the witches' gloves are off

~ digitalis revolution ~
episode 03

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature
–  Joseph Campbell
Arrhythmia, whispered Foxglove, as it appeared in my mind’s eye and my heart skipped a beat. Truth be told, I had been seeking a solution to a problem close to humanity’s heart and on occasions life delivers its message to me by such means.

It had been some years since I first connected with Foxglove in the wild, up in the mountains of southwest Portugal, where perfumes of Rockrose and Eucalyptus frequent the nostrils. I reached for my notes to be reminded.

Bacteria spreading, toxicity in the air, strep throat. Fountain of knowledge where only the spirited come to quench their thirst. I could sixth sense an old man in a cave, musty books, bad cough from the damp, but his dedication to the pursuit of knowledge had gained him access to the white temple in the clouds, in honour of humble service to humankind.

Foxglove's invite to reunite led us to reconnect. I was shown familiar faces, toxic intentions and abuse of power from high. Scenes then transitioned to fish-tailed friends finally flowing freely through water.

Foxglove itself is no stranger to conspiracy. Well-known to witches, capable of healing or hurting. A plant at the very root of pharmaceutical heart medicine and yet a no-go-to now for most herbalists.

I'm not a herbalist, simply someone who surrenders to the benevolence and sophistication of plant spirit. Forever in awe of its agility and ability to organically deliver right dose, as it friendly familiarises with electromagnetic heart fields. This place of perspective enables my proponency for poisonous plants, who on the surface appear unapproachable, but beneath the mask can be warmly welcoming and dexterous at dispelling toxicity. 

Environmental toxins and their enablers can be seen in present day light. Agriculture, pharmacy, mining, fossil fuel exhausts, aerosols, radiation and leaking landfills. This toxicity from the outside finds its way inside, poisoning body, mind and spirit. Some of us restrict to resist, changing diet, lifestyle and location and yet it persists, invading and corrupting our human being.

Dear friend, from heart centre stage, only love is real, everything else a play of polarities, so let us not fall foul to dropping into divisiveness.

As always at the heart of the matter is the heart that's the matter. Symbolic of oneness of humanity, interconnectedness with nature, knowingness of natural laws and love for all beings.

Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle, said to be caused by viral infections. This inflammation can hinder the heart's ability to pump and cause rapid or irregular heart rhythm, also known as arrhythmia. White blood cells are a part of the immune system, protecting the body from infection. They flow through the bloodstream in order to destroy viruses, bacteria, and other foreign intruders. When your body is in distress, a part of you under attack, white blood cells rush in to help fight, to prevent illness.

But how might we interpret imagery shared by Foxglove?

Abuse of power, an untamed destructive force, often driven by toxic desires to dominate and devour. Imbalanced forces of Air and Fire, which squeeze, poison and inflame the heart and lungs.

Fish tailed friends, native to Water, set free to cool and calm, letting loose the noose and liberating blood flow.

Fountain of knowledge and white temple in the clouds, purified upwards flowing energy refreshing Air and Spirit, birthplace of clarity of mind and universal truths. Truths tenderly transmitted by evolved electromagnetics when received and perceived by pure hearts.

Foxglove, let your tubular bells chime, so that my heart might keep time. Rise up white blood cell warriors, deflame pathways to the heart, open to heal, ready to live, heart forward with life.
These are my own insights, but a great beauty of life is that of perspective, so how might others respond to the spirit of Foxglove, unbeknownst to this being the spirit they are receiving. How might they perceive it through their six senses. How might life shift and change before, during and after the Session. And when the rhythm and beat of heart plays as one, with the dawn comes a new sun.

8 willing participants, stretched out across the globe press play on a playlist as they are connected from afar with the spirit of Foxglove. 30 minutes later they tell their tales, 3 days later they share the aftermath. Here are their stories, their perspective shared.
* some participant names have been changed for pen names.
* no participants were informed that it was Foxglove we were working with until after they had all shared their experience of the Session.


