leader of the pack

~ protect her ~
episode 9

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"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."
–   Ralph Waldo Emerson
The lone Wolf, independent in nature, forever stepping forward on new adventure. Running new routes, tracked along the way, but like The Littlest Hobo, won't settle or stay. Known by many names, like Gulliver you travel, been to hell and back, bondage ties you unravel. Mission led, forever driven by instinct, by exploring new opportunities, might never go extinct. But looking back, on your path others now follow, studying your footsteps, your skills they try to borrow. Stopping to self-celebrate how far they've now come, forgetting to honour all that you've done.

In solitary moments you feel tired and depleted, no real recognition for all you've completed. You've led the way for the continuation of your pack, but it's these moments alone you discover whose got your back.

Before you were others who also trod this sacred trail, ancestral line, to prosper or fail. Chosen from the otherside, for this life you were born, a path of service sworn in to perform.

But protecting and preserving this bodily vessel, home of spirit so soulfully special. Transforming Earth to meet with Spirit, cleaning inside, your sweet fragrance now fills it. Lovingly bound in cloth like a Mummy, circling around to preserve the tummy.

The head or leader assigned to this, Anubis was responsible for this practice. In canine form, Jackal some said, but perhaps with this they were wrongly led. Ancient wolf, so less of the trickster, loyal companion and protector mixture. Your Hazel eyes, capable of seeing many shades of grey, dividing up duality in this game of life we play. The boy who cried wolf and his false alarming, but celebrating true expression through the art of embalming.

Sent into the darkness, retrieving what's been taken away, actively bringing back, enough of the sit and stay. Black tar, dark liquid form, energy clearing, clean slate reborn.

Charged with sexuality, eroticism and desire, mind running wild and over-feeding the Fire. The big bad wolf and Little Red Riding Hood, sneakily hiding under the covers and up to no good.

You can be heard in the moonlight howling, but See everything when dark night prowling. Animality, savagely showing teeth, covered with fur, but still human underneath. Half wolf half man, bitten by werewolf, what have they done. Now just a mere shadow of your former masculine self, but your original blueprint still sits on the cosmic bookshelf. A silver bullet, for purity of heart, returning true nature for a new life start.

Pure genetic line, no hybrid crossbreeding, pedigree of spirit, true physicality feeding. Grounded in being, certainly no lapdog, the truest of leaders, unable to leapfrog. The power of the pack, a gathering of strength, soul family united on one wavelength. Mother and father, both pup sitting, but alloparenting, duties splitting. Yes, it takes a pack to raise a pup, nurturing and protecting, full team backup.

Alpha male was quite the tale, studying wolves in captivity, bound to fail. If you manipulate the environment, you disturb the social order, disrespecting boundaries, careful crossing the border. Watch them in the wild and you might learn a thing or two, no stay at home mother with only mothering to do. Trapped inside, desperate for a break, modern-age parenting make no mistake.

Trapped wind and anxious mind, aerophagia, no time to unwind. Dog eat dog, stressfully eating food fast, but shifting posture, ready to receive at last. For those on the path, spirit always provides, but only at the point that it decides. Anxious thought, worrying about what might be, maybe tomorrow, but tomorrow you'll soon see.

Prepared for every moment, such a magical story, pain is temporary, long live glory. Guided by gut instinct, gastronomy, but wisdom beyond Earth, astronomy. Orion and his hunting hounds, Earth's precession, galactic rounds. Brightest star in the Earth's night sky, dog days of summer, so Sirius say hi. Heliacal rising, inner cleansing and rebirth, universal love pours in, like the Nile flooding the Earth. The fertile harvest, which naturally now follows, fully feeds mission, such sweet mouthful swallows.

So to the spirit of Wolf stand along side, into the darkness protect and guide. Your bright dog star more luminous than Sun, so some deep shadow work can now been done.

These are my own insights, but a great beauty of life is that of perspective, so how might others respond to the spirit of Wolf, unbeknownst to this being the spirit they are receiving. How might they perceive it through their six senses. And guardians and protectors of Earth and far beyond, now wrapping and weaving to gather and respond.
* some participant names might have been changed for pen names.
* no participants were informed that it was the spirit of Wolf we were working with until after they had all shared their experience of the Session.