here comes the sun

~ good vibrations ~
episode 06

And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with love like that. It lights up the sky.
–  Rumi
Floor of the jungle, sweet smell of água flórida, your whispering of words brought forth a new leader. Your lessons so beautiful, didn't fall short, the homeschooling later finished by Saint John's Wort. That electric feel to the electric eel, might have hurt, but slowly began to heal.

Electricity shooting down beneath the feet, willing welcoming discharge into moist Earth it might meet. What when this energy simply can't ground, where balanced Earth and Water cannot be found. Triggering shock, system overload, shaking legs in panic mode. Trauma storage, frozen state, locked away for another date.

Play with Fire bound to get burned, power best learned and earned. Maybe the overhead cables can also be cut, power station now forced to shut. Living beyond energetic means calls for regulation from behind the scenes. Power mongering not so humbling, re-learn this place to return to grace.

Such a sensitive soul in fragile form, destroyed by each electrical storm. Nervous tension and apprehension, come on over, pay close attention. Life's got other plans for you, your innate bio-circuitry is up for renew. Tuning in to good vibration, restoration of right relation. Shoes discarded, feet now bare, power surging through in sacred prayer.

Some sell their souls to play in the dark, others surrender self-will to ignite divine spark. Oh your play on fears and monetary desiring, abusing power and secret conspiring... But there's some of us who don't find it so inspiring, so we're here again, no sense in retiring. Born to be part of bigger things, you can't clip these ethereal wings. Yes, a new world waits without your order, switch frequency to jump the border.

We sing for the Earth and all her creatures, learning to walk on Water, becoming Fire teachers. Magnetising others, "come on dig deeper", you're going to need it to become a lightkeeper.

As above so below, heaven on earth and we're here for the show. Let's turn the light on for the final act, sit back, relax and watch the world react. Divide and conquer, déjà vu, but we're united this time and charging through.

St John's Wort grows wild where I reside, self-seeded and yet unseen on neighbouring lands. It blossoms in the midday sun in the heart of summer, lighting up the land, it thrives in the extreme heat and notable absence of rain. And yet its energetic shows it is so much more than Fire. The Water theme runs heavily through its medicinal mind's eye sharing. Perhaps in celebration of yin yang, masculine and feminine, mother and father, plus and minus, positive and negative, light and dark, electric and magnetic, Mars and Venus, Fire and Water, active and passive. In a world of duality, how can something be one without also influencing and effecting the other.

St John's Wort doesn't push and pull, force and fight with all of its might. For me, it works bilaterally, from both sides, from both polarities, with both parties, uniting the divided and ceasing separation. Perhaps the war we witness on the outside has long gone on inside. Many of us are at odds within, parasitically paralysed by the polarity of our own power games.

Dear friend, it's been said that spirited people, Fire people, often fly too close to the Sun and so suffer from thin skin. Sensitive to their surrounding and feeling scolded by the unscrupulous. As Icarus failed to fathom, one should not fly too close to the sun, but neither should one fly too close to the sea. Instead perfecting pairing and zero point between the two. Arriving at inner contentedness that's unchangeable by outer unpleasantness.

These are my own insights, but a great beauty of life is that of perspective, so how might others respond to the spirit of St John's Wort, unbeknownst to this being the spirit they are receiving. How might they perceive it through their six senses. How might life shift and change before, during and after the Session. And when delighted by the light, how might life shift in sight.

Whilst this podcast focuses on just one story, more sharings can be read in raw after-session written form below.
* some participant names have been changed for pen names.
* no participants were informed that it was the spirit of Saint John's Wort we were working with until after they had all shared their experience of the Session.


My name is Birgit, I was born in Rome to a Swiss Italian father and a German mother.

Since my early childhood I have been moving between many places. Living a nomadic life always suited me. Now I live in Portugal, it is a beautiful place to rest, work, enjoy nature and surf.

I work with people through mentoring, I help them to let go of all their cages, ideas, opinions, identifications, conditioning and attachments that hinder them from being free so that they can step into a higher power and connect to source.

I teach ancient texts of Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism, I host retreats and offer different yoga teacher trainings online. But what I love the most is being a writer. I’m just about to publish my third book, which is about how my inner journey mirrors my outside journey.

My life is super simple, my goal has been to make it as simple as possible. It turns around silence, heart connection, simplicity, nature and giving back to others.

