hugged me shortly, I felt a bit of distrust and impatience about the things I was meant to receive. I asked it what it wanted and it picked my hand until it was bloody. I asked it why it did that, but I didn’t get a response.

Being somewhat impatient and feeling some inner turmoil, that I had carried with me since a few days, I asked to be treated as an equal, and to speak to my father to ask him about this traumatic thing that had I remembered in the last days. His answer was to spit on my face, he seemed not really like a human. I felt hurt and asked spirits for help, but nothing seemed to happen. I saw a couple of other quite unpleasant images related to spitting blood etc. I pondered about my current trust issue with many things, including myself and spirit. I thought about how it made me uncomfortable to not know, which spirit I am working with in this session. Even-though trusting Andy and knowing this is part of his way of working, in the moment of the session I felt grief and fear. I observed my body and tried to empty my thoughts. Continued to ask for answers, without replies. At some point I was asked to send darkness of my father into the light, which I then did.

Still, in spite of the sadness that arose I felt throughout the session nicely warm and body was calm. At the end of the session I had some mild burning in solar Plexus but I think I didn’t drink enough.

After the Session

The next day, I received a message from my sister about a dream - in that dream all three sisters had in a coded way unified, and were courageously showing resistance to a violent regime. To me that felt quite magical. In the days afterwards, I continued the clearing of my hard drives and physical belongings, letting go of many things. As a consequence I made also steps towards something that I want to share with the world, that had felt very burdened, and stuck, for many years despite my attempts. I am grateful for the spirits of animals, plants and humans collaborating together for this path of mine, which always shows me how interconnected we are.