Before the Session

Andy mentions that things might shift already days before the actual session happens. I experienced this by feeling more in contact with nature. I’m fortunate to live by the ocean and very familiar with the sound of the waves. The sound seemed ‘different’ in the last days. Different in a way that words can’t really explain. As if I was more part of the waves, of the sound than that I was being the observer, listening to the waves. My meditations were also much more visual, getting drawn into the Ocean, which felt safe. The image of a cyclone kept coming back to me, again and again. A cyclone in the water. Allowing me to peak in and see what’s beneath, what’s inside. Depth, light and the notion of Earth being inside. The day of the meditation, the person I fell in love with, pushed me away in the most bizarre way. It came out of nowhere for me and I was so confused and hurt. Sad. I was talking about the meditation when this happened, and it felt like the meditation session was part of the whole confusion, maybe even instigated it. To deal with this, I went back to the ocean and again, the cyclone image came back. Right before the session, there was another confusion. Intense sadness. What on earth is happening here?

During the Session

When the music of the session started, I immediately started crying. Not entirely sure why, it wasn’t only about a relationship that potentially ended. I mentally asked Andy for help, not being sure if I could do this at this very moment, on my own, maybe I was too troubled and preoccupied with the events of that day. After I asked for help, I was able to relax completely, grateful for the help and this moment and I tuned in more.

The tears coming from my left eye seemed to be boiling hot. Not that many tears from the right eye. This sensation kept me busy for a while, at the same time my left shoulder blade started hurting, intensely hurting. As if that too was on fire. After a while, my physical heart started hurting. Words came through as in, this feeling is not the pain of a potential break up. It is past hurt of previous relationships surfacing, all of them, romantic relationships and others. This wasn’t thinking, it was words appearing. Coming and going. A sadness came over me, that I hadn’t experienced since childhood.

The physical sensations kept coming, at some point being very aware that I couldn’t move. As if my feet, lower back and head were glued to the yoga mat. A feeling as if I would never be able to get up again, it felt safe though, even good, intense grounding.

The more the music evolved, the more visuals. From fields of moving plants to plants moving into a cyclone movement, opening up and giving me a peak inside. The color purple was everywhere and it also had a sound and visual, like little purple bells dancing above my head. The sensation of flying was there the entire time. Flying and being grounded at the same time. At some point, there was the sensation of a white flower, opening, in, from and around my face, leaves growing and reaching out to the sky. A white and yellow rose kind of shape. This image did not feel safe and there was a distinct feeling of nausea afterwards. I truly became nauseous, and my body got cold and warm at the same time, shivering.

When the music stopped, I realised that I was still crying. Tears running down my face. I can’t remember the last time I cried like this, there is a physical sensation around my heart space, a pressing feeling.

After the Session

Unusual for me to wake up in the middle of the night but that happened and also the day after the session was unusual. Very confusing and very difficult to get in contact with my feelings. Seriously stirred and shaken would be the description. I gave it time and accepted all that was. The day after I woke up with a joyful sense of calm and ease, a much broader perspective as if an enormous load had fallen of my shoulders. Feeling lighter and more confident than ever before. Thank you!


Before the Session

Everything that happened in this period of time before the session, during the session and after, kind of related to a very challenging situation in my life that I am facing at the moment. As my father is not very well and in hospital and quite weak.

So everything that was coming up was somehow connected to my way of being with him, our dynamic in our relationship, but also things that need to be dealt with on a more outer world level. Facing Consultations but yeah quite difficult moments to endure but also to be with.

And from the moment on that Andy asked us to start paying attention towards things, or feelings, sensations that would come up, I clearly felt something very different. As if I had access suddenly to much more of my own capacities, but also as if I had something with me, tipping me, pointing me towards different perspectives or practices even, to ground myself to deal with nervousness that I had coming up. But also to see much more clearly what was his and what was mine and how I could retrieve what was mine and leave what was his. So there were really interesting skills almost coming in, that came with so much ease like almost from a place of innocence and yeah as if it didn’t really dealt with the details that might have had a certain outlook, but was much more like a steady hum going through it all. One particular thing that I would like to mention, because it kind of weaved through this whole experience, was when I was waiting in a waiting room to see a doctor. There were magazines laying around like usually in those places and I normally don’t really look at them, but this Doctor had like a collection of really interesting, intriguing, beautiful books and I took one about India.

I don’t know why. I just took it and was then diving into this world of sculptures and carvings and sacred spaces and really like these amazing work of generations actually, things that have been build over generations and otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.

And at the same time at home being in the place of my father, really going through pictures and seeing all these relatives and ancestors, wondering about my place in it all and what I am bringing forth and what am I leaving behind.

