the serpent holder

~ harm less ~
episode 13

Reality is easy. It's deception that's the hard work.
– Lauryn Hill
Expelled from Eden, curse that serpent, caught in duality, downward descent. That slithering sneak, who whispered in your ear, the fall from paradise and sacred oneness held dear. But the tree of life, oh to feast on its fruit, savouring its sweet taste as immortality takes root. The game of life, snakes and ladders landing, rising and falling, dictated by where you're standing.

The Aesculapian snake, one of the longest from our land, cryptic colouration, two metres easily spanned. Capable of vertically rising, up many a straight tree, no support necessary, it can do it branch free. Deeply connected, healing temples of ancient Greece, sleep in their sacred space, for your ills to soon cease.

Shedding of old skins, rejuvenation, brought back from the dead, resuscitation. Sorry Hades, we need this one alive, DNR rejected, moving in to revive. Shocking of heart, a powerful jolt, Zeus throwing down his thunderbolt. Asclepius mastered healing to such a degree, that a persons' exit plan the gods could no longer guarantee. Feelings of disrespect, great anger gathering up high, a frightening force, shot down to Earth in reply.

World health obligation, a current cause of much agitation, breaking promises to the gods, it's a serious accusation. Difficult to prove, in a world led by science, so make a law and orderly line, we demand your compliance. But some here are wiser, label them however you will, reborn again, spiritual contract to fulfill.

Some here have followed in Asclepius' shoes, he teaches them in their sleep and whilst they snooze. His love for humanity, now from the realm of gods flowing, art of medicine, sacred knowledge bestowing. But many practicing doctors made to him an oath, a promise to uphold human health growth. Some must have forgotten that these words have been said, as the grieving stand beside too many death bed. Suppressing symptoms, pushing down root cause, prescribing medication, no stopping to pause. Unnecessary surgeries, year on year revenue must increase, but behind closed doors, your heart might never find peace. It’s a slippery slope, lose your footing and downwards you’ll slide, unsafety in numbers, tied to others who’ve lied.

There’s something else, obviously some forgot along the way, everything is recorded, awaiting judgment day. Caught by a system, pharmaceutically prescribed, malpractice insurance, follow procedures described. The free thinkers, shut down for what they share, disillusioned by an industry, poor health care.

But we need to make money in a capitalistic society and hospital bills can’t be paid where there’s drug sobriety. Mastering the art of never truly healing, building dependency on government approved dealing. But if things don’t change then they stay the same, deep polarisation on this Earth plane. For some this passage of human history has finally given away the game, united we should stand, sovereign being reclaim. So take back your health from a system of suppression and speak only truth from your centre of expression.

It's said Asclepius learned healing from Chiron and the snake, welcoming Nature's ability for home remedies to make. Dualistic perspective, what hurts can also heal, Medusa's blood, is it pain or pleasure you feel. Another twisted story, snake braided hair wrapped around, stoned look into my eyes, natural sparkle now found.

A true medicine man simply follows their heart, opening themself for the gods knowledge to impart. Taught in spirit, answers all knowing, healing field, naturally radiantly glowing. But these days you just can’t get the staff, rod of Asclepius, so I speak here on your behalf. Yes, they’ve sketched your symbol, onto many medical brands, but without a strong connection, there's no true healing of hands. God of medicine, what shall I declare, ahh let’s leave it to others for your wonders to now share.

So to Asclepius and the Aesculapian snake, move in your medicine, it's time to awake. Shaking and stirring, power rising up the spine, for the serpent who separates, can unite with the divine.

These are my own insights, but a great beauty of life is that of perspective, so how might others respond to the spirit of Asclepius. How might they perceive it through their six senses. And that moment in your journey, it's time to finally arrive, unified field, wholly alive.
* some participant names might have been changed for pen names.
* no participants were informed that it was the spirit of Asclepius and the Aesculapian snake we were working with until after they had all shared their experience of the Session.


My name is Sara. I’m a grandmother of 65. I have been a TV presenter. Producer, journalist, then a college teacher. In my retirement, I’m campaigning to right an ancient injustice against my people and nation of Scotland. In my ‘internal’ life, my medicine path presented itself 30 years ago. 7 years later, I met my late husband, a Cherokee and also a person of medicine, and I spent 10 years in America where I saw and experienced extraordinary, even incredible things - and later understood that the greatest teachings had come through the seemingly ordinary and unremarkable.

Who am I? Here, I am the character rolled by the dice to play this game. There, I am the one playing the character.

Like all the steps on my journey, this group was placed in front of me. I did not go looking for it. What makes it exceptional is that it is authentic. Most of the paths on offer in the world of ‘spirituality’ are well meant, well-intentioned, but a distraction. Some are dangerous and harmful. But what testifies to the integrity of this group is the spirit, the healing medicine that is flowing through it. That’s what medicine is, healing. It’s in the name.

