teacher of teachers

~ new yagé ~
episode 2

"The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend."
– Robertson Davies  
Shedding layers like snake skins, continuously developing, next stage begins. Spiritual mission, it's what you're here for, air lock engaged, so open the door. DMT flushing, altered states remind, step forward stranger, leave mind behind.

First time we met, sharing stories so strong, shuttling through situations humanity's gone wrong. Raising the alarm, all is not what it seems, system of control breaking apart at the seams. Ahh you always thought that you were free, but you've been trapped in the matrix, like a chicken factory. But don't worry, I'm not going to leave you in suspense, prepare yourself for this download, it might be intense.

Later in a ceremony, we agreed on the mind remaining, observing what was happening, it was time for training. Moving through meridians like a virus scan, shifting into scenes since lifetimes began. Vomiting, purging, releasing, letting go, meeting past pains in present to outgrow. System felt clearer, it was quite the reboot, transforming Earth for something new to take root.

Called to the Amazon to work with you there, river boiling beside as I sat in silent prayer. World of spirit unfolding before my eyes, interaction between us no longer disguised. So now you are Really ready to trust, that's good for there's much that needs to be discussed. And it's for this moment for which I was prepared, the most sacred of medicines now spiritually shared.

It's been more than seven years since Ayahuasca and I last spoke, but whilst working with Tobacco a new calling awoke. She's a powerful force, so let's take things slow, teacher of teachers, you don't know what you don't know.

Ayahuasca is prepared with two particular plants, boiled together, clairvoyance enhanced. Banisteriopsis Caapi and Chacruna too, so I separated them first to learn who's who.

Caapi led me down to an underwater domain, didn't take long before the pink river dolphin came. Casting of fish high up into the sky, playfully playing in plentiful Water supply. Then spiraling of Water, faster and faster it turned, shooting up of vines, to the light they yearned. Tangling and untanging, twisting, pole dancing, continuously growing and upwards advancing.

Chacruna began with blossoming lotus flower, opening of things to release great power. A dragon with shiny metallic feel, flew through body in armour-plated steel. Pulsing of body, synchronous spasms, we journeyed together through ancient chasms. Drum beaters and rattle shakers, those indigenous movement makers. Then on my knees like many times before, in service to life by sword I swore.

Powerful alone, but together we are stronger, so I worked with them both for a little while longer. This marriage of elements, no wonder she can do it all, energetically tinkering to a complete overhaul. DNA double helix, spiraling staircase to the stars, restoring divine blueprint, healing genetic scars.

Dear friend, the sincerely sensitive have for sometime understood, if they'd like to connect in without consuming then they easily could. Sitting in sacred circle, where others from cup sip, opens same spiritual space for a similar trip. So perhaps after all, this work is not so weird, dawning of new ways should be welcomed and not feared.

Ayahuasca, what would you like to here now share and of what should my people be made aware. Green fractals in helix form and from this sequence an hourglass was born. DNA develops with divine timing, some have gone too far, but others need help aligning. The time is now, to gather with tribe, for beauty beyond that which words can describe.

Caapi, Chacruna and Ayahuasca as well, inviting your benevolence for malevolence to dispel. Twist, turn, untether and retie strands, innate restoration spiritual self understands. Coiled serpent awakens from its slumber, yes, you're so much more magical than a barcode number. Divine being, cosmic creator, so lower frequencies, see you later.

Waking in the dream, conscious in creation, silencing of mind and its neverending narration. Who am I this time, better let go of what I'm holding, it was just a quantum leap in I am consciousness unfolding. Infinite possibilities and intricate playgrounds to explore, sleep regenerates, but I will wake forevermore.

These are my own insights, but a great beauty of life is that of perspective, so how might others respond to the spirit of Ayahuasca, unbeknownst to this being the spirit they are receiving. How might they perceive it through their six senses. And when twisting vines meet with alchemical sparks, the old falls away and a new age now starts.
* some participant names might have been changed for pen names.
* no participants were informed that it was the spirit of Caapi, Chacruna and Ayahuasca we were working with until after they had all shared their experience of the Session.
Cosmo or Tiana Bussan and Damiao or Tianá Ssian are twin brothers and spiritual leaders who work by way of ancestral shamanism for the Huni Kuin tribe in the Amazon, developing this ceremonial and spiritual work.

Their words mirror my own, whereby humanity might be present all over the planet, but much of humanity is not connected to its own true nature. They see an essential need for spiritual work, medicines and ancestral healing to reconnect again. They could sense the truthful, positive and aligned way in which I can deliver the spiritual medicine of their own lands. How it manifested before them in visons and in dreams and their recognition of a great alliance.

In the readiness of many to migrate into the metaverse, perhaps it becomes increasingly easier for one to forget that they are already the universe. May this medicine help re-member.

Cosmo & Damião
∞ Huni Kuin ∞

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Gratitude to Mother Nature

Gratitude to the great spirit for this wonderful day

We are here for this work of connection. I want to introduce myself here, In Portuguese I’m Cosmo de Araújo, my original name is Tianá Bussan of the Huni Kuin.

Haux Haux I want to introduce myself here, my original name is Tianá Ssian of the Huni Kuin and my other name is Damião.

Cosmo and I are twin brothers and here in the village we are spiritual leaders and work by way of ancestral shamanism for the Huni Kuin tribe with our ancestors in developing this ceremonial and spiritual work.

