tribal wave

episode 1

To all those who have retained their true humanity and heartful connection between Earth and Sky. Some of you have managed to move far from this prohibitive passage of human history and some of you have been alienated, persecuted, ridiculed, imprisoned and removed from your natural ways. I come to you not as man seeking fortune or fame, but in humble curiosity and for reunification. How might our ecosystems cross-pollinate, what might they together conceive or how might they mirror or co-exist?

I stand before you as someone with intimate relationship with nature and spirit, learning directly from her sacred source. Managing to move all manners of medicine from spirit, in absence of physical, ably assisting able body in receiving. Foreign to so many, impossibly improbable, but in a world where psychedelic seeking and new age movement now encourage obsessive over-taking of medicines from rock, plant and animal and trusted custodians turn from wisely wild gathering to concentrating on cultivating to entice eager explorers and expand exportation, why wouldn’t it be called for? Mindful moderation of monetary motivated motives.

Yes, I understand your peoples’ fight, less now by spear and bow, but by leaning to legal system to protect your sacred lands, language and culture from those who rally to revoke. Your deep desire to reforest, regenerate, rewild, rebuild and restore all that which has been eroded. I know the true cost of this, I seek not to steal, but to share. Might we magnify your medicines to rightfully radiate and ripple through humanity in pure pronounced spiritual form. Their sacred roots reassuringly remaining in your Earth locale, supporting soils, whilst fairly finding fortunes fine-tuned with flourishing future.

So to the hummingbird, heed my call, buzzingly bring my message so it might reach the resonant. Welcoming the whispers of names of their trusted tribal medicines, let me meet with the one who clearly calls, learn from it in spirit and then share it back. How might it be received? Is it clear who it is? How might this experience be expressed and what ways do others with it work and to what effect?

Perhaps we are all one tribe, separated by seas, distanced by dress, tied to traditions, but continuously connected by consciousness.