The greatest healing work required in the world today is in the realm of what we call sin, original sin or karmic debt. But these are concepts, philosophies, distant thought forms for most of us. They don’t sound like what they are, the hidden wounds we carry, the killing judgments of ourselves and others, never to be healed because we know - we know the wrongs we suffered were deserved. And yet we hold on for retribution. The wrongs we did were ‘justified’, yet they still condemn us. We know the deadly truth, that in our so-well- hidden, (so deeply buried that we do not let ourselves know they exist), condemnations of ourselves and others, we cannot do otherwise than reject and be rejected. Orphans, exiled from heaven, all these things we know. All these things burn within us like dark fire.

And all these things we ‘know’ - are lies. They can be burned away. But only by entering the dark fire we keep covered from the eyes of the world, the eyes of our own souls. But the fire sings to us. Here is the song I heard.

‘Listen, dear one, Beloved,
The fire that burns does not destroy.
Within the killing dark of blame,
Beyond the fear that binds you fast,
Beyond the judge pronouncing guilt,
Burns the fire that does not harm,
And a promise that it keeps:
If you will walk into that fire,
However you may fear the pain,
I will be there to walk beside you, until you learn the fire’s name.
The fire’s name is forgiveness
It is another name for Love.
It has another name, Release
That sets you free to fly to Love’


Heavy to weightlessness
Dark black to dazzling light
One deep breath to fully let go
And my soul took flight


Loads of burping. Mowning. Dark and heavy. I heard myself saying "no more, no more". I kneeled down and prayed to God, saying that I surrender and am I here. Light appeared in the darkness. A hand reached out. A sperm went on my right side and it tumbled/spiralled round in my belly and became a little girl: Sara/Saar. I could see and feel myself as a mom. Had to move my legs, put them in front and became so light. Weightless. Just sitting there and being till the end of the session. Very peaceful. Ears still ringing, third eye pulsing.


straight away feeling as if being lifted and growing wings. huge wings. meeting with the angels that were send down to earth. send down from the heavens. for a long time being in an empty space somewhere between dreaming and waking, neither sleeping nor being awake. it is so comfortable and peaceful there. some pains in ankles and hips. pain might not be the right word maybe more a reminder of that I have a physical body that is my home here at the moment. energy set in motion in lower back. contractions/pulsations/shock waves (I don't know how to describe) being send through spine. wake up call for the heart. cleansing of the spine. contractions moving faster and faster. just letting body move without controlling. feeling very calm and light throughout. my wings remain. home within. beautiful deep journey. in a way 'unspectacular', knowing that this is the most profound. gratitude


First thing I experienced was awareness of death. Growing old, the experience of being on my death bed. The fear of this and also the awful absurdity of death culture in the west. No one to guide us through that passage. Then I was in my mother’s womb. Curled up in fetal position, Hearing muffled footsteps and heartbeat. I felt grief for the loss of that closeness and love, something I can’t remember feeling from my mother. Then felt the message, the earth is your mother. This has always been and will always be here. Here is where you can learn the feminine. Moved through into feeling people doing something like qi gong. Felt us all working, transmitting this energy work into the world. Felt gentle healing, peacefulness. Felt gratitude for being found, placed with people and in circumstances to bring me home. To my people. Felt very clearly again that this life, living in this way, isn’t enough. Isn’t good enough. This way of life can’t be it. Womb cramps. Can feel I’m going to start my bleed now. Feelings of power. Messages of “step into your power now”


Music starts. Lot of energy moving in intestines and womb. Mouth feeling the way it feels just before you throw up. Still pretty busy mind first. Images of eagle or seagull coming through. Archways, many archways behind each other in hallway. I am going though, then I get wings. I start flying. Movement in fingers, hands starts. Then arms being lifted of the ground. Gravity doesn’t apply anymore. Wrists being shaken and moved, arms then as well. Feeling the vibration of the movements all the way down to my sacral chakra. Legs and seatbones not moving an inch, like glued to the earth whilst arms and hands dancing. Imagine of strings being pulled through it. Then movement in the face. Grimace. The face of the devil. All fascal muscles moving. Eyes squeezing together. Like when you’re in pain. Then opening of the mouth. A sound that I can compare only to a growling coming out. Big cat energy. Flashing the teeth. Ready to bite. At the same time arms playing this orchestral music gravity less. Later head and neck moving too. Image of golden egg, protected from snake. Still strong vibration in the arms and chest going on. At some point seeing white with closed white. Such a bright white. Light. It was like my arms were turned outwards so that there more space for the chest. Oh and it was like lifting up. At the beginning also years, without any emotions. Felt like heavily tears. Spirit feels weirdly familiar, like we’ve met before. Almost sad to part from him again.