We are very happy to be sharing our work and experience today here with our people, with the ancestral spirits of our community and here in our forest. And so I would like to thank this partnership with our brother Andy and his project plantally. For us, it is a reason of much joy to be participating in this connection of work so that we can help and develop this exchange of experiences and cultural and spiritual knowledge from the Huni Kuin tribe. And this is a project of great importance for humanity.

During these three days of work that we did, I felt, together with my brother, as spiritual leaders and guardians of our forest, a great connection of alliance and knowledge that allowed us to work in an aligned and connected way with the ancestral spirits that exist in Mother Nature, on Mother Earth, the spirits of the water, the enchanted spirits of the forest of the boa constrictor and harpy eagle.

And so we’ve had this connection with our brother Andy’s work and for us it has great meaning and we are aligned in this work so that together we can help humanity to connect. I also want to say that we are very happy for this alliance of the ancestral spiritual shamanism aligned here with this work.

We worked with our ancestors, the ancestral spirit healers, the medicines and the enchanted beings of the forest here in the Amazon of Brazil in the indigenous land called Igarapés do Caucho, where we have been aligning this work with the ancestral spirits together with our brother Andy, who also does this work where he is.

And this alignment, with the spirits, helps us to transmit healing to humanity more and more. I want to say that during these three days of spiritual concentration, the spirits manifested and arrived before us in a very positive way, in a very truthful way and in a very aligned way. And so like I said, the spirit from our place was aligned with the spirit of Planet Earth, where our brother Andy works. These spirits that cure and heal, these ancestral medicines, these sacred medicines, these enchanted beings that transformed in order to transmit this healing. And so we felt that during the whole concentration the spirit arrived in a very positive way so that we may transform and help and heal.

So today we feel and see that humanity is present all over the Planet, in every location of the world, but not all of humanity is connected to this reality, specifically the spiritual work, the medicines, the ancestral healing, as our people, the original people heal with our ancestral beings and transmit this healing to humanity.

So this alliance that we are working on together with our brother Andy has the objective of transmitting this ancestral healing to humanity, because humanity is inhabiting the planet but they need to feel reconnected with nature, with the enchanted beings, they need to be connected with the medicines that we breathe and receive as healing from Mother Nature.

And so this is a clear message to our brothers and to humanity, you need to reconnect. Just as we feel connected here with our brother Andy, this must happen on your land as well. So we believe that with these ancestral spirits that we work with, they are the spirits that can bring healing to Planet Earth and to humanity because this is the way in which we heal through this ancestral spirituality. And this healing will serve the whole of humanity, not only now but in the future, this already comes from the past through our ancestors, it is in the present, and it will maintain itself in the future as well. This is why we transmit these messages, because this healing is really going to serve humanity and we have this duty to make this alliance so that this work can be done.

Because this connection supports our spirituality projects and our future projects are also aligned with healing for the whole of human society. And so we want to thank the great spirit to be sharing this video here in the middle of the Queen of the Forest, where the spirits that heal us, the medicines are and to be here transmitting this healing for our brothers. Especially this connection with our brother shaman Andy. We are honored to be in this alliance and to be working and feeling all these spirits manifesting themselves during our work. I felt the spirits manifesting here during the concentration and I also received this concentration in my dream when I slept, the spirits manifested telling me and showing the importance of this great alliance. And so I thank the great spirit for being together in this work, in this project, working on ancestral spirituality and shamanism of Huni Kuin.

Haux Haux

Gratitude to my brother Andy for this partnership for this experience in which we are feeling his connection with his wonderful work and I want to be able to say just as my brother has already said I hope that this project flows more and more, this spiritual project of connection and interconnection of our work with Andy’s work. We are here in the Huni Kuin group in the Igarapé do Caucho land to be able to receive our brothers anytime they wish to visit us here in the village and in the forest.


Ayahuasca... we have met many times before. In hindsight, you showed pretty clearly that it was you! When I signed up for the session and wrote Andy the next day “instant regret haha” – didn’t we always have this push-pull dynamic? Feeling the strong desire to meet you and the urge to run away. The heavy anxiety kicking in the closer we came to the session night – this also happened every single time, sometimes so strong I stepped out. The clear visions of how to prepare the space for the night of the journey and I even suddenly dressed in white – first time ever that I thought about clothes with plantally…

And your humor… the tongue thing during the journey was the most funny sign… Suddenly my tongue started to move and do things, faces and sounds. At that point a part of me was laughing so hard and thinking OMG thank you that I’m home alone in my space! As many years ago the exact same thing happened to a friend in a big Ayahuasca circle, he was going lululululuuuuuuuu the whole night, nobody wanted to sit next to him the next night and we are still laughing about this 10 years later. And here we go, now I was doing it… It should not have been a surprise that it was you at all..

You have opened many many doors for me in the past. And so did you this time. I found my spark again, deep peace inside, so many new insights and my creativity is on fire.

I was stunned how complex this journey was for me. How my perception had changed in the weeks before – in listening, in perceiving different information layers in interactions with others, even faces looked different. I’m forever grateful for all teachings, the beautiful, spectacular, mindblowing, heart-exploding-with-beauty-ones and also the ones that are difficult but so, so healing.

I loved all of our encounters. We had grown distant as I don’t like big circles and even less the big circus that has evolved around you. This was very, very special for me.

What a blessing to work with you in this way. Huge love, huge respect..


