sounds spiritual

The nature of music gives good insight into its composer. Ketsa Music was familiar from projects of past, sounds with spiritual significance and tendencies of track names to tune to deeper dynamics.

Deciding for Dominic from Ketsa Music for the plantally films and podcasts, for me, meant a beauty of exchange that looped him in with this work, welcoming greater wonders and resonance for these collaborative projects. Here's what he had to share:
When Andy first contacted me about use of music and explained a bit about the philosophy and understanding behind plantally I was immediately fascinated. I have a little experience with 'shamanic' use of plants and roots and I’m a trained Jikiden Reiki Shihan Kaku.

In Reiki I'm used to being a conduit for energy to pass through me, so when Andy described a bit about his treatment process, my mind immediately familiarised. Of course plants and nature are imbued with spirits that can be of great assistance if known how to channel their healing.

I was immediately surrounded by a warm pulsing almost pins and needles energy all through my body. Similar to Reiki but also a distinctly different expression of energy. This seemed to be a scanning process. My eyes pulsed uncontrollably, for me a sure sign of a spiritual event unfolding.

I tried to maintain consciousness to be able to sense and describe my experience, and though I never lost consciousness or fell asleep, I felt I was on either a boat flowing down a gentle river or floating through space with my mind somewhere else, safe and comforted.

Andy really has a unique and special gift. Similar to Usui Sensei the founder of Reiki, not only has he been blessed with a universal, powerful and spiritual understanding of plant spirit and their healing abilities, he has also found a way to pass these treasures on.
– Dominic Giam, Ketsa Music
Projects to date include music for the plantally films and podcasts as well as a plantally sessions album, Selfloration.