oh for frog's sake

~ sapo's secretion ~
episode 10

"I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet"
– Mahatma Gandhi  
Your thin moist skin, allowing Air to move in. cheerily leaf hopping with infectious grin. Laying eggs without shells, jelly coating, but safe in Water, freely floating. Sticky mucus, stopping you drying, croaking in chorus, hoarse throat replying. Filtering out non-resonant noise, for drowning in opinions, inner voice destroys.

Indicator species, healthy environment showing, but where there's no frogs, toxicity might be flowing. Thin skin, a blessing and a curse, sensitive to surrounding, for better or worse.

Environmental pollution, but what's your solution. Bad radiation, low vibration, vaccinate them with your all natural creation. Sweat and purge that toxic intake, get it all out, for human's sake.

Indigenous sing your sacred song and down the branch you come along. You give your poison to heal their tribe, burning marks on skin, brings your medicine inside. For others your song they never learned, stretching and torturing, no love returned. They hunt you and poke you and take what they will, a growing industry, deep pockets to fill.

Yes, you give yourself to help others heal, but some want more so from you they steal. On one level, yes, we are all one, cosmic dancing since life begun. But oh to co-exist, right relationship I must insist. Give and take that's the law of the land, delicately balancing left and right hand.

But it's all pseudoscience until it's synthetically created, for when pharmacy moves in, clear benefits can be stated. Your lab coats might be white, for purity of sight, but you're missing the guiding spirit this medicine will invite.

So I come to you, Kambo, in this other way, swimming in streams faraway, connected in spirit through the heartbeat of all, once forced to my knees but now standing tall. Sometimes I feel the outer world so strong, withdrawing within, to the place I belong. That chorus, ears ringing in perfect pitch, purified Water, all life you enrich. But that joy of Fire, burning beneath my feet, soon has me hopping on from feelings of defeat.

Toxic people, I know so well, outstaying their welcome, forced to expel. Master manipulators always someone else to blame, situation might change, but response is the same. The Fire of their fury, burns your thin skin, permeating your being, their poison moves in. Sickness, disease, sapping lifeforce, their venom through veins running its course.

Dear friend, setting yourself on Fire to keep others warm, a healthy environment you'll soon transform. Magnetic attraction, like a moth to the flame, flexible boundaries is the name of the game.

So to Kambo, hop down from your leaf, to offer my people relief. This poison you provide, remedy for the poison inside. Sweating of skin and purging what's within, purification of dream, elevation to God stream.

These are my own insights, but a great beauty of life is that of perspective, so how might others respond to the spirit of Kambo, unbeknownst to this being the spirit they are receiving. How might they perceive it through their six senses. And you never really see, how toxic something can be, until you make space for self-care and breathe fresher Air.
* some participant names might have been changed for pen names.
* no participants were informed that it was the spirit of Kambo we were working with until after they had all shared their experience of the Session.


Hello, my name is Selva and I’m happy to share my Kambo experience here.

So, before Andy officially announced this session, I bumped into a friend. I hadn’t seen him for many years. When we first met, we were sitting next to each other in a circle, in a little village in Peru, waiting to receive burn marks on our skin and the poison of a frog to be applied, our bellies full of 2 liters of water that we had to drink as preparation.

For both of us it was the first time. He went first and I could watch his whole body going very pale and somehow grey-greenish – and my last thoughts were OMG now the only way out is through… Then the violent, heavy purge set in. When my body was done and calmed down, I looked around at the other persons. Another guy next to me almost unrecognizable, his face was dark red and severely swollen, his eyes almost not visible anymore. He didn’t mind - he said this always happens.

In the days after this experience, I found myself in deep peace of mind, very focused, very open to the beauty of the incredible nature around us and my senses unusually sharpened. I could hear dogs barking many kilometers away. My olfactory sense was hyper too. I suddenly could smell the strangest things and also things my travel companion could not.

Why was I putting myself through this?