As soon I signed up for the session with Andy I contracted. I got scared.

Spirituality has always been part of my life, as far back as I can remember in my life, or maybe I just know it from my mother stories. My mum always tells the story when I was two years old, about her trying to bring me to the playground but I was not interested at all, I just wanted to go to church, to sit in silence, light a candle and talk to my friend Jesus.

In Rome it’s not difficult to find a church. My family was far from being religious or spiritual so my behaviour was not coming from there.

I was also always very connected to my twin brother as a spirit, he died after we were born. So spirit has always been there or I was always with them. I have always been drawn to what was beyond the eyes.

Yoga came into my life 25 years ago when I was 18, and so did Buddhism. I was searching for the meaning of life in those philosophies and at the same time every night I would be watching the stars and knowing that that was where I belong to, it is home.

Yoga brought me closer to who I was and I would become. I started teaching it, I started writing about it, teaching teachers, and everything that was involved with it was around spirituality. Wherever there was spirituality I felt home, wherever there was anger and a lot of ego I felt an alien.

I was spending periods of time with Tibetan Buddhist monks and living with different Buddhist nuns. Some of them remain close to me today. Asia brought me to Australia for many years and then back to Asia. I lived several times in monasteries, thinking and trying to understand if that would have been my life forever.

More recently, a friend talked to me about Andy and the Plantally sessions.

At the beginning I was at the same time drawn to this experience but on the other side I felt my reaction to it, as if it was simply something more to add to the basket of tools, or as the Tibetan monks would say: “it’s a distraction”.

I didn’t want to add more or get distracted, I was on the process of simplifying and taking away. Plus I have always been scared and never really liked using any outside substance or influence neither for recreation or for evolving. I always felt that fun and awareness should always come from inner work.

But in the end I decided to get involved and the weeks before I observed myself resisting so much to it that a few days before I had to text Andy to ask him if I could sit in the space where my friends were gathering to do the journey and I would just sit and meditate without being connected with the spirit and moving to the other side. So strong was the resistance.

The moment that Andy replied to me and gave me the opportunity to choose whatever was best for me, my resistance dropped and I was able to welcome this experience as it is. His non-judgmental and non-controlling energy reflected to me love, and thanks to that I could finally be free. I could see my judgment towards it and the fear that built up in the weeks before drop.

Once I decided to completely join, I started to see the colour yellow and white it felt soft and easy and it felt I could do it. I had never worked with plants before, so I really did not know what to expect. In the back of my mind I started to remember the few times I used plant medicine through Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and Tibetan medicine and every time I had really strong reactions in my body. There was the fear coming from. Ok, I was ok now.

Once I pressed play on the music and the session started, I really felt in peace, I felt expanded and the whole time I felt like I was in different parallel timelines or in a past life. The past lives I was in felt they were really important ones that changed the course of lives until today, It felt as “they” wanted to show me some big and deep work I have done in the past. I did this before, somewhere in a different space and time.

I saw myself walking through a canyon, I was walking alone and suddenly I reached a little cave and inside the cave there was a Yogi. I sat with him and I felt as he transmitted to me teachings. After this experience finished, when one music track stopped and the next began, I got pulled through time and space to Uluru also called Ayers rock in Australia.

Even if I lived for many years in Australia I never went to this secret place physically but I know that I was there before. While I was there I started to have the feeling I was connected to higher beings and then I started to see light beings like if there was my soul family or star family waiting for me, always with me. I kept expanding.

The session was all about this connection of something that I am already connected to but not always aware of.

After the session finished I could very strongly still see for days from my third eye even with my eyes open the image of these light beings around me.

Also now when I put my attention on it I can still see them.

A few days later I texted Andy and told him about it I told him that I felt like if they were waiting for me to do something and he replied to me and asked me: “are you ready?” Are you ready to trust and surrender? Are you ready for that jump from the mind to the heart?

He said that sometimes we are called to simply answer “yes” three times.

So I sat silently after Andy‘s message and I connected to my light family and said “yes” three times.

In that moment I felt like this connection got stronger and my whole life changed. It’s changed in a way that I would have never imagined. You would think that by that connection everything would be just like living in a bubble. On one level it is, but there is still the mind body level to purify.

At the moment it feels as my whole past, my whole karma came to the present moment to show itself and get released. Purified.