During the Session

The Session started by the palms of my hand warming up and there was a lot of water flowing from me through me. I was standing in a water stream that was flowing gently, dark blue. And then I was bending down with my left side of the body towards it very slowly and gently and sinking into it by touching it first with my left cheek. In that moment it was already filled with so much yellow and golden light, that was kind of coming from some place from the horizon and flowing in that water and then through that water into the left side of my brain, into the whole left side of the body and washing through it. And from this washing through it became a crown, like Hindu temples almost the ones that I had seen on the pictures and yet different. There was an Elephant also somewhere. These crowns then bent over to the right side and very slowly sparkling colors would fill up my right side of the body.

And then I was spreading out my arms to the sides into a gesture of the most delicate dance releasing energies from my arms, like as if sounds of bells made visible. Next thing I remember is that there was mud, dark and thick and a lotus flower floating on top of it. I see or sense the fragrance coming from this flower being its prayer.

There is something intangible and invisible, unimaginable moving though me and my heart and I start crying.. deeply without it being attached to anything particular. I remember one tear on my right cheek feeling like a drop of water on a leaf. I think of my father in that moment and feel how he is actually the mud. Something wants to come through which I yet had or have to allow and made me cry again. At the end I am bathing in the colors of rising and setting sun and the vastness of everything bending and bending, melting nevertheless grace.

After the Session

First of all was very interesting to witness all the things the other ones had written, cause it was so complementary. As if I could recognize things that they would describe, describing actually the circumstances of my father. Then when Andy shared that it was actually foxglove and those flowers of the foxglove actually were the exact representation of these Hindu temples and of these bells releasing the energy. There was a lot of disentanglement first really allowing all this very uncomfortable parts of my inheritance let’s call it, that comes from the heaviness that my father had endured in his life and how I then got informed also through the lotus flower, how those muddy waters and those impeccable petals of the blossoming flower are so connected and not to be separated, not to be judged actually.

So there was a lot of the need to look at this relationship much more gently and yet much much more sharply.

And everything that I met like in people or in things that I read or listened to, I got like everything that I needed in that moment to allow this much much bigger picture to appear. At some point I was waking up with this felt sense of piercing into the sacred that is in every moment and just realizing how in nature everything is actually a temple, everything is a doorway into this other perception of reality.


Before the Session

Prior to the session, I felt quite jittery, sort of high adrenaline as if I had somewhere to go or something to do in a hurry or somewhere to get to in a hurry, which I didn't. But this is quite a common feeling for me. I'm always rushing about when there is no reason even if I have absolutely nothing to do I manage to find things to make myself busy or rush around. So yeah, I was feeling particularly jittery at this point. And just before the session, there was some strange synchronicity. University Challenge had been on and I don't watch it because I can't answer any of the questions. One of them I heard as I was going upstairs, and I shouted foxglove as the answer. Funny enough, it was the correct answer. So that night, I was thinking about foxglove. I'd been on a silent retreat previously in June last year, at a place called Nanpantan and there were foxgloves everywhere. They were absolutely beautiful. I spent ages looking at them, trying to paint them, walking among them. It was just a lovely, lovely time. So foxgloves were on my mind that night. I had a really strange very vivid dream. I was pregnant and desperate for this, to give birth and for the pregnancy to end but I wasn't pregnant with a baby. My stomach was a unripe tomato. It was partially red, partially green and it wasn't ripe. It was particularly vivid and strange. I didn't think anything more of it.

During the Session

It was a lovely session, I could see sunshine and blue skies and everything was so clear. There was such clarity - it was clearer than it is normally. I was on a beach and there was a turtle looking at me, with wisdom in its eyes. It was basking in the sunshine and it invited me to sit on its back and was going to take me into the sea. It went very slowly and I think I was feeling impatient with it at the time. But anyway, we got into the sea and there were shards of sort of rainbow light reflected in it and it was very clear. There were sort of bubbles with halos of purple and blue, just beautiful, beautiful colours. And then I just kept seeing yellows and golds.There were fields of corn, there were yellow flowers unfurling and I saw great big sunflower heads turning towards the sun. As if they were alive. I also saw those same sunflower heads in a state of decay, but they looked just as beautiful then as they had done when they were in full bloom. There was a lot of gold and yellow. At one point I saw, I think it was a cheetah just sitting there, looking really strong and powerful but doing nothing. I could just feel the strength. The session was lots of yellows, lots of golds, lots of brightness, lots of light, warmth, taking things slowly as I said the animal had been this slow moving turtle or tortoise that was very slow on land, but moved beautifully underwater.

