when the dragon and the damsel fly

~ positive outcome ~

“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”
– Eden Phillpotts
Flying around, joined in pair, dipping tail in Water, laying egg there. Synchronicity, time repeating, mastering all directions with gentle wings beating. Obelisk posture, sun basking and wing-whirring, regulating temperature to degree preferring.

Your medicine moved in and soon expanded, a mythological story the gods commanded. First woman created on Earth, Pandora, your dazzling colours in the sky, aurora. Carefully crafted in clay, your shape so sublime, feminine flow, left to Aphrodite to define. Your box closed to the mind's curiosity, ills, hate and hardship, human monstrosity. Such evil ways on Earth, how can one cope, but maybe the box was shut too soon and trapped inside hope. That golden dragonfly, double winged so agile, soon switching direction, in a world so fragile.

Downfall of humanity on the precipice of world demise, where self and other so many seem to despise. Yes, your heart might beat, but are you truly alive or dead, wetiko mind, most dangerous virus to spread.

Conflicts along borders, helicopters territory patrolling, attack and defend, whose allowed in controlling. But protecting female and child, purity of generations to come, consequence of war crimes and all that's been done. But sometimes we need to cease Fire and fall back from active duty, to recognise the pains we've buried deep in the heart's beauty.

Hey Zeus, the Fire might not have been stolen, but perhaps borrowed to good hands, like flickering fairy lights to now brighten these lands. And maybe some here, are incarnate from this god realm, shedding of wings, to now take the helm. Oh this world can easily be destroyed, like many times before, or hope returned to humanity's heart for inside out restore.

If you're really ready to do this, then perhaps follow dragonfly's lead, expanding mind and outlook is a good way to proceed. Your lens on life, limited by tri-chromatic vision, but a more magical colour range informs the dragonfly's decision. Changing its flight path, dexterous darting in the Air, responding to life, ahh now I'm moving over there. Because a rigid kind of mind, that's unable to think outside the box, tends to limit lifeflow, with its neurotic mental blocks.

Not seeing the whole picture, restricted range of motion, but dragonfly's compound eyes allow for three hundred and sixty degree devotion. Molting of layers, rebirthing into new skin, welcoming the next round of growth to begin.

Five years as a nymph in the Water and yet only five weeks to fly in the Air, a teacher that time is precious and the path it loves to prepare. Slowly unfolding of life, so magical in its construct, anticipating direction, careful not to obstruct. Unattached to outcome, a story so perfectly scribed, loyal loving witness, to the best medicine prescribed.

Dione mother goddess, let your oracular shrine shine, those war wounds healed by your warm hands so divine. Those thunderous thoughts, cast fury into fight, soon soothed like a nymph swimming in Waters so bright. But it's time to rise into the Sky, winged sandals of Hermes, preparing to ascend on true homeward journeys. Courting in the Air, majestic mating circle, heart shaped coitus, opening thousand petals so purple.

So to the Dragonfly, whose flown forth since the jurassic era, it's time to let go of the past for new memories to hold dearer. Open those paired wings, rise up into the light, each moment to love and not a moment to fight.

These are my own insights, but a great beauty of life is that of perspective, so how might others respond to the spirit of Dragonfly, unbeknownst to this being the spirit they are receiving. How might they perceive it through their six senses. And if all that goes around comes around, then all hope that has been lost will again be found.
* some participant names might have been changed for pen names.
* no participants were informed that it was the spirit of Dragonfly we were working with until after they had all shared their experience of the Session.


Hello I’m Susie. I am an intuitive guide and a mentor to many as they awaken to their true nature and explore their potential using simple practices rooted in the ancient wisdom traditions. I create retreats in beautiful, natural environments and online programs including regular meditations and spirit cafe sessions.

As this process began I felt like my curiosity led the way, I see myself as a timeless traveler, intuitive guide and conscious explorer.

My life has taken me along many routes, searching for something, a deeper connection and fulfillment. Eventually it led me to one of my teachers, Dr Deepak Chopra in California. It was whilst on retreat, away from the day to day distractions that my worldview shifted, this experience served as a catalyst, awakening me to discover my soul's longing and the deep driving desire to express my true nature, and explore my dharma. Shortly after this I closed my design business and committed to the teachers path, graduating as a Vedic educator in yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. The years that followed included extensive travels throughout India and Bhutan. I volunteered and created many retreats; guiding groups on spiritual adventures across the Himalayan foothills, trekking, meditating in sacred caves, exploring practices rooted in the ancient, eastern wisdom traditions.

I am fascinated by our capacity as humans to experience expanded states of consciousness through meditation practices and spending quiet time in nature. I have been experimenting with current concepts around time and what happens when we let go of the construct of linear time. I have been teaching and writing about personal experiences I have had with precognition, retro causality, Extra Sensory Perception and intuition, this led me to the science and consciousness conference in the UK. It was here that I first heard about Plantally from a previous participant - I was instantly curious to learn more.