One of my teachers recently said that the closer you get to the light and the more the dark has to come out to be released.

I have done many things in my life, I have tried many things because my heart was always burning to get closer to enlightenment. In many books you read that you should just look for enlightenment if you feel like a man who has his hair on fire and he’s looking for water. So that’s how I always felt.

Since the beginning of the year things changed in the idea of how I was looking and experiencing enlightenment. I started to understand that being in real peace was when you are in peace also when you’re not in peace. I started to work more with the frequencies of love, acceptance and gratitude.

That is probably why the experience that I had in the session was so connected to what I was doing already. The session felt for me like a change in gear like if someone or something pushed me even deeper in the mud as if until then, before the session, I was just dipping the toes in the experience of change and letting go, even if apparently I was doing a constant work on myself.

This is what I feel. I am now in the mud swimming through it to get to the clear crystalline water. But at the same time I feel the divinity of everything and I am not projected to reach the crystalline water. I am just here as if it was the only thing that really exists. No judgment on the present moment, just surrender. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I could see a body being lifted up into space through the light that is coming from the source, connecting to the earth. And it showed me that i am the middle of the Universe, but then a lot of body’s around me where lifted up the same way. I saw water and somewhere soft shades of colours moving through the water. My hands got very hot. I felt a pressure point in my left knee. Thought of the last days came into my vision, moving, fading, showing me where I begin and where someone else begins.


It starts with a crest that expands into a lotus flower opening neverending, evaporating shiny little crystals. Then a river. I follow the river, it gets dark, we reach the ocean. I understand this is how vast the feminine is, how deep, how receptive. I dive down, to Atlantis and put an anchor there. I feel lonely, I ask the spirit What are we doing here? We grieve my child. We grieve. And I hold you in your grief. My body is exploding and shaking with crying. The spirit is holding me. You have to grieve it all out. You all have to grieve, to prepare the heart and to balance the fire of your mind and crazy thoughts. I grieve. My body hurts. I get very cold inside. I see anger, male dominance and violence and the female reaction as a deadly tsunami of anger. Before it hits and they clash they get transformed into voice, into song. Then it says now relax, you have to remember and it places a spinning sphere over my head that immediately softens everything, my body, my thoughts, my tears. I see something like a crystal portal reaching from the middle of our altar here today up. I hear the portal is open. You have to get ready. Everything will be different from now on. A little space opens and bright light comes out. I cry again, it’s beyond words. We get catapulted out into different dimensions, quantums, realities. It’s nauseatingly fast. Then there is people in black and white. They come to test us. We have to be really ready they say. Then I see that what is coming was already here once. I see Egypt. I see Atlantis. I see figures dressed in white capes. I recognise others journeying tonight. I understand why everything happened with one person and me the way it happened. To reach a space without ego entanglement. A space of pure service. To be in service. We all are in service. It’s not easy times. It’s relevant times. We have to be in service. It was a very powerful and demanding session. I feel humbled. Still needs processing…...


My jaw starts chattering. I feel incredibly hot, like a fire is burning inside of me. Sweat is coming out of every pore. so much heat. on the back side underneath my right rip cage I feel a lot of pain. I can See like slimy worms crawling around in this part of my body. electric shocks running through me that shake up my whole body. I see us walking up an ancient staircase in a forest, very slowly. Knowing we are going to a powerful place. My body starts swaying like grass in wind. We are on something like a platform that is floating on water. Sitting in a circle. a vortex of energy starts. my whole body moves with it, spiraling, for a long time we stay there.

I start purging energetically through this physical body. it feels very painful. I feel it is these worms I saw earlier that I'm releasing. All of a sudden it feels like I am on an electric staircase it moves very fast. The heat is back. I feel sick, again electric shocks running through me. The staircase moves faster and faster, higher and higher and higher. All of a sudden I can see myself from above. I feel a lot of compassion for myself. I see like a layer of clouds above me that don't allow me to see clearly. I remove them. I jump from a big rock into the ocean. I dive deep. I turn into a fish. The fish jumps out of the water. Turns into a big bird. roaring high up into the sky. i See myself standing in the middle of nature. Nature is changing super fast. Forest. Ocean. Mountains. Lakes. All at one. A voice saying: this is your kingdom.