After the Session

Since the session, there's been so many strange synchronicities. There's too many to mention - things that I saw in that session that I keep seeing, bunches of yellow flowers or getting emails that mention the word rainbows, yellow flowers, all sorts of things everywhere and I keep seeing the things that I saw, which the universe sometimes does that when it's trying to get the message across I find. In the subsequent days after the session, I have felt a lot less jittery and fortunately the sun's been out and there's been a couple of occasions when like that turtle I've decided to just bask in the sunshine and not feel guilty about it. And actually realising that, you know, I'm a creative person and it's so much better for me and my work if I do, stop running around. Take time to breathe and bask in the sunshine and just think or not think - so I've done that a couple of times this week, and I have felt just greater clarity and a greater sense of calm and I've also noticed that I've had a more positive effect on others around me. I don't know how that's happened, but it just has. My heart feels a bit more open. Obviously, there's something awful happening in the world at the moment that I have no control over and all I can do is just keep an open heart and yeah, pray for those people. It was all in all such a positive session. I needed to be reminded of these things to stop rushing, take your time, take time to sit in the sunshine take time to find the joy in life and when you do that, when I do that I am just a nicer person to be around and a happier person. So it was a fantastic session.Thank you so much and I was so thrilled to find out that the plant was foxglove because it is my all time favourite plant and I grew up in the Sussex countryside where there were lots of foxgloves growing in the woods and in the wild. I didn't know they were poisonous when I was a child funnily enough, I'm sure I must have handled them and done all sorts of things, but I've never come to any harm from a foxglove - a beautiful beautiful, really helpful energy. So thank you


Before the Session

Leading up to the session I had a deep sense of peace also contrasting with the feeling with the weight of the world around me and the busyness of society both physically and energetically. I have been feeling more aware of my need to keep myself harmonised and at ease. I find myself making choices of nourishment and calmness versus getting swept up into the storm of things around town. It has been a real practice to embody these qualities of peace and calmness whilst being out in the world. I feel myself being very perceptive of other people's energy and feeling very empathic and needing to not take on other people's energy, but being very aware of it at the same time.  

During the Session

At the very start of the session I had a deep heart opening experience, some grief and tears flowed through, which eventually transitioned into a stillness where I was floating in warm tingling sensations throughout my body, especially in my palms. I was floating in an open prairie with tall grass and a forest and mountains in the distance. It was very peaceful and expansive atmosphere. I was drifting through this landscape with the vision of a white rabbit. This vision transitioned into floating above a lake, which felt very serene as I was watching a small bird flying over the water, transforming into a larger bird, which made ripples along the water, still transforming into what seemed like a goddess with wings. Afterwards I started to move upwards into an ethereal space like environment, I felt myself floating into a liquid water like substance and I felt myself rippling outwards and also other ripples connecting towards me. There were colours of blues and purples. At the end of the session I felt a lot of tension in my body had been released and I was feeling quite warm.

After the Session

I felt like a lot of weight had been listed off my shoulders and I felt very clear and overall open-hearted. Feeling a lot of gratitude for this life, for my friends and family and my community and the beautiful world that I find myself in.


Before the Session

In these days before the session I flowed between total ease with myself and a strong sense of insecurity. Not felt that type of insecurity for a long time. But then went onto a place of strength and surrender. Noticing the insecurity as something else and finding the strength to be at ease with putting myself alongside another rather than behind.

I also found that I was finding solutions in any given situation. I found myself detaching from the dramas around me. Finding humour.. Feeling into the choice.

Dreams were very vivid. All with loads of people. Celebration. Initiations. Lavender. Opening to help from others. Me letting others help me.

Dream before session: Me giving birth to a child. Outside lots of people around giving instruction finally I dropped into surrender and gave birth. again folk saying what to do. But I knew I had to trust there would be time for my bonding with the child. But had to check myself as I could just totally handover to others and I knew this was wrong. Also knew the child was an independent soul and was not going to need me for long.