What I hadn't expected that week was getting a message from a dear friend of mine who wished to dissolve our friendship as I hadn't shown up for her during a recent challenging time in her life. I had frozen and withdrawn from her. For most of the week on a personal level I experienced a whole spectrum of feelings from shock to sadness. As I walked the labyrinth I sensed that I had to respect her wishes. I prayed for guidance and wondered if the non local, remote plant medicine I had heard of earlier in the week might help me. Incredibly a very short time after simply having that thought - my prayer was answered as I was invited to participate in the next Plantally session, I was actually moved to tears when the offer came along, it was such a blessing, and felt like an instant yes for me. Perfect timing.

Having no idea of what the actual plant was or what this non local medicine might be, I was intrigued as the process began and I became aware of subtle shifts happening within me. Initially I felt engulfed in a heavy energy and as the process evolved I experienced what felt like something had released on a very subtle level. As it happened, on the first day of the process I was walking in a forest and a whole world began to open up in front of me, in an expanded state, nature came alive and I felt it whispering to me. It was wonderful to experience, I felt so at ease and grounded and I feel this created a reassuring, solid foundation for patterns to arise within me. Over the following days I noticed themes and memories as they arose that I had distanced myself and disconnected from which were linked to childhood trauma. Frozen, numb layers of fear based memories and beliefs started to gradually peel away. I was assured by the gentle approach and felt safe and held to explore.

I could see how layers upon layers had formed to ensure my survival. I also sensed the weight of those layers, and that the moment had arrived to release and let them go. I had a strong sense of retro-causality around the trauma of being kidnapped aged five. I sensed that; "I" now - the wise older woman that I am today was the voice that whispered instructions to the tiny younger "self" - I went back to the past, from the future to guide my younger self, as a little girl and tell her how to escape from this strangers house. My future depended on my survival that day and how now my future is beckoning me again to free my mind and heal the wounds inflicted by this very traumatic event on my psyche. This imprint has been underlying many of my fears, frozen in time, carefully preserved for the spontaneous right moment when I get to revisit that memory. This is my take on this subjective, non local experience. I felt like I was being supported during this process to expand my mind some more, and this created a subtle shift in my perspective. As I write this paragraph I get a sense that I am now rewriting that paragraph of my history from a grounded, more expanded part that has been reconnected.

During the more concentrated meditation to music. I wasn't sure what to expect as my journey to that point had taken me deeper than I ever expected, I was a little apprehensive as it began. Initially feeling uncomfortable with very cold feet and soon I settled in and surrendered, eventually I was able to relax. I saw and sensed visual impressions representing the two sides to all things, the contrasts of opposites, light and dark, and how both are one and the same, whichever way you choose to look at them. Everything is connected.

All participants were invited to share a word as the session began that seemed to relate to their lead up to the main session, mine was “connected”.

It was fascinating for me that this experience concluded with me entering a majestic woodland, given that this whole process had begun weeks ago on a sunny afternoon at Sherwood forest. In the final session I witnessed lots of beautiful details, majestic light in a grounded setting as I was guided to a clearing. I seemed to know that I had been given this gift to experience the magic and mystical, the unseen beauty in the details, the patterns, and see the bigger picture. It felt like I was being given an invisible treasure to help me let go of the past. I could see much more from this broader perspective and it felt as if those younger frozen parts had been reconnected. I drifted off and came back right at the end feeling happy and relaxed.

After the Plantally experience, when I discovered that Dragonfly was our trusted guide, that made a lot of sense to me. The gift I received was the shift in my perspective and acceptance of what had happened, I felt I returned to the present moment reconnected with the lost innocence of my childhood. (The day we were taken by the stranger had started out with me as a five year old little girl going to the local forest for a picnic with a group of young children.)

Life brings us the teachers, the friends, the medicine, the tools, the experiences and the lessons we need for our souls' evolution at the exact right moment, when we are ready. I felt like I was ready to have this experience when the session came along, I felt it deeply. My friend's original message had shaken me and I immediately felt the support when Dragonfly showed up. I have developed unshakeable trust and courage along my journey, I was ready and willing to look deeper when the opportunity presented itself. This experience pushed me way out of my comfort zone, however I feel much stronger as a result, like a part of me has grown up since this process began. My perspective has shifted significantly and I am much more accepting of the things that I cannot change, I feel immense gratitude for this opportunity, and I am excited to see where it leads.

Thank you Andy and everyone who took part in the session, the willingness and courage of others really helped me to stick with it - there were certainly times I wanted to bolt!


