Awake; a term widely thrown around by those who have run the rabbit hole of conspiracy and armed with this newfound knowledge, act out from this new vantage point, magnetising those of a similar disposition to share perspective. But what if the deeper truth upon which they have stumbled is that we live in a world of duality, one of shadow and of light. Of course there are those who seek to control and those who seek to liberate, those who intend to harm and those who intend to heal, those who prefer to take and those who prefer to give... These are merely two sides of the same coin.

Perhaps those further from their slumber have integrated knowledge that they are projecting their hurts, traumas, passions, fears, corruptions… on the outer world, feeding the dynamics of a complex system, adding to the gross of the collective mind. They understand that an eye for an eye and we will all be blind, but when we turn the eye inwards and change the inner landscape, the outer naturally flourishes in harmonic accord.

Maybe there is a line that can be drawn between global warming, deforestation, animal poaching, industrial agriculture, global forest fires, #metoo, abuse, paedophilia… connecting them all to a common source of imbalance. Corrupted Fire and its subsequent violation of boundaries, an act committed by an overpowering active masculine, enabled by a suppressed passive feminine. And what if harmony of yin and yang could be restored by the earthly blossoming of the feminine as she symphoniously holds space.

Whilst we have learned to accept the change of the four seasons, celebrating the naturism of the trees or the call of the cuckoo, could it be that there is a greater season at play. A dance between the masculine and feminine, whereby one expands and the other contracts.

The plants tell tales of this feminine rising force now awakening into being, they share its energy, foreign yet familiar, but long forgotten. As this new season dawns what might we hope to witness in the wide and wild world?