At that time, I was still thinking change had to be drastic. I was stressed, overworked and constantly battling health issues. I even had to postpone this journey to Peru because last minute I fell sick. I was ready to try everything, so I dared to try the “jungle vaccine”, hoping for help and also hoping for a quick fix. Looking back now, it was also a quest for purpose, belonging and community.

For the “jungle vaccine” to properly work it was said we would have to do it 3 times. But… I couldn’t. The one-time experience for me was enough. Not just because of stressing the frogs to harvest the venom or the heavy purge, but also my struggles about the whole circus around it in general, that I didn’t enjoy.

I have deep love and respect for the portal into profound inner work that the indigenous medicines are opening for us. I’m glad and forever grateful that I could experience it. And at the same time, I was always repelled by the woohoo, the consumerism and the business involved in the once “sacred”.

So Kambo was no stranger to me and it revealed itself in the weeks before our session night. I’m working with animal communication, and especially with Andy and the spirit world in this way for more than 3 years now. I’ve noticed that they actually always reveal themselves, it’s just a matter of attention and connecting the dots. The random encounter with my friend was a sign. Then I suddenly noticed the very heightened olfactory sense again. And that skill of full, undivided presence, no matter what. I was in the middle of travel preparations to drive across Europe to Germany and many things went different than planned. Usually this would have stressed and worried me to the max – this time I was calm and just present with what is. and the tasks that I had under control. Everything else was not important. Without the usual hustling and going in slow speed I still arrived perfectly on time.

With that long journey and much movement and action going on here in Germany… I was wondering if I might have the time and space to really go deep with this session. Would I be able to really feel into it and take the time to sense and observe and go into the inner processes without my lonely retreat space in the middle of nowhere, my meditation space, my time, my rhythm? City life is so much faster and distractive. And then Kambo showed me how.

I suddenly felt how every moment can be our meditation place and space. It’s what we choose to focus on.

I felt the spirit in every move, it was supporting me during the whole time and journey in a subtle and important way: I could keep my heart open and connect truly from the heart. There was no other way than opening up and it was joyful, playful and contagious. We had so much fun!! I could consciously dive even deeper into being present and focused, and that made all interactions and encounters rich and incredibly beautiful. I felt very naturally really good boundaries. Noise, stress, draining mental chatter and distractions did not belong into my zone and just didn’t enter. Navigating the different pace and speed of city life was easy. At one point I realized I didn’t even wear my glasses anymore, which is actually kind of impossible. I didn’t need them. It’s not that suddenly I could see 100 percent again, it was more as if I trusted other senses and found my ways perfectly around.

Other participants in the session shared about purging, irritated stomachs, red eyes, tummy doing funny things. I also felt my belly to be huge – all the signs pointed into one direction. Another one was when during driving to Germany my car out of the blue suddenly played the song Kambo by Nick Barbachano.

And then when I had arrived, on a walk in the beautiful Bavarian forests, a little frog jumped right in front of my feet. That was my final sign and when I asked Andy if it was Kambo, he confirmed my intuition to be true.

So when the night of the session arrived, I this time knew what was waiting for us – and it made me feel anxious.

When it started, I felt especially my right side and leg, the place where once were the burn marks. Then I felt pain in my liver area and an intense headache. My breathing got slow and shallow. I saw crystals, colorful, beautiful. They turn into drops, raindrops or dew on leaves. I feel small, I am on the forest floor, under plants and leaves, I feel the drops on my back, too. I am a frog. Then I feel something brewing in my real body, lots of yawning and then I start to cough. Heavily. I have to sit up and cough for about half the session… deep from my belly, coughing and in the short pauses between I have a „frog“ in my throat. Then laying down again, silence. In spirit, I’m trying to fly up into the trees, the Forest, the jungle and merge with all the spirits there. But my body feels dense and is anchored to the floor. I wonder if it is because I’m in this city concrete jungle and the exhausting speed here… And then deep sadness arrives. Sadness about the disconnection of us humans from nature, the exploitation of everything living as resources, how everything sacred is now also a business, how we never stop to want more.