Physically I had times feeling very hot. Especially in my face. Happened just a few times but I felt it may be linked to the Spirit of the plant. I also had one moment where I had a taste of blood in my mouth. During the session there was plenty of heat and once again a moment of tasting the blood. Sleep has been disturbed.

During the Session

Immediately my hands were on my heart. Big ocean, small boat bobbing on the waves almost cartoon like. Massive brown/green toad riding the waves. A snake head and a lick of a tongue. Sacral stimulated. Hands on solar plexus huge heat radiating. Feel stuck. Surrender. Tingle in nose and ears. Massive black hairy spider becomes my throat. Then is bigger than the ocean. I feel very light, flying, serene, Joy. Loads of heart activity, pulsing, extreme heat. Eyes tingle tingle. Faces of people I know some dead all with heavy addictions. Each face smiles is at peace and then gone. Massive activity in ears, heart very hot and taste blood in my mouth. Ocean again and boat and cartoon like. Sacral feels warm. Pulses in heart. Masses and masses of small black snakes some with crocodile heads. Bit scary! Comes into me thundering against my legs. I feel very cold. Night sky stars millions of glittering lights. Are they stars maybe it is the deep ocean or both. I am glittery light. In a forest deep glimmer of emerald green. Then my nose super itchy and suddenly tons of smaller but similar snakes pour out of my left nostril upwards through my hair. I want to get out of situation, feel nausea. But I surrender. Heat in my heart. Itchy all over and pains in my left arm. Spider comes out of my throat. I calm myself and then I am bathed in golden light for ages. In a Forest flying, I feel an amazing sense of freedom!!

After the Session

After the session, I was still bit itchy for a few hours. I had some nausea. I had thought I would eat a little food, but when it came to it this was not going to be possible! I had plenty of tingles in my ears, felt very alive and alert, but muscles very relaxed. I slept very well that night and for the last few nights certainly more soundly. But have not remembered any dreams!

The day after I had one moment of tons of flowing mucus from my nose. And an incredibly strong body odour lasting a few moments. Then gone. Intense achy sensations on my right side but again just fleeting and unusual but then gone. I had pulsing sensations in my heart and also in a lump I have in my left breast. Very active and stimulating and I can say the lump is now smaller. There has been a cleansing.

With other people I have been very clear with my boundaries. Saying No very easily and feeling a strength from this.

I spent the afternoon potting up baby Foxgloves! I immediately noticed the snake like roots. Maybe this was just because of such Snake imagery in the Session.. I read about how many poisonous snakes have in fact physical heart medicine. Feels linked to the Foxglove.

I would like to also share that in 2008 I experienced a two day study with Foxglove. Some links between the two sessions: A lot of Heat. Complex challenges finding true expression. Independence, Courage and trust in who I am and what I give community. A dead family member with strong addictions came into my dream. Through my dream Foxglove forgave her. The release of guilt from her was very powerful, as I felt she could now be dead in peace. I Noticed the snake like quality to my drawings!

I know this is a powerful Heart medicine and at the right dose Herbalists for 100 of years have helped people with Foxglove. It also works on the blood, lymph and spleen, helping to release and cleanse.

There is a duality to Foxglove Intoxicating and Detoxifying: Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually.

Huge Gratitude to this beautiful wonderful Plant. Huge Gratitude to Andy. Aho!


Before the Session

The days before the session there was a sadness arising inside of me that came from deep within. Nothing i was able to put my finger on. A strange sensation inside of my body that was comfortable in the uncomfortable. It were intense days, i was sharing my space with a good friend that i just reconnected with after going through some difficult times. there was a lot going on in my life, but somehow i was able to let it all flow through me. to return again and again to an observing position, to watch myself in all that was happening. Allowing myself to feel a bunch of different emotions all at the same time and somehow still remaining like in a calm deep fountain, just ripples on the surface. The sadness kept coming up and at one point i understood what it was about, about a belief i had that i have to walk alone, that i can not share what is inside of me, that it is not safe. The second i realized that and shared it with this friend that was staying with me something inside of me changed, like someone threw a switch. The instant knowing that this is over, that i now can walk side by side with others, that i can share my journey. That i can express what is inside of me, that it is safe to do so. A returning sensation in my throat, something opening up. Finding ease in the unknown. While all this deep buried emotions were rising to the surface there was still all the time a sense of lightness, of joy, of magic. Like something new lurking around the corner. A sense of knowing that i can trust deeply, that i can open myself, that it is safe to be in all that i am. A sense of deep connection and protection.