I am in deep gratitude for this work. for this work that changed my life in many many ways. slow and steady and sometimes with a big bang.

Having worked with Ayahuasca only once in physical and looking back seeing how it was way too much for my system, how I wasn’t able to process the experience, how my whole system completely shut down. Working with this medicine in spirit was deeply healing. Not only healing my first experience in physical but going beyond anything that i can express in words. A weight being lifted of me. Falling into softness. A remembrance of forgotten times. Of times where there were no words but melodies. breath by breath and step by step remembering my melody. step by step stepping deeper into myself. Experiencing the universe that lies within me. Experiencing a whole new sense of what it means to love myself.

Embracing totally. being nurtured by the mother of mothers. being nurtured by earth. feeling it rushing through every cell of my body. A deep knowing that everything is available at any time in any space. remembering that i am connected to universal love, remembering that i am all that there is and all that there is is me. Remembering that life is supposed to feel beautiful.

Holding and being held. seeing and being seen. hearing and being heard. loving and being loved. Form becoming formless and formless becoming form. I am creation and i create. walking now with joy in my heart and lightness in my step.


My first meeting with Ayahuasca was a cermony night, surrounded by people I never saw before in my life, in a strange environment. I felt safe with the shaman and the space, but I never could fully open and be present with the medicine. My body had strong reactions to receiving the physical brew and some participants were flipping out. I felt “lost between cultures”, sad for not being part of a culture in which ceremony, spiritual practice and deep connection with nature is woven into daily life and essential part of collective coherence.

Despite this context, I was deeply touched and impressed by how Ayahuasca met me. She took me into a journey of vision, light and sound that showed me how to live and create together in "cosmic flow". A symphony of Life. I felt my heart opening and I knew: that has everything to do with why I am in this life.

Doors of perception were opened that continued active after this ceremony. She gifted me with imprints strong enough to keep exploring. On crucial moments, glimpses of the vision appeared that kept me going. I felt her “within”, with deep gratitude.

I never considered to take part in another ceremony, neither to travel to South America to meet her in her Home territory. This experience intensified my wish to co-create such connected culture where I live. In the plantally sessions, I can travel “in spirit”, as part of my daily life, with people and situations where I feel “home”. Wisdom and healing of beings from all cultures become accessible within the context of my own culture.

This time, the first images that come show me new dimensions of the vision I received during my first meeting with Ayahuasca. Even though this association comes so clear, I do not assume we are working with Her. I love not to know to which spirit I am introduced. It invites subtle and open “listening”, purely with felt sense, a meeting from “within”.

I feel invited to shed skins, to open for new levels of possibility. A constant clearing to free creation energy. The vital role of music/sound and familiarity with subtle movements in my body fluids for my connection to deeper “knowing”, fuller expression and interaction. Silent sensing of energies that are giving shape and structure to Life. Glimpses of how to be guided by and interact with them as way of living, individually and collectively. Images of how the expansion of my own capacities for sensing, navigating, manifesting, interacting expand the range of possibility to co-create with other beings and energies. Subtle, multidimensional weaving.


This is it - the great about face Seismic shift, incoming grace.

Plunged into a water world, memories of ways I have thrived
Grief at atrocities I have not stomached
But it is not the wounding that stays- it is the beauty inherent.
Streams gather momentum- from droplet to wave
There is nothing which can stop this flow
Don’t forget what you don’t know.
Shake off what plagues you It weights the scale, so heavy becomes the gait
That violent purges- tears, streams, fires and quakes
Might become the easiest way to clear the space.

I have revered Ayahuasca, but watched from afar, uncertain how to approach- intimidated by a power that has been commercialised, oversensitising the magnificently sensitised. Perhaps it speaks to a societal desperation to fix what's not broken, exacerbating separation, like a dam inserted into a river, water unintegrated in some spaces, flooding other places.

My experience with this holy harpoon is a precise and encompassing ability to activate seeds ready to germinate. Deep soul callings covered by fears fed so readily that they have become part of the landscape. For me, this was woven through accepting to bring another child through, the call to transform the way my children learn, and the knowing that it is time to move to land, to land. But to sprout these seeds, I must dislodge my desire to “go home”.

My lack of trust reared its head when I thought all was said and done; Ayahuasca is not just powerful, but a piercer, who knows just how to get the work done. I can say I was not ready, I can say I’ve been ready all my life, but I’ve found neither of that matters when I can’t surrender my own strife.

I notice my grip, and open, even if just a pinprick. I notice the hands lovingly extending, and meet them. I notice the wisdom offered at every turn and realise how braced I have been against what is coming to meet me, the elements dancing dreams through me. The diaspora of diamonds.

Would that I could string a series of notes together
To play a tune of the holy
Where mountains echo change points
And storms water dreams
Where serpents uncoil in body
And sprout glorious feathered wings
And now I speak
A language unspoken.


This work with Andy is incredibly powerful and effective. Many of us want to heal the traumas that we have experienced, heal and shift the repeated patterns that do not serve.

The Journeys I have been on with this Spirit medicine have been deeply profound. Not only have I embodied the changes that are going on, also dear friends have commented on the subtle changes that they have noticed about me over the last year or so.

Over the years many people have said I should partake in an Ayahuasca Ceremony. I have had resistance mainly because I know that the plants and trees growing around me have been and continue to be powerful Spirit Teachers. I have not found the need to go looking for mind altering plants to expand my consciousness.