As soon as I closed my eyes my heartbeat was extremely strong, and I could immediately see the ‘immaculate heart’ image. It stayed there as I felt a deep heart softening, and I cried for a moment. Very hot face and warm all over despite being in a very cold room. Body, particularly legs, was shaking. Rising and quite intense nausea, thought I might actually throw up. Very dizzy. Tight chest. Pulsing energy especially in hands. Needing to breathe deep. Felt like going into a trip. Then I felt the need to move my body into a prayer pose with my head on the ground. This is the first time in these sessions I’ve ever moved around this much. I sat up with hands in prayer position and burst into tears. I could feel my whole being praying for forgiveness, for both myself and the world. Not shame, but pain felt for all I/we need to be forgiven for. Felt a beautiful sense of forgiveness wash through me. Had the feeling of my cheek being gently stroked. As someone who has never been at all religious, all of this came as quite a surprise! Body shaking, head/crown pressure, teeth felt weird/sensitive, nausea intense, hands really hot and sweating. Felt the need to move my body more, so got up with eyes still closed briefly to dance around the room. Back into bed, curled up and felt held. Then felt the need to stretch my legs out, placed my hands in mudra over womb space, felt soothing, healing. Then I lay completely straight, very still, very calm for some time. Felt a sense of quiet but strong power, my own power, and the ability to claim it. Images of fractal light, like the colours you see in a sparkling diamond. Then finally out of this calm I started seeing an almost scary image first of a woman’s face, then of a what emerged to be a deer skull. At this point I felt sure someone was in the room with me, I felt the bed get tapped and half opened my eyes to check if someone had come in. They hadn’t. Closed eyes again, skull still there, then again quite religious imagery of crosses and an angelic figure…I could see the wings, thought maybe an owl but felt more angelic. Then to finish, swirls of bright yellow/orange/slightly green light spiraling.


A hugely powerful session full of vibration, magnetism, a sense of both being dragged upwards by my feet but also simultaneously sliding down a huge Cosmic slide tunnel. Walking with ancestors at some point, conjoined with spirit. Dizzy still, very hot feet!


Just before session began, warmth around top of head. Start of music saw dove, white in sky, white, purity, calm love. Gentle energy coming up through body from womb, waves of energy, through to fingertips, up into throat, again warmth in top of head, colour through to purple. Balance, harmony.


Flowing, palpable scanning energy rippling through body, inside a cosmic photocopier. Image of huge great golden face lying down across starry skies. Looking at seeds in beautiful sunshine, the ones with fluffy bits at the top like dandelion bits, but they were brown at the top. Thought of being sad About death/ loss came up, thought about helping people die. Beautiful reassuring, authoritative message came 'youre not helping them die, you're helping them be born'. Very loving. Very reassuring. Split perspectives? wringing a flannel out: I can be the one doing the wringing and the flannel being wrung, the pal of plantally sees facts fractally. Sense of being held. I can do it. I am doing it. Look, silly, you're doing it right now. Oh yeah. Something like remote viewing going on. 'remote viewing' might not be best term. Overlappings? Comminglings? Evolving psychic energies.


Before music started, 3 words clearly heard: Reprogramming, Reset, Rebirth. My whole body light light, lifting high upwards. Fire tongue. Burning. Smoke coming out of my nose, eyes, mouth. Numb mouth happened a few times. Base of spine burning, up spine, pulsating expanding healing. Heat. Sharp pains and activity specific points in lower back and head. Heart expansion pulsating. On a small wooden boat out at sea in a big storm. Eagle flying high . Whale in deep blue waters. Fire in heart burning bright. I am cracking open out of a human shaped egg. Mouth stretching. Overwhelming sadness. Tears. Pains all over face. Smoky tight throat. Something trying to grow out the base of my spine. Tingling vibration. Then total stillness. Me screaming but no sound. I feel exhausted. Blood stimulated. A new body coming out of a new . I rest on a huge rock in the forest. I see me maybe dead, but another me is already somewhere else.. Wow. Gratitude. Love.


This time I said I’m not ready for this journey to end, i don’t want it to end - as it was deep, heavy work and even physically painful, but at the same time so very loving and lighthearted in the way change happened. And then in the night of the session I was really not ready - right before start suddenly spilled water over the bandage of my injured thumb. Panicking, have to remove, gonna be too late… no time to put new… so for the first time since the accident i had the wound openly exposed. When I finally lay down and enter: floating, flying upwards very airy feeling. My right side gets stretched. Then a journey of shapeshifting. Stork, birds, moth, butterfly, insects. I end up feeling very tiny, hollow bones and an explosion of colors - I’m a humming bird maybe? Amazing feeling. Lots of inspiration for painting. Dragon, appears, I ride the dragon. Then Horse, riding so fast that we are also flying. Then I get lost in thoughts and personal things. I’m happy to close a chapter once and for all. Then beautiful dialogue with my dog. He says: Don’t be afraid when I go. I’ll always be with you. I have always been with you. I only took body shape so you will finally understand that you are never alone. Endless gratitude that he is still around. Through all this, persistent feeling that today I’m not really getting into the session - because I wished it wouldn’t end? And it feels very ok as the process until here was already the gift. Enjoying the persistent loving feeling. Contemplating about not wanting the good things to end versus „freedom is to not be afraid things will end“ - words that came to me in meditation some days ago. Very different session for me today. So many distractions, I even got up because fire was going out. Slightly headache. In the end, fire element burns everything. Doesn’t feel like an end.