During the Session

Just before pressing play i feel like i am laying in water that is gently moving. I start the music. I feel something entering my body through my left side. Straight away my body starts moving, strong shaky movements of chest and shoulders. This movement stays for almost all the session. I can feel my heartbeat stronger, more intense, faster. For the first song it feels like an outside force is firmly but gently shaking me loose, then i hear a voice asking me if i am ready to let go of sadness, pain and suffering. I say yes. The shaking gets stronger. I see myself walking in a forest surrounded by loving spirits that protect me on my path. The trees whispering in my ears, telling me that i am never alone. The same friend that was staying with me in the house the days before appears. Foxglove shows me that there is a kind of sadness, heaviness between us, i can feel it in my heart. The same voice asking me if i am ready to let this go. I say yes. Shaking of my body gets stronger. I see a dark dense ball of energy leaving my chest. I see the two of us walking in peace. Free. Light. I feel my body getting lighter. The shaking almost stops with the last song. Just sometimes like a little after wave running through me. I see myself again in a forest. Through the eyes of a child. Very magical. Joyful. Fairies everywhere. Then i get bathed in a golden light. Feeling of full surrender, lightness, ease. Floating in nothingness. At peace. Knowing that all is well.

After the Session

There is a warmth and calmness in my heart the days after the session. Like finally being able to just be, to rest. Knowing with my body, that all that is meant for me can not miss me. That i do not have to fight. Quite some situations rising up that challenge and trigger me but i can observe again in this knowing that all is well, that i can handle all that comes my way. Feeling like i am deeper inside of my body. A sense of clarity, even though i have no idea where i am going really, but knowing that i will know when it is time. A knowing that i am always loved, guided and protected, no matter what. Quite some old patterns and behaviours rising to the surface, feels more even like a memory, like foxglove wants to show me where and how i already grew. Showing me in a gentle loving way. Feels like the start of something new, like something old became full circle. Thank you!


Before the Session

The days preceding the session I felt the word taboo very strongly. With it came all the beliefs I have towards sex, the night (where I can't see) and religion. I felt this search for my shadow, for my Goddess of the night, for my Lilith. I was surprised when Lilith's name came so strong - To me she represents the woman that broke free and knows what she wants and deserves, she didn't want to subject herself to a man even if she loved him very much. This made me think a lot about my desires and needs as a woman while recognizing my fears so I can let them go. To search for that place where there is still oppression in me and bring light (awareness) to all of this so I can break free.

During the Session

I had a beautiful and intense journey through my chakras that brought a lot of clarity during my session First I started seeing an indigenous man that I couldn't quite understand if he was dancing or calling an animal and when I tried to know the answer came the message to slow down. Then Ganesha appears with a ball of wool and asks me if I want to keep it tangled or if I am ready to start untangling it and I said and felt that I was. I saw myself as a boy (around 7 years old) and we walked together through a rainbow path. After this path that we walked together I feel I am on my root chakra - I am myself again and waiting for me is this older indigenous woman sitting on a bench, I sit with her and we are looking to a big tree and she tells me I have to look at it and respect it and the word ancestors came. Then I feel my uterus on my body and I see a circle of golden light with fire and I see this energy becoming a woman shifting into a flower. I can't recollect precisely but in between these two chakras - I am in a catholic church and I am on my knees praying and very lovingly I feel Jesus and Mary Magdalene giving me their hands to help me to stand up.

At some point there was a turtle to tell me again to go slow I don't remember the images from my third chakra, but I remember feeling some pain in it and the clear message to bring back self application of Reiki to my routine. In my heart I saw a serpent that was also a woman that was angry - not with something or someone but she was screaming like it was time to do something. Lilith was in my heart and I felt I have what is necessary to make a change based on knowledge and love. On my throat I saw an ocean and the images was between seeing it in a big perspective or to be in the water - the green woman image from my first plantally session appeared (the one that felt if she would talk, she would drown) to a blue woman that said that she could communicate in a different way (I felt so in peace with this image - like it was my evolution from the first session to this one,) I also saw me like myself vomiting a lot of water jets of mixed clean and dirty water. On my third eye it exploded with purple light and then a big open wound appeared and this purple and a little bit white flower started to put its leaves on the wound and then it was like I had a crown with these leaves. I saw myself (not me but a part of me) laying down on something like a coffin/bed and looking over me I saw many people ( Jesus and Maike were the ones I could tell apart from the group).