I also have had resistance as plants can become very popular and it is possible they can get into the wrong hands.. Energies become murky and I have no desire to get involved. Recently finding out that the plants involved in making Ayahuasca are being intensely farmed and so messing with the eco system of the forests. Again stop me in my tracks to get involved in the main stream world of Ayahuasca ceremonies.

So unbeknownst to me, I have just spent a few weeks with the Spirit of Ayahuasca! WOW. It was a phenomenal experience with a huge amount of purging going on. Sometimes very unsettling and the only thing I could do was Trust and Surrender.

After some time I really did wonder if the Spirits involved had psychoactive properties. At different times looking in the mirror and seeing someone else. Who are you? A recalibration was taking place.

The day the work started a Buzzard flew very near to me and then was gone. I know that the Ayahuasca spoke to me through this Buzzard of Rebirth and going deep into a new perspective of responding to my life.

At times my liver throbbed and throbbed. I totally stopped drinking coffee, realising that I was just beating myself up with the dear brew! My throat one night had an obstruction that brought tears to my eyes and made me stand up to the the tension that I have been holding especially when it comes to my True Communication with others.

At times the purging was overwhelming which really forced me to do certain life stuff differently. Also a very clear message at one point- Stop swallowing it down.

I realise I could keep writing and sharing the incredible experiences I have just had with this Spirit Journey. Too much, too personal. BUT believe me powerful healing has taken place and all in the safety of my own home. Deep Connection with Andy, Ayahuasca and the Group. All of us in different parts of the world all united in this Healing work. Gratitude and Love.


Before the medicine for this session was fully “out there” I felt a strong energy force during the night. I saw a large expanse of water and then an enormous sea serpent came, opened it’s mouth and invited me in. I went through many chambers, lots of movement and then I was delivered to what I took to be Atlantis.

I found there was a lot of air in my system. The next night I saw giant shoots budding in crusty red earth and felt a strong sense already of water, air and earth all coming together. This was nearly a month before the actual session took place.

Just before the session itself began I experienced myself as a mermaid in a beautiful blue ocean. Then a burst of energy swirled around my body and I seemed to become like a propeller with lots of energy swirling into my body. Energy was then coming up through my stomach. There was a kind of internal tidying up going on, things lightly being put in place, sorted. I noticed a change of taste in my mouth, a lot of energy and heat in my ears for a short while. Then I was floating and flying and landed in a different place, might it be a different planet, I didn’t know. There was greenery and I felt relaxed, tingling in my hands and metallic dust around. I felt urged to put out my hands, allowing myself to be pulled, lifted up, invited to jump into the unknown, so I did jump, into space.

I have been experiencing sessions in different formats with Andy now for a number of years, initially face to face and later remotely. It’s only more recently, probably over the last year that I have felt relaxed enough and or felt able and enabled to “trust and surrender” to enter the mouth of a sea serpent and to leap into space. I am happy to be in the moment, to be open to reflection without feeling the need for analysis. This is in contrast to a working life where empirical evidence was a key consideration. Here and now is experiential, embracing and allowing the being, a new and different equilibrium in such a unique and beautiful way.


I have been working with Grandmother ayahuasca since 2018 after a massive life change event that shook me to the core. This is the first time that I have met her through a different approach rather than ingesting it. Throughout this experience there were moments where I felt the same physical symptoms when she takes control over your body along with moments of being completely immersed in a dream-like state -psychedelic effects, and lucid dreams of a lineage -a tribe. Due to my childhood experiences , feeling 'safe' in the ceremonies is extremely important. Experiencing Grandmother in this new way made me feel safe in a way i have never experienced before in the ceremonies.

When I was journeying with the Grandmother on the Cornwall land, under an old wise big mama tree and the stars. On that particular occasion I Remembered that I was an Earth and Wisdom Keeper. My ego thought, oh I must be special, but then realised that each one of us individually are Earth and Wisdom Keepers. It is innate within us, we just have to remember it. By taking conscious actions every day throughout our lives, looking after and respecting the natural resources that we have available. Including a conscious new relationship with ourselves, the earth and the sacred plants.

This new way of experiencing the healing force of the Grandmother has been literally beyond words and touched a deep part of myself that I was scared of in the past to address. She transported me back in time to all the ceremonies that I had with her where she was preparing the territory for this work now to happen. I feel part of this larger tapestry that has been woven throughout this healing session with Andy and others.which contributes towards the New Earth.

It takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to heal a child.


My experience with the plant spirit I now know was Ayahuasca was beautiful, and for me personally, different from past plant spirits. It took maybe longer than expected for me to truly feel its message. I did not get physical sensations as much leading up to the session as I had for previous sessions. I was aware others in the group were feeling nauseous, having stomach cramps and random pains. My dreams were vivid, I actually dreamt of Andy inhabiting the loft of a complex, never ending maze of a house I was in. I also noticed as I lay down to sleep, waves of pulsating energy over my body.

The day before the session I awoke highly emotional. I could really feel my wife's emotional upset suffering from her illness. I also felt highly connected to everything around me, and acutely felt more sensitive. I was in floods of tears  that day, and expressed a lot of what I felt in writing songs on the guitar. It felt hugely cathartic.

The session itself was very visual, comforting and an incredible journey. I was walking cliffside on grass barefoot amongst white flowers, grounded to Earth. At the next stage I was lying foetal position in space awaiting birth. Tunnels of pulsating, geometric patterns. I felt something sitting on my legs at one stage also.