Air coming up, moving out through mouth. Very local headache. Erepsus place. Something wants to come through from within. To open? Eyes pulsing in eye balls. Something with my mouth. A channel is opened. My lips move. A question rises: for whom do I speak? Space is created inside. The total verticality of my thorax. Trachea, spine, womb. Clearing? Energies moving in my kidneys. Same kind of clearing energy. I fly and simultaneously float in the water, on my back, in some kind of shell. Both wings and shell are connected on a point in my back that is linked with solar plexus. Waves of heat. Legs getting transparent. Still contours there, strong. Volcano energy moves up. I feel grounded, able to be with this power. Rotting smell. Music irritates, too loud. Ears very sensitive. None of this feels big, dramatic. It is happening and I am "not moving" I drift away. "wake up" when music stops.


Big brown bear. I hug. I Become. Ears ringing. My womb opens and there is a strong intense energy there, some pressure, something growing to take care of. Body feels hot, feverish, heartbeat rises . But peace. Eagle. Dragon. Floating Arm and hand some movements and going wide. Wings, strong. Feet hot, strong legs, but dissolved in the whole. Strong, very bright white light Bear again. Tiger Smiles at me, is my friend, protector. Blood drops from the sky like rain. I feel fire. Deep sadness. Cry about the earth's pain. Abuse. Childhood flashback It’s now Now! More but I don’t fully remember Very intense but also so much peace.


My cat behaved very similar to when we did Ayahuasca. Skitty and Protective of me.. at times it felt she knew more than I did of what was going on! Tingles in fingertips, almost painful , then sharp claws/ talons growing out. My solar and sacral unsettled. Flying high. Music sounded strange like I was underwater. Nausea. Throat tingle. Taste metallic and like blood. Hot tingle in my face. Feel very Light. Noisy tum. Massive Hip pain/ Last days and now huge. Big boundary stories going on- feel a strangulation- saturated- brain fog. My personal space. Clarity on Healthy Boundaries. Ease melting. Deep sleepy. Busy digestion. Eyes: gritty, tingle, misty, tired- fleeting but strong itchy face, scalp legs. Nausea. Head expansion liver tingle. Death, my death. Music sounds different- echo . Flying high. Giddy dizzy. Resistance head burning. Piercing in ears. Snake. Monkey. Trees. Massive eyes. Burning soles of my feet. Teeth tingle. Desire for Sweet. Ears releasing pain sharp oozing down throat! Elbows, knees, sore as if walked on them for miles. Total exhaustion. Ice. Fire. Face changing shape. Surrender. Sacrifice. I am still processing. Gratitude and Love


So very powerful, full of visualisations and sensations that it will be hard to fully recount. Just before session began felt third eye opening as widely as possible and top of my head being lifted up and up. Some quite humorous examples of my body being lifted upwards. As the music began, felt drawn into dancing, strong feminine energy, colour purple, female figure swirling, flying, dancing in the sky, swimming in the water, powerful energy in chest and throat. End of music she grounded herself against a tree. Earlier in session felt drawn away, pulling, being pulled, wave of sadness, women, wheels turning, lots of energy. Next phase, cold in back, movement of energy up through body, masculine energy, warrior like forces. Saw bird of prey and lion roaring. Forceful energy, driving forwards. End of phase of music saw a God I can’t identify. Next, ice melting, white forces. Things probably out of sequence now, was all very rapid, like action packed at times slightly nauseous with it. All our group invited in the sky to come together in a circle, to hold hands, to share energy and space and benefit from the shared strength. Then to fly away and go on together if we wanted or not. Next phase more disturbing. People, moving quickly from being babies in cots to being packed in coffins, tear from eye. Tunnels of blood some people blindfolded, fear and sadness. Earthquakes, uncertainty about whether nature caused, or violence or both. Didn’t want to see it. Final phase pure white light, there for all of us to see and be in if we wanted to. Dramatic, powerful, energising and exhausting, felt like all the work and sessions coming together. Missed out stages of cold coming up through back. Body now almost vibrating, energy almost frenetic, change of taste in mouth, metal. Overwhelming.