On my crown there was a big hole and then this purple and yellow and a bit white flower made itself present again and covered all my head. Last image I saw was of this indigenous man from the beginning in a circle with more indigenous people playing drums and he said to me I was ready to dance now - he also called me a warrior. An Eagle appeared and disappeared multiple times - in the beginning I wanted to ride in it's back and he said by the end I could also see like he sees and fly like he does.

After the Session

After it was shown to us that we worked with Foxglove I felt strongly that it showed itself on my session with the yellow colour relating to golden healing energy and also connected with my third chakra - specially because I don't have clear images of that part of the session. Foxglove gave me awareness to focus a little bit more on this specific chakra. On the following days lots of synchronicities. I had a big insight with the relationship with my mother and how I connect with her with all these parts that I call my shadows in my feminine energy. I am in a relationship where I am working a lot with things that were taboo to me - sexuality, religion and institutions .I feel very present and very aware of my day to day life. I feel a big shift where my insecurities want to make themselves present and I can see where I am reacting still in fear. My heart wants to be open, the anger becomes a force of action and change. I've had moments where my communication was tested, the image I had on my session always comes to me - the woman that feels like she's drowning in her emotions if she speaks and the image of the other woman that knows there's also different ways to communicate while balancing out this clean and "dirty" waters, of all these emotions inside of me.


Before the Session

A couple of days before I started the meditation I was in a trip to Spain for work and I strangely felt very good, even if I was very exhausted due to the travel, the hard work and lots of things to deal with at the same time, beneath the fact that I had a lot on my plate I was feeling very good. Also, I couldn’t stop repeating to my friends and myself how beautiful the gardens and the areas were, there was a lot of plants a lot of beautiful cactus and I was really amazed by the beauty of nature.

During the Session

The first twenty minutes of meditation were absolutely amazing, the minute I laid down I had a feeling of peace and was really relieved and I didn’t have any thoughts and that was really surprising. Even if I do a lot of meditation, my mind is always full of questions, thoughts, reflections. Like filling the dishwasher of how I am going to deal with this tomorrow.

The minute the music started I was really going away, I saw a lot of flights, a lot of colours, I immediately saw my body going up in the sky, flying. It was very intense, a very cool sensation of happiness and very intense at the same time. Ninety percent of my experience was very good and ten percent was uncomfortable or challenging. I had two visits, the first one was of someone dead, an old friend of my grandmother who I knew very well. It was funny because it is not someone I am often thinking of, he was dead a couple of years ago. I had the chance to speak with him about a very personal topic to have some wise council and words of wisdom and it felt good and very natural. A couple of minutes after I could feel someone was laying down close to me, it is a friend I have not known for a long time, but is someone I am hoping to have more connection with and it was very natural to have him by my side. I also had the feeling I was pregnant, at least I was very full of something, I felt a lot in my body, eating of food and tingling in my legs and a lot of intense heat in my heart or on my chest that was very intense and I never had this experience with a meditation. So yes my full body could really feel into it. And after the thirty minutes or so after the session I had an intense wake up I was really far away, like my body was in hypnosis or something like that.

After the Session

In the days after that nothing particular, I really enjoyed the next days and I felt cool and at peace. It was an amazing experience and very intense and magical.
Allow me a moment to pull upon the threads woven through this podcast. Heart pulsing, yellow/golden light, intense heat, water/ocean/sea, slow down, shaking and letting go, hurt of past relationships, ancestors and dead people, being pregnant and giving birth, weight removed from shoulders, body becoming lighter, flying. What tapestry might this reveal. A weighted story, one of which some of us take on from the world around and inherit from ancestral line. There are those that might try to impose their will over us, testing our boundaries and personal power. But as we discover the division between oneness and separateness, we learn our truth, our energy, our limits, what is ours to work through and take on and what is not ours that we can let go of or refuse to take in. We witness the weight being lifted and with it, soar to higher levels.