It was a very powerful journey and lesson...as was to be expected from these two wonderful plant spirits that make the teacher, Ayahuasca..


I left the session after being part of it for 5 days. My immediate feelings were fatigue, but I was fairly calm about it. Until five nights later when I had suffered insomnia each night, which had put me on edge. I was also getting extreme cramps in my stomach and legs - the first couple of nights I had painfully cold feet, mainly my right foot and right leg affected. The pain in my leg became excruciating, like all my muscles were in spasm and stinging chilblains appeared on the toes of my right foot. It was all quite overwhelming.

When I told Andy I was going to resign from the session, I felt immediate relief from the pain and agitation. But with a sense of regret alongside it. He told me what the medicine was and it made immediate sense. I don’t know much of Ayahuasca but I had been learning bits here and there from different sources and my husband and I were talking of experiences friends we know have had in the weeks leading up to this. I had a further few synchronicities about Ayahuasca that very day.

What was it trying to teach me? I have MS and have nerve pain sometimes and my legs specifically are very weakened since a recent relapse. My right leg was already weaker after a spinal tap I had years ago. .

I am feeling my body more acutely since the experience. Realising what I must do to regain the strength I have lost, even if that brings me pain I am pushing through. The spirit of Ayahuasca has left its mark on me, physically at least. I’m surrendering to the lessons she has communicated in my short time with her. Life is painful, my illness is painful, but I will persevere, and keep moving as we all must and are here to do. Telling me; “I know you’re tired, but come, this is the way” Rumi.
We have crossed continents, timezones, traditions, lineages, languages and through Western mind into Amazonian heart. A moving journey in so many ways.

To my brothers, Cosmo and Damião from the Huni Kuin, true people, real people, genuine people, unique people, original people – however one might translate it, people of my own heart, always aligned and constantly connected by the heartbeat of Earth and rhythm of universe. It’s been a privilege and a pleasure. Gratitude for your warm willingness to connect with another brother from the same sacred mother.

Thank you dear Olga for this loving bridge you created through connection and communication. And to Felipe, Rita, Taly and Maike for your transcribing and translating.

em português

*Palavras Indígenas*

Haux Haux Gratidão Gratidão à mãe natureza

Gratidão ao grande espírito por esse dia maravilhoso

Estamos aqui nesse trabalho de conexão

Quero aqui me apresentar, eu sou o Cosme de Araújo, em português, nome de origem Huni Kuin, eu sou o Tianá Bussan….

Haux Haux quero aqui me apresentar, meu nome originário éo Tianá Ssian do povo Huni Kuin e também tenho meu sobrenome Damião. Eu e Cosme somos irmãos gêmeos e também aqui na aldeia nos somos líderes espirituais, que fazemos esse trabalho do xamanismo ancestral do povo Huni Kuin com nossos ancestrais diante desse trabalho cerimonial e espiritual que nós desenvolvemos.

Então estamos muito felizes de poder compartilhar o nosso trabalho, a nossa experiencia que hoje nós desenvolvemos aqui com o nosso povo, com os espíritos ancestrais aqui da nossa comunidade da nossa floresta.

Então eu quero agradecer aqui essa parceria que estamos trabalhando com o nosso irmão Andy e o seu projeto plantally. Pra nós é um motivo de muita alegria e muita participação fazer essa conexão junto ao nosso trabalho pra podermos ajudar e desenvolver essa troca de experiência e conhecimento cultural e espiritual ancestral com o povo Huni Kuin.

Então esse é um projeto de grande importância para a humanidade e para o projeto espiritual que hoje nós desenvolvemos aqui na comunidade.

Então eu quero poder dizer que durante esses três dias de trabalho que nós fizemos eu senti, junto com o meu irmão, como lideres espirituais guardiões aqui da nossa floresta, uma grande conexão de aliança de sabedoria para podermos trabalhar alinhados a essa conexão com os espíritos ancestrais, que hoje existem na Mãe Natureza, na Mãe Terra, os espíritos da água, os espíritos encantados da floresta da Gibóia do Gutto Paua.

Então nós tivemos toda essa conexão, esse trabalho junto, conectando ao trabalho do nosso irmano Andy, que pra nós é de muita significação, que nós estamos alinhados nesse trabalho para podermos ajudar juntos a humanidade a se conectar.

Também eu quero aqui poder dizer que nós estamos muito felizes por essa grande aliança do trabalho do xamanismo espiritual ancestral alinhado aqui nesse trabalho.

Nós trabalhamos com nossos ancestrais, os espíritos ancestrais curandeiros, as medicinas e os seres encantados da floresta daqui da Amazônia do Brasil da terra indígena Igarapés do Caucho, onde nós trabalhamos alinhando com esse trabalho os espíritos ancestrais também junto com o nosso irmão Andy, que também faz esse trabalho.

Então nós estamos se alinhando esse trabalho, os espíritos, para que nós possamos cada vez mais transmitir a cura para a humanidade.

Quero aqui dizer que os espíritos, durante esses três dias de concentração espiritual, os espiritos que nós sentimos chegou de maneira positiva, chegou de uma maneira verdadeira, o espírito manifestou de uma forma alinhada.

Então nos alinhamos, o espirito daqui, como eu falei, com o espírito do Planeta Terra, aonde nosso irmão Andy trabalha.

Então essa grande conexão se formou, a aliança de trabalho e esse espírito veio para nos ajudar a transmitir a cura pra humanidade.

