episode 13

Every ending is a new beginning. As this series comes to a season end, it’s a welcoming opportunity to reflect on mystical and magical moments met and lessons lovingly learned.
"You are not just a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop"
– Rumi 
Wording that perhaps one can move beyond wondering. Why simply be like Water, when you can be Water. Or one of her frequenters; the whale, the dolphin or vibrant visitor like the Kingfisher... So is the heartful nature and experiential enchantment of this medicine.

Some within the group have said, but we do not know your story. My dear friends I have been telling it all along, eternal essence expressed through poetry in podcasts. I’m here to do as Tobacco does, a masculine force of Fire and Spirit who loves Earth, Rose helping me to fondly familiarise with feminine Waters. Shining the light with Saint John’s Wort and yet comfortably flying through dark dungeon doors with Crow. And despite the continuous prodding of poisonous prongs, readying to remain open-hearted with Dogbane.

Brought to my knees crying for nature crimes by humanity. But in the words of Socrates “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

So here you have it, a purity of medicine, free from modification, filtered through the benevolent bedrock of spirit, unconstrained by damnation and lockdown lawmakers, divinely distancing disinformation debunkation, sidestepping spiritual shutdowns and naturally open source for those open to source.

We now welcome wondrous words from re-memberers of this medicine, sharing their cherished and challenged moments from this season's sessions.


Rumi said: You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens. Feeling these words so true after this season of challenge and a quantum leap of growth and acceptance. I’m glad I have been walking this path with you dearest spirits, dear Andy and dear fellow travelers.

Learning, understanding and exploring ever deeper into the language of the heart in every single session was the most beautiful thing for me. A whole new dimension of understanding has opened.

And when the heart opens it shines light on things that forced it to close. Much healing has been done. The spirits take away the fear of looking at things. I’m not resisting anymore. We’ll never walk alone and home is everywhere.

Tapping into a new range of frequencies became reality just like Tobacco has shown me. Oscillating between huge expansion and contraction. Swan leading me into my inner landscapes, the magic of Rose... I’m looking back at many blessings and beautiful experiences.

And also with deep appreciation for the uncomfortable and even physically unpleasant ones. I’m also next level embracing the discomfort now. The Dogbane family - I was resisting this one straight from the beginning – and still I knew there is something waiting for me. And oh lordy there was… The poisonous aspect full on. Surrendering into deep insights, healing and tangible change.

With the challenges of this year and the insanity that humanity forces onto our planet, I have so much love for this work. Approaching the inner work from a different perspective. A bigger picture. Beyond words and out of this world, so that we can build and create truly something new.

With huge respect and gratitude for the subtle realm of the often invisible and unspeakable and yet tangible dimensions around us - thank you for every single journey.


Gratitude and Celebration for an incredible year of healing, exploration and growth. The Spirit medicine I have received through the plantally sessions with Andy has been an intense and an immense experience.

At times feeling euphoria, a courage and inner knowing that I have never felt before. The work is raw and at times you want to run but you can not hide and that is part of the powerful brilliance and impact the healing has.

So many experiences to share! In this moment I share two experiences that were very different.

Vulture reminding me that I am not alone. The message was clear “We have your back” The velvet, expansiveness in the session continued on in my daily life for some time. As did a feeling of inner strength and peace.

On the other hand the Tobacco session was fierce! I was pulled inside and out, retching and purging all that was in the way of my true path. Wow the Heart Expansion and Trust in who I am on this planet was incredible. Yes I still feel a vulnerability and an understanding of the depth of knowledge that is within the folds of my Heart.

It is vital that we nourish and take care of our Spiritual health. These sessions support us on our Journey of Discovery and Connection. Huge Gratitude and Love..


My love and blessings to all who have journeyed here. And to Andy, my heartfelt love and gratitude, for sharing your gifts wisdom and knowledge, so that we may heal…

Tobacco and Crow opened me to the fire of my resistance. It had been quietly residing within my being, but now thunderous, moving throughout me, like Rumi’s guest house, as a crowd of fiery resistance violently sweeping through my home. Offering a stark awareness, to ALL its natures. Tobacco exposing my grief, sadness, loss, feeling not good worthy and valuable enough, not seen, heard and loved no one and nothing, and not deserving of any more… Crow revealing anger, frustration, the fight, the war, the battles, the shame, the guilt, and the separation within the self. It was extremely challenging to be in these fiery pits. To allow it. To feel it. To experience it. Though I knew, it was emptying my house of its furniture, and clearing me out for a new delight.

From Tobacco’s fiery smoke came a profound shift. This extended into the physical where after my Plantally session, I completed an energy session on a client. The information that came through for her had a profound effect. And then she too, had a client session, in which profoundness emerged yet again. A day of seemingly random events that lead to 3 souls being profoundly moved by tobacco’s cascading essence, loving its way through our experiences, and connecting us, to more of who we are, and to each other. And then… The extraordinary, in my session with dogbane and crow. Being and feeling into every part of a tree through my formless self, and healing the land with Mother Earth. Words cannot impart the expression of such divine connections…it is for oneself too open to the fire and then to feel into the unfoldment of the magic.


Worst and best moment. i don’t know if this is actually different or looking on it with some distance maybe it is the same.

From how it felt in that particular moment i would say there were two situations that felt just horrible, that I wanted to stop, that i thought i wouldn’t survive. one was in preparation for the vulture session, where i found myself running from my own house having a big trauma release vomiting, shaking, fainting and sitting crying in the mud. the other situation was in preparation for the elephant session, waking up in the middle of the night with a pain in my stomach like i never experienced before, seriously considering to call the ambulance.