I am in Massive waves, ocean. Flow ease. Oily green. Then swimming in settled waters it is me but doesn’t look like me. Head heavy, relaxed shoulders and down my arms. Heart expansion. Angelic beings carrying huge candles a blaze, lighting the way. I want to stay with them, soak up their healing. So much Hope. A softening. Another entity is hovering, wanting me to move on, slightly ominous energy. Then I see bright eyes, a wolf’s head appears. I feel shy. A resistance. Nausea. Then huge spaciousness in heart, expanding out. Open. Safe and a vulnerability. Big throb left forehead. Trust. Surrender. Headache and nausea gone. Peace. White light radiating from my heart. Melting into the ground, feel at one. Connected. I can smell a sweetness/ toffee in the air fleeting. I feel connected to my watery being. Floating. I see an Acorn spirit smiles at me from a distance, bit cheeky. Heart energy Magenta going deep inwards. Soft. Head a bit dizzy. I am swimming -  I realise feel a distance within myself. I am swimming away from me. Massive distance. A very fine line connects us. My head feels a little tight. Feel massive trust. All is as it should be.


A very powerful and wonderful session. A tugging energy felt at the legs in the beginning and then a warm pulsing, electrical energy washing all over. Not as much motion felt as in previous sessions but instead a wonderful grounding force anchoring me to Earth. Felt more earth than water. Feelings of almost nausea. Blissed out here for a while. Strange and random pains in week leading up to this session, dispersed totally this morning.


Water Lily, white flowers , Brie, patience. I’m coming. Big bird soaring. White capped mountains. Difficulty breathing. Heaviness in chest. Salivating. Dizzy. Figures and flashes. A picture wanting to show and failing. Black masculine figure in the north in the background. Brie in the south - big presence - not human energy. River, cold running water, Lush green, Swimming underwater, breathing. Body felt Anchored. Patience. A young man waiting for a child . A child not his own, blonde hair, more waiting, static, patience. Past life - long long corridor big threatening pillars, black dress, white flowers. Reluctance, resignation, big sadness . A decision was made. A price to pay. Judgement, spectacle, tearing of clothes, savage movement, sorrow, release, animal, abandonment in wildness The height, the abyss and what’s in between.

Throughout the session I felt anchored to the ground, feeling the weight of gravity along my body as if I was glued to earth. This feeling lifted a bit in the middle of the session, it felt like I was visiting scenes lived by other souls, it felt like I wanted to go deeper but was needed to be shown something else. All the session felt like a preview but the strongest teaching was patience throughout.


Such a lovely session. In the days before I found the energy very loving and warm. It felt as if the missing piece of the puzzle was coming my way. The 20 minutes before the session I felt excited. Like you feel when you are in love and you are going to meet the person your in love with for the second time. During the session I was swimming with dolphins and turtles. Lots of waves. In the swimming, in the energy..waves of love even made me feel a bit nauseous, but everything felt so good. I got a visit from all the departed loved ones of my fathers side. They made a circle of love around me and all said nice things about me. It moved me to tears. It felt like a lot of people were holding my hands and even like if they carried somehow (like a crowdsurf).


In the relaxation session before the music started I felt energy into my hands, like a flower unfurling. I felt energy entering my body through the mouth into the stomach which had a warmth to it, then so did my feet and an unfurling feeling in the toes. I began to feel lighter in the body like I could float in the air. Then I felt warmth in my lower back and soles of the feet, the areas of the body I usually feel the cold. Then my body felt heavier, grounded and I sensed contrasts between air and earth. In the first phase of music I felt more of these energies in my body with a stronger sense of earth. Began to feel like the lower part of my body was being pulled into and planted in the earth and water trickling onto it, also feeling a flow of stream like water flowing into my body.

In the next phase I saw iris plants dancing, graceful, lovely and feminine, they were inviting. I also saw ferns swaying in the breeze. I felt like I was being drawn up into the air and sky to join others who were there already with others yet to come.

Third phase I saw large air bubbles going up into the sky and felt like I was being moved between two energy/human sources on the ground in a supportive way. One then threw me into the sky, again supportive and with purpose. I went up and up and swirled around a bit and then a hand scooped me up, again in a strong yet supportive way and placed me down to wait. The final phase was more hazy, a lot of feminine energies and a feeling of there being contrasts; I felt colder where I had been warm though this was a relaxed and balancing feeling which I am feeling still, also a sense of different tastes in my mouth including metallic. Lots of energy and awareness in the body, swirling around