Esses espíritos que curam, que são as medicinas ancestrais, as medicinas sagradas, os seres encantados que se transformaram pra poder transmitir essa cura.

Então nós sentimos durante a concentração esse espírito chegando de uma forma positiva para nós transformarmos, ajudarmos e curarmos.

Então nós hoje sentimos e vemos que a humanidade está presente no Planeta Terra, em todos os locais do mundo do Planeta Terra está a humanidade, mas só que toda a humanidade não está conectada a esse realidade, principalmente ao trabalho espiritual, as medicinas, as curas ancestrais, de como nós povos originários se curam com nossos ancestrais e transmitimos essa cura também para a humanidade.

Então essa aliança que estamos trabalhando junto com o nosso irmão Andy é para transmitir essa cura ancestral para a humanidade, porque a humanidade está no planeta mas eles precisam se sentir reconectados com a natureza, com os seres encantados, eles tem que estar conectados com as medicinas, aonde nós respiramos e recebemos a cura da Mãe Natureza .

Então é isso que eu quero estar deixando, essa mensagem com clareza ao nossos irmãos e à humanidade, que precisa se reconectar, como nós sentimos conectados aqui como o irmão Andy trabalha essa conexão, também na sua terra onde vive.

Então nós acreditamos que com esses ancestrais, com esses espíritos, que nós trabalhamos, então eles são os espíritos que podem trazer a cura para o Planeta Terra e para a humanidade porque é a forma que nos curamos na ancestralidade espiritual. E que essa cura vai servir para toda a humanidade pelo futuro, não só agora, mas já vem de nossos ancestrais, está no presente, e vai manter no futuro também. Por isso nós transmitimos essas mensagens, esta cura vai servir para a humanidade e nós temos esse dever de fazer essa aliança pra poder trabalhar junto.

Porque essa conexão são nossos projetos da espiritualidade e são nossos projetos futuros para a cura para toda a sociedade humana.

Então aqui agradecemos ao grande espírito por nós estarmos compartilhando esse vídeo aqui no meio da Rainha da Floresta, aonde estão os espíritos que nos curam, que são as medicinas, e que nos estamos transmitindo essa cura também por esse trabalho espiritualmente aos nossos irmãos.

Principalmente essa conexão com o xamã, o nosso irmão Andy.

Temos a honra de podermos estar nessa aliança e podermos estar trabalhando, podermos estar sentindo todo esses espíritos se manifestando perante o nosso trabalho.

Eu senti manifestados os espirito aqui na concentração e também recebi essa concentração no sonho quando dormi, os espíritos se manifestaram me dizendo e mostrando a importância dessa grande aliança.

Por isso agradecemos ao grande espírito em dizer que estamos juntos a esse trabalho, a esse projeto, a trabalhar a espiritualidade e a ancestralidade do xamanismo Huni Kuin.

Haux Haux

Gratidão meu irmão Andy pela parceria então mais uma vez essa nossa apresentação, nossa experiencia do que nos sentimos toda essa conexão com esse trabalho seu maravilhoso e quero poder dizer como meu irmão falou então esse projeto continua fluindo cada vez mais, esse projeto espiritual essa conexão essa interligação do nosso trabalho.

Estamos aqui no grupo Huni Kuin na terra de Igarapé do Caucho pra poder receber meus irmãos também a qualquer momento que queiram vir aqui na aldeia e na floresta.








em espanhol


Gratitud a la Madre Naturaleza.

Gratitud al gran espíritu por este maravilloso día.

Estamos aquí para este trabajo de conexión.

Quiero presentarme aquí, en Español soy Cosmo de Araújo, mi nombre original es Tianá Bussan del pueblo Huni Kuin.

Haux Haux, quiero presentarme aquí, mi nombre original es Tianá Ssian del pueblo Huni Kuin y mi otro nombre es Damian.

Cosmo y yo somos hermanos gemelos y aquí en el pueblo somos líderes espirituales y trabajamos por medio del chamanismo ancestral para la tribu Huni Kuin junto a nuestros antepasados para desarrollar este trabajo ceremonial y espiritual.

Estamos muy felices de compartir nuestro trabajo y experiencia hoy aquí con nuestro pueblo, con los espíritus ancestrales de nuestra comunidad aquí en nuestra selva. Por lo tanto, me gustaría agradecer esta colaboración con nuestro hermano Andy y su proyecto plantally.

Para nosotros, es motivo de mucha alegría participar en esta conexión de trabajo para que podamos ayudar y desarrollar este intercambio de experiencias y conocimiento cultural y espiritual de la tribu Huni Kuin. Este es un proyecto de gran importancia para la humanidad.

Durante estos tres días de trabajo que hicimos, sentimos, junto con mi hermano, como líderes espirituales y guardianes de nuestra selva, una gran conexión de alianza y conocimiento que nos permitió trabajar de manera alineada y conectada con los espíritus ancestrales que existen en la Madre Naturaleza, en la Madre Tierra, los espíritus del agua, los espíritus encantados de la selva de la boa constrictora y la águila harpía.

Y así hemos tenido esta conexión con el trabajo de nuestro hermano Andy y para nosotros tiene un gran significado y estamos alineados en este trabajo para que juntos podamos ayudar a la humanidad a conectarse. También quiero decir que estamos muy felices por esta alianza del chamanismo espiritual ancestral que se alinea aquí con este trabajo.