When and how did the fascination for technology, for artificial, replace the fascination for the natural intelligence? The urge to manipulate and control, to dissect and know every little detail instead of being enchanted, of marvel in awe at the magic and mystery of the inexplicable and incredibly orchestrated flow of life?

When the session ends, I’m wondering if I was really jumping in this time or was I afraid to surrender because I had an idea in my mind about what was coming? Did I really feel it all? What would have been different not knowing? I understand why Andy usually doesn’t reveal the spirit before, but only after the journey – to keep expectations and the mind at bay so we can relax into the experience.

Later that night I dreamed of my travel companion back in Peru. She was not part of the Kambo circle or session. We were friends, but the friendship suddenly came to an end during the pandemic. I hadn’t seen her in a couple of years either. The next day, walking to the metro station in Munich, she passed me on a bicycle. Also on that day, I received a present – it was a patch that showed crystals just like in the session and said “Protection from assholes”. The humor of the spirits, I love it so much!! And raindrops everywhere. We definitely see what we focus on. There were synchronicities all over, as if to confirm: Yes, what happened last night is real.

Kambo in spirit was so much more gentle and gifted me with trust in my roots, confidence, trust in myself and the game of life. A playful, joyful focus on the beauty of this world and the beauty of genuinely being human – the ability of presence and witnessing, to connect and communicate from the heart.

I have been seeing eagles on the way to Germany and other birds of prey and beloved crow family as a daily reminder of the many beings living next to us. And as an anchor in the crazy swell of modern life. Connection and belonging is a place deep within, and finding it changes everything. Some years ago I was just looking for it in all the wrong places.

The heavy purge this time was more of a mental purging –outdated ideas, beliefs and conditioning cluttering the mind and spirit.

Fascinating though, how very similar things are going on in spirit and in the physical session, just on different levels.

It was a very powerful journey, gentle, way more subtle and less aggressive in spirit – at least for me, I think other participants had different experiences of purging. It was deep inner work, that needs no outer recognition and no burn marks either. Thank you dearest Andy and Kambo Spirit for another remarkable journey.


Clench. Desert. Dark. Confusion. Lost. My mum is present. It is her clenched. Tense. Jaw. Not heard, can’t hear. Pulsing heat in my right arm. Painful hot eyes (have had this on and off all week). My neck feels like it could go into spasm. Little pinches start in my lift arm then all over body. Sharp head. Taste and smell bile. Flocks of birds flying . People in my life with hot irritated skin stuff coming into my vision. Then Still. Softness- I am soft and my surroundings. Deep plunge into softness. Really flexible. Dissolving. My tum feels most settled in days. Could go down many corridors all my past stories- quickly feel despair, empty. But I stop. Bird flying in my throat- gentle flutter. I fluctuate between Lost and very Sure. Gratitude.


straight full in. walking in forest. a feeling of being lifted above. hovering over the ground. floating in a pool of liquid love. an invitation to surrender. strong headache. being worked on brain, specially the right side. a flickering behind the eyes. keeps going for a while, makes the headache worse. ‚do you want to keep being with the flickering light or you want to turn the light on fully? it’s my decision. i decide to turn on the light. so much light. reigniting. a fire starting to burn. a wave of energy flowing through spine. shapeshifting into a mermaid. swimming with the frog. very light and playful. feels like home. third eye opening. psychedelic patterns. continuing for a while. need to press my hands on my eyes. my physical eyes need to rest. super strong headache. pulling the skin on my forehead to the sides. something that doesn’t belong in my third eye gets removed. feeling of clearing up. more space in my brain. back as the mermaid in the water. frog wanting to show me something. diving down. a forest of crystals under water. a treasure box on the ground. it is mine. i open it. there is a red ruby inside. it floats out of the box and into my womb. shining brightly through whole area of womb, belly, stomach. a blue light starting to shine in my head. psychedelic patterns start again. an image of a violin being played on my vocal chords. strong feeling of discomfort. sounds starting to arise from deep within. spitting out some stuff. lots of movement of jaw and tongue. waving goodbye to an old story.