I see a cheetah running through the desert. I am trying to connect with him, but he does not seem to know I am there. I start to feel a sadness.... as I watch this magnificent animal, and cannot connect. The sadness becomes hollow. I understand now why I cannot connect. It is because of the separation. The discrepancy of the vibration of the human race how far apart we are from the true essence of all things. I see all the animals come in now, and the Lion sitting on the throne. I move to my knees and I ask for forgiveness for all of humanity and for all that we have done. I see ants and cockroaches in front of the throne. I look behind me, and more people have come in, on their knees and asking for forgiveness. They are mostly people of Africa and tribal, with a deep honouring and knowledge of the sacredness of the animals. I am taken back to the cheetah and watch him for a little while longer, than I am turned into sand and picked up by the wind. Taken to a pond where I am shown a scene from the Lion King. Then I am a fish in the pond. I am caught and my head chopped off. Thrown in the rubbish. When the rubbish is dumped, I am picked up by a seagull, and my eyes poked out. I ask to fly to escape. I am turned into an eagle, flying freely amongst the clouds. Then I am hit by a plane. I am reminded of the animal spirit and how they have come into help me with clearing this week, particularly before client sessions. I am again taken into the sky, clouds, I see a cloud form into a scorpion, then I am in Egypt. I see Cleopatra. She is welcoming me into her temple. As I enter I feel very uncomfortable, she is smiling at me, but it is not genuine. I am a Lion, and she is luring me in to kill me. I am a rug on her floor. I see the abundance of food and wine and sex that they are all participating in. After a time, I am thrown out. I see myself on the back of a slave. Then I move to find the good people, who have taken care of animals and I see Gorillas in the mist, with Diann Fossey getting her head chopped off. And then the Lions of Africa Elsa, born free. I feel now the sacrifice of the animal kingdom. That on land sea or sky, we are not safe from humans. The feeling of being trapped with nowhere to go. The anxiety that shakes to the core. I am shown a nest of eggs and new born chicks. This is the eternal love of Mother Earth and nature, continually showing up in hope and love. Continually renewing the cycles of life, and continually holding space in complete love and light for us, humanity to move in to. This depth of love from Mother Earth and the animal kingdom is EXTREMELY humbling. This animal spirit showing me, through experiencing it myself, the understanding of the depth of love it is taking to continue to show up for us. I have been emptied... and filled Humblest gratitude to all here, to this fiery animal spirit and to Andy with love.


Right before I press play I feel Scorpion spirit next to me. Body movements. Sharp pain in spleen area. It feels like a big bird eating my spleen. Reminds me of Hercules or who was it in this story of Greek gods. Very painful. I relax. Then the vision gets kind of liquid, like mercury. For a short moment I’m in a superhero world and I am Silver Surfer. Then everything gets very light. Feeling like cotton candy. Heart expansion. Thoughts intruding and this time they co-exist - i am still absolutely in my heart space and I watch the thoughts. They don’t distract me and I don’t follow them. I notice I am operating on and receiving a different sense. I can see and feel my field and I am shown how to communicate in pure spirit with the field of others. Tears while I am typing this, as experiencing this is beautiful beyond words. Then stillness for a while, maybe I fell asleep. I feel like a Maasai at one point, jumping in traditional dance. Lion, heat, dust. Then I feel my body dissolving, first drying out like a mummy and then into dust, too. I ask the spirit if I can feel the expansion again. And maybe love? This time my heart opens „backwards“ - usually I feel it in the front, opening to the aerial/ethereal space - now it opens with deep roots into the earth and into the water. Again absolutely amazing feeling. I briefly turn into a shark. Then understanding that heart now is fully 360 open and no need to close anymore. Then ethereal / spirit realm opening again. It feels like a quantum leap, like next level unlocked. I see the snake that I had found dead during this journey. I see my grandparents, the spirit of my child, my whole family that is already on the other side. I can’t describe the beauty of this encounter. And then I see something like very colorful, very very fine patterns of dots like the most beautiful tattoos on my skin that I could ever imagine and I suddenly know this is me… I see myself in spirit. Wow!! I’m still crying. Wonderful wonderful journey with so many gifts. Forever grateful for this experience.


Whole time and still strong nausea and cramps of stomach and intestines. A lot of saliva - feeling poisoned. Sinking down in deep waters, darkness, no sound, numbness, reaching the bottom being lifted very rapidly into the sky.. Observing hyenas and vultures eating rotten meat, dead bodies... Something wants to come out through my throat, almost like exorcism pulled out of me, something rotten... I give that a voice . Strong sound of a buzzing big insect around my head (hornets). I pray to Spirit, please stop it! I get angry with myself - why do I put myself into this... Again and again... Surrender!


Whole body so hot; specially the palms of my hands. Strong pulsating in my forehead, like an opening of my third eye. Floating, Flying up high in the air, in the skies.. many of us, beautiful dragons flying together high up and also diving deep, deep down into the depths of the dark waters. What grace, what extraordinary beauty. Strong feeling of compassion and surrender to the ancient history. Something very old and beautiful that was being hurt and erased from this existence. I feel sadness feeling in the memory of that, at the same acceptance. Shimmering green, orange, yellow, red. Light blue and peach coloured skies. Strong fire in my heart. Head heavy, feeling. Strong energy in my body at the same time just floating in between the different layers of time and history.