Trabajamos con nuestros antepasados, los sanadores espirituales ancestrales, las medicinas y los seres encantados de la selva aquí en la Amazonía de Brasil en la tierra indígena llamada Igarapés do Caucho, donde hemos estado alineando este trabajo con los espíritus ancestrales junto con nuestro hermano Andy, que también hace este trabajo donde está.

Y esta alineación con los espíritus, nos ayuda a transmitir la curación a la humanidad cada vez más. Quiero decir que durante estos tres días de concentración espiritual, los espíritus se manifestaron y llegaron ante nosotros de una manera muy positiva, de una manera muy veraz y de una manera muy alineada. Y así como dije, el espíritu de nuestro lugar estuvo alineado con el espíritu del Planeta Tierra, donde trabaja nuestro hermano Andy. Estos espíritus que curan y sanan, estas medicinas ancestrales, estos medicamentos sagrados, estos seres encantados que se transformaron para transmitir esta curación. Y así sentimos que durante todo el tiempo de concentración el espíritu llegó de una manera muy positiva para que podamos transformarnos y ayudar y curar.

Hoy sentimos y vemos que la humanidad está presente en todo el planeta, en cada lugar del mundo, pero no toda la humanidad está conectada a esta realidad, específicamente al trabajo espiritual, a las medicinas, a la curación ancestral, como nuestro pueblo, los pueblos originarios curan con nuestros seres ancestrales y transmiten esta curación a la humanidad.

Entonces, esta alianza en la que estamos trabajando juntos con nuestro hermano Andy tiene como objetivo transmitir esta curación ancestral a la humanidad, porque la humanidad habita el planeta pero necesitan sentirse reconectados con la naturaleza, con los seres encantados, necesitan estar conectados con las medicinas que respiramos y recibimos como curación de la Madre Naturaleza.

Y así, este es un claro mensaje para nuestros hermanos y para la humanidad: necesitas reconectar. Al igual que aquí nos sentimos conectados con nuestro hermano Andy, esto también debe suceder en tu tierra. Creemos que con estos espíritus ancestrales con los que trabajamos, son los espíritus que pueden traer cura a la Tierra y a la humanidad, porque ésta es la manera en la que curamos a través de esta espiritualidad ancestral. Esta cura servirá a toda la humanidad, no solo ahora sino en el futuro, esto ya viene del pasado a través de nuestros antepasados, está en el presente y se mantendrá en el futuro también. Por eso transmitimos estos mensajes, porque esta cura realmente va a servir a la humanidad y tenemos este deber de aliarnos para que se pueda realizar este trabajo.

Porque esta conexión apoya nuestros proyectos espirituales y nuestros proyectos futuros también están alineados con la cura para toda la sociedad humana. Por eso queremos agradecer al gran espíritu por compartir este video aquí en medio de la Reina del Bosque, donde están los espíritus que nos curan, los medicamentos y estar aquí transmitiendo esta cura para nuestros hermanos.

Especialmente esta conexión con nuestro hermano xamán Andy. Nos honra ser parte de esta alianza y estar trabajando y sintiendo todos estos espíritus manifestándose durante nuestro trabajo. Sentí que los espíritus se manifestaron aquí durante este trabajo y también recibí estos mensajes en mi sueño cuando dormí, los espíritus se manifestaron diciéndome y mostrándome la importancia de esta gran alianza. Y así agradezco al gran espíritu por estar juntos en este trabajo, en este proyecto, trabajando en la espiritualidad ancestral y el xamanismo de Huni Kuin.


Gratitud a mi hermano Andy por esta alianza y esta experiencia en la que estamos sintiendo su conexión con su maravilloso trabajo y quiero poder decir, al igual que mi hermano ya ha dicho, que espero que este proyecto fluya cada vez más, este proyecto espiritual de conexión e interconexión de nuestro trabajo con el trabajo de Andy.

Estamos aquí en el grupo Huni Kuin en la tierra Igarapé do Caucho para poder recibir a nuestros hermanos en cualquier momento que deseen visitarnos aquí en el pueblo y en el bosque.

auf Deutsch


Dankbarkeit für Mutter Natur.

Dankbarkeit an den großen Geist für diesen wunderbaren Tag

Wir sind hier für diese Arbeit der Verbindung. Ich möchte mich hier vorstellen. Auf Portugiesisch heiße ich Cosmo de Araújo, mein ursprünglicher Name ist Tianá Bussan von den Huni Kuin.

Haux Haux Ich möchte mich hier vorstellen, mein ursprünglicher Name ist Tianá Ssian von den Huni Kuin und mein anderer Name ist Damião.

Cosmo und ich sind Zwillingsbrüder und hier im Dorf sind wir spirituelle Führer. Wir arbeiten mit Schamanismus für den Stamm der Huni Kuin und haben von unseren Vorfahren diese zeremonielle und spirituelle Arbeit erlernt.

Wir freuen uns sehr, unsere Arbeit und Erfahrung heute hier in unserem Wald mit unseren Leuten, den Geistern unserer Ahnen und unserer Gemeinschaft zu teilen. Und so möchte ich dieser Zusammenarbeit mit unserem Bruder Andy und seinem Projekt plantally danken.

Für uns ist es ein Grund zu großer Freude an dieser Arbeit teilzunehmen, um diesen Austausch von Erfahrungen, kulturellem und spirituellem Wissen des Huni Kuin Stammes zu unterstützen und weiterzuentwickeln. Dies ist ein Projekt mit großer Bedeutung für die Menschheit.

Während dieser dreitägigen Arbeit fühlten mein Bruder und ich, als spirituelle Führer und Hüter unseres Waldes, eine großes Verbindung und Wissen, das es uns ermöglichte mit den Geistern unserer Ahnen zu arbeiten die in Mutter Natur, Mutter Erde, den Geistern des Wasser, den verzauberten Geistern des Waldes, der Boa Constrictor und dem Harpyie existieren.

Da unsere Arbeit und die Arbeit von unserem Bruder Andy in Einklang stehen ist die Verbindung von diesen für uns von großer Bedeutung, da wir so zusammen der Menschheit dabei helfen können sich wieder zu verbinden. Wir freuen uns auch sehr, dass die Verbindung des Schamanismus unserer Vorfahren mit der Arbeit harmonisiert.

Wir haben mit unseren Vorfahren, den Geistheilern unserer Vorfahren, den Arzneien and den verzauberten Wesen des Waldes hier im Amazonas in Brasilien im indigenen Land Igarapes do Caucho gearbeitet, während unser Bruder Andy diese Arbeit macht wo er ist.

Diese Arbeit mit den Geistern hilft uns dabei der Menschheit mehr und mehr Heilung zu übermitteln. Während dieser dreitägigen konzentrierten spirituellen Arbeit haben sich die Geister auf sehr positive, verbundene und wahrhaftige Weise vor uns manifestiert. Und wie ich schon sagte war der Geist unseres Ortes mit dem Geist des Planeten Erde wo unser Bruder Andy arbeitet verbunden. Diese Geister die heilen, die Medizin unserer Vorfahren, die heilige Medizin, die verzauberten Wesen die sich verwandelt haben um diese Heilung zu übermitteln.

Und so haben wir wahrgenommen, dass während dieser Arbeit der Geist auf eine sehr positive Art und Weise angekommen ist, damit wir uns verwandeln, helfen und heilen können.

Heute fühlen und sehen wir, dass die Menschheit auf dem ganzen Planten, and jedem Ort der Welt, präsent ist. Aber nicht die gesamte Menschheit ist mit der spirituellen Arbeit, der Medizin und der Ahnenheilung verbunden wie wir es sind. Wir, die ursprünglichen Menschen heilen mit unseren Vorfahren und übermitteln diese Heilung an die Menschheit.

Diese Verbindung an der wir zusammen mit unserem Bruder Andy arbeiten hat das Ziel diese Ahnenheilung an die Menschheit weiterzugeben, denn die Menschheit bewohnt den Planeten und sie müssen sich wieder mit der Natur, mit den verzauberten Wesen verbinden. Sie müssen mit der Medizin die wir atmen und als Heilung von Mutter Natur erhalten verbunden werden.

Dies ist eine klare Botschaft an unsere Brüder und die Menschheit: ihr müsst euch wieder verbinden. So wie wir uns mit unserem Bruder Andy verbunden fühlen, muss dies auch in deinem Land geschehen. Wir sind der Überzeugung dass die Ahnengeister mit denen wir arbeiten, die Geister sind, die Heilung zum Planten Erde und zur Menschheit bringen können, denn so heilen wir - durch die Spiritualität unserer Ahnen. Und diese Heilung wird der ganzen Menschheit dienen, nicht nur jetzt, sondern auch in der Zukunft. Es kommt durch unsere Ahnen aus der Vergangenheit, es ist im Jetzt und es wird sich auch in der Zukunft erhalten. Wir überbringen diese Botschaften, weil diese Heilung der Menschheit dienen wird und wir die Pflicht haben diese Verbindung einzugehen, damit diese Arbeit getan werden kann.

Diese Verbindung unterstützt unsere spirituellen und zukünftigen Projekte die auf die Heilung der gesamten Menschheit ausgerichtet sind. Und so möchten wir dem großen Geist dafür danken, dass wir dieses Video hier inmitten der Königin des Waldes teilen können, wo sich die Geister und die Medizin die uns heilt befindet um diese Heilung an unsere Brüder zu übermitteln. Im Besonderen die Verbindung mit unserem Schamanenbruder Andy. Wir fühlen uns geehrt in dieser Verbindung zu sein und zu arbeiten und zu spüren wie sich all diese Geister während unserer Arbeit manifestieren. Ich fühlte wie sich die Geister hier manifestierten und ich empfing diese auch während des Schlafes im Traum. Die Geister zeigten mir die Wichtigkeit dieses großen Zusammenschluss. Und so danke ich dem großen Geist dafür, dass wir in dieser Arbeit, in diesem Projekt zusammen sind und zusammen an der Spiritualität unserer Ahnen und dem Schamanismus von Huni Kuin arbeiten.

Haux Haux

Dank an meinen Bruder Andy für diese Partnerschaft, für diese Erfahrung in welcher wir die Verbindung mit seiner wunderbaren Arbeit spüren und wie mein Bruder bereits sagte möchte auch ich sagen, dass ich hoffe, dass dieses Projekt mehr und mehr fließt. Dieses spirituelle Projekt der Verbindung und Verflechtung unserer Arbeit mit Andys Arbeit. Wir sind hier im Stamm der Huni Kuin im Land von Igarape do Caucho um unsere Brüder zu empfangen wenn sie uns hier im Dorf und Wald besuchen möchten.