As I started the session, I couldn't get the music to the right level. It was too loud, even though the next level down was off! Something has definitely shifted and my hearing has become more sensitive both in the physical and the spiritual. I was with a Leopard. moving swiftly through the jungle. Then Cobra joined the Leopard. Then other snakes too. there was urgency in the mission, though I did not know what the mission was. All of a sudden the jungle was no more. A cliff that as you looked out from it, saw only white mist, and the jungle landscape (that had split off) disappearing into the horizon. Then Eagle arrived, and was showing the Leopard, Cobra and the snakes where to go. Around the jungle/cliff edge. Now I am the Eagle. Directing these animals to a group of other animals who were gathered to safety from the split. From there as the Eagle I flew to Antarctica. Something is being activated there, but there is both light and dark. And the dark takes out Eagle. (got flashes of the Predator/Alien movie) This interference in alien, but can not long survive here due to the increasing light. It's exit very soon sees a big shift in the Earth. I see metaphorically the Sun coming out and people on mass beginning to awaken!! I move into the Sun and stay there a while, communing and communicating without words, mostly through my third eye. I am then feeling in my heart a huge pyramid. It is in the heart of Africa. and feels like it is uniting the land masses to it. Then it is doubled. One pointing into the earth and the other pointing to the stars, their bases connected. With heartfelt gratitude... another extraordinary experience! Thank you Animal Spirit Kambo, this has been a very powerful medicine that has moved my being. With sincere thanks to Andy, and our beautiful group for this magical journey


Before the session began. Very active, in service. I like the feeling of this rush. I feel stung by insects and little bugs. Even think of the centipede. Painful. Things are “tight scheduled”; all that happens falls like puzzle pieces together. Feeling the love and recognition of friends. Urge to scream out my anger and frustration this afternoon, felt also lot of tears with that. I suppressed. Just before session. Headache coming up. Veins feel hot and sort of itchy. Legs are being stretched and pulled down, and the pain in my lower back radiates. My left ear hurts again, now without the ringing. As the session starts. Stinging pain in my intestines on the left side close to my stomach Water flows over my lower legs, it’s warm flow Itch on my left foot I see Aries The infinity symbol with something rising from the middle The headache centers in my third eye area. My mouth gets dryer. I see old people walking in the snow, slightly up hills I the mountains. A pain in my intestines lower belly; it reminds me that I woke up from this pain superstrong last night; I had to “kreun” /scream for the pain; couldn’t stay silent. A frog and a young woman with a crown being pushed down the river stream. Tension in the back of my head and in between my ears. Wind attracts my attention. I drift away several times. Feel my tiredness strong. Dry mouth. Almost fell asleep.


I have no words. I have words. I was gone, I realised how my body was just here to keep me on earth. Nothing, far away from everything. It was dark some small golden points and that's it. No time no me. Everything was so calm and i felt I‘m home. I was with the angels and it was so beautiful to feel that. They spoke to me. I don‘t know what. And then when I realised I have to go back, I had a strong feeling to come back for my brother he needs me in a way that made me cry. But it was not so easy to come back because the other side was so beautiful. I felt some power and happiness and it helps me to open my eyes. And then I cried, still do… and now sitting here and feels that the world is here that I can see the beauty of all. In a very beautiful new way. Have no words. Have words… thank you
If I was to share one last thing about the spirit of Kambo and the frog, that might easily be missed as one is rolling around on the floor vomiting and purging having received this medicine through burn marks. Is that behind the spirit of Kambo and the frog is the most beautiful divinity of femininity, that nourishes, nurtures, supports and holds one in the process of reclamation, restoration and re-balancing of boundaries.

And in our current climate where there seems to be so much confusion around the genders and where Kambo is often celebrated as being masculine in nature, I might point to the powerful feminine force behind it that empowers the masculine, encourages the masculine and pushes forwards the masculine.