But some days, maybe a week after living through this situations there was so much more space inside of me. there was something freed up. something that felt beautiful. even now looking back on it it brings a smile on my face. as horrible as it felt back then so beautiful it feels now.

So can the worst turn out to be the best in the sense that it brought me into a space where i couldn’t be without those experiences? a space in that i am now, moving through my life way more free, with so much more trust and so much more calmness when the world around me seems to be hit by a big storm.


Endings and new beginning in these most different and changing of times, the calendar year nearing it's cycle, often naturally a time for reflection.

For me personally, about to enter a new decade, a wife, mother, grandmother, matriarch of my extended family, maybe my cycle is nearer to completion too. Following a professional life in welfare services for children, many of whom were not able to live with the families they were born into, for or while, or for much of their childhood, there was of course a strong sense of duty and responsibility, to try so hard to make some difference, perhaps in part to make amends for what had gone before me in earlier forms.

Reflecting I can see that I always felt that there was another way of looking at things and that plants be able to help us balance mind and body better in the context of a busy world. I remember reading "The Fragranced Pharmacy" by Valerie Ann Worwood, when first published just over 30 years ago when finding the physical and emotional impact of raging lunar hormonal turbulence hard to balance with work, family, home and the outside world, looking for an "alternative" framework to help, sensing that there was more out there it was hard to reach. Particularly when in those times, just 30 years ago, you were viewed by the majority as odd when drinking only herbal teas and no caffeine! Thankfully, things move on.

So, reflecting on the sessions over the past year and their context, they have created and enabled new and different levels of experiences at individual and group levels and beyond, held together, envisioned, shared, given so generously by Andy, known to me as Andrew, my son. For me, the year's sessions haven't really brought worst moments as such. There has been a cumulative cleansing, of mind, body and soul, working it's way through from the soles of my feet to the top of the head upwards. Each session has built on the energy generated and reflected upon from the time before, each having it's special and individual impact. The close connection with Rose and matters of the heart, the strong maternal impact and wisdom of elephant, so powerful, impacting on my matriarchal self. Swan may have been the most challenging, bringing wakeful nights, nausea and a great cleansing. Having experienced acid reflux for over 20 years, strong enough to be offered surgery, which I declined, Swan and the purging surrounding the session seems to have brought about the completed cleansing to move this on it's way up and out.

Now, the cycle of sessions are binding together to weave their combined magical connections with the spirits of plants and animals, all their for us to see, to enjoy, to learn from, to celebrate - and respect. How fortunate to have been able to share these experiences with others, living at locations around the world, with individual perceptions at the same time so much resonance together with trust and respect in sharing, as we each opened up with Andy's encouragement, in "trust and surrender"

For myself, I am feeling stronger, calmer, in balance, not needing to feel in control, in some ways more introspective, selective about who I spend time with, reducing toxins where I can.

For now at least, the acid reflux isn't there, body and mind do feel in balance, awareness of our natural world, beauties and mysteries has increased, so fortunate to live in a beautiful place with ancient roots, where there is much to celebrate.


One of the big gifts I feel, is that all my senses could develop and deepen more. I was more open, more sensitive, more intuitive, and more clear of what I was perceiving. And I think also the so-called Sixth Sense is developing and deepening a lot.

Many times I experienced a deep peace and love as spirit was sharing and showing itself and it feels like having gained a very good friend, knowing each other deeply and very intimate. And you might imagine that coming into contact with the unknown within oneself. Sometimes we call it also the shadows also arose quite some challenges physically or emotionally or even mentally, and always connecting again and again to the frequency of Observer was so supportive to pass through this and allowed me to understand that all what I can see in the world, I can also discover within myself in stepping out of judgment and allowing acceptance in love and with love to happen.

For example, the journey with the tobacco caused quite some physical senses motion of nausea and feeling uncomfortable in my stomach. And the same time I experienced deep moments of bliss, for example, with the spirit of the elephant, I found myself joyful and playinh. Being playfully around in a little town with a lot of tourists where I could decide to be annoyed about all these tourists walking around or just to connect to them. And I experienced myself walking through the streets, smiling to everybody and even my legs and feet were feeling very big and sensitive, connected to the earth.

And then I after that, I discovered that a really sensitive organ of the elephant is the foot. It connects in deeply to the resonance of of the Earth's. So I felt really, really in bliss with this spirit.

So I'm very thankful for all these journeys into the invisible, also this stability of belonging to something bigger than myself. Very grateful. Thank you all.


With joy, I share these words which carry the love, gratitude and respect I feel for this work, and all those connected. In reverence, Lindsay.

Mind, quiet. The heart, sings.
Attuning, and receiving medicine from all manner of things.
From furrowed brow of quest,
I have fallen deep into infinite rest.
From expectation and judgement, now surrendering to everlasting peace.
From disease, and disenchantment, to wonderous holy water, gracefully released.
Into hardened spaces, the courage to journey to deep dark places, I have bravely travelled with many familial faces.

Dear heart,
Your searching is not in vain. You know you are living on portioned truths.
But seeking in fear,
when all is already here,
running yourself ragged, in desperation for fixings sake.
There is nothing you lack, no amendments to Self you need make.
You have never been alone. You have never been lost. You may have often felt this journey must come at great cost.
What these alignments to the medicine of purity has shown,
Is that there is no way to attain that which is known.
It has been a magnificently simple stripping away
A new perspective with which to see decay.
Hold on to nothing, for all but one is in revolutionary motion.
Sparkling eyes, looking afresh at all the commotion.
To be
To be
to be
You always, ever are.
To see
to see
to see
The indescribable nature that you are.
Thank you dear group for your sharings.
Thank you to those in the invisible and visible who have tuned in to attune.
And to end with one last quote from Rumi.
“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you; Don